13 Wildly Inaccurate Examples Of sex education That People Received –


“My teacher would say: “A glass of water is the best contraception. You don’t drink it before or after sex. You drink it instead”
– papaverrhoeas


“I was in life management class during my 10th-grade year. We had just started a lesson on pregnancy when our teacher pulled out a picture diagram showing the difference between a baby developing after vaginal impregnation and anal impregnation. I inquired about the booty baby and our teacher claimed it was a result of anal sex and said baby could but should not develop in the anus.”
– MurdaVyse



“It’s surprising how many people both male and female alike think that women urinate from the same hole as you menstruate from.

Also for a long time, I thought testicles could move around freely in the sack and switch sides whenever until I tested it out on an unsuspecting boyfriend. I got confusion and disbelief and laughter, I’m just glad I didn’t hurt him honestly.”
– PmMeYourCheesePics


“I always thought you were supposed to be really gentle with the penis. So my first time giving a hand job I had the lightest grip possible so I wouldn’t hurt him. When he showed me just how tightly you should squeeze I was shocked lol.

I also thought your period was supposed to be just a dot of blood, hence the name “period.” Had a rude awakening with that one.”
– nicestpossibleway


“They taught us that if you have sex, you are dirty and disgusting. It became confusing to me as a child to be excited when someone announced they were pregnant, I thought it was only good if you ended up pregnant.”
– megwaves


“Basically sex = your life is ruined and there’s nothing you can do about it then. A little bit inaccurate.”
– NumberOneBacon



“If you have sex in a hot tub, you can’t get pregnant. When you go to sleep, your period stops. My friend also believed that girls only had their periods on the full moon cycle.

These are things I had other people come to me about because they had no sex ed and I was the one friend who actually learned something from their parents.”
– giraffes_are_selfish



“I read in a book once that women either have their period on the full moon or the new moon. I actually believed this for years. Then one day I was out with my mom and I saw the full moon. I said, “I guess all you women are having a bad day today.”

She was like, “What do you mean?”

“Because all women have their periods when the moon is full.”

She laughed. “We’re not frickin’ werewolves!”

– thudly


“I had a girlfriend, who at 16, asked me when my period was. I thought she was joking but she was serious… I guess her religious background had left out a few details. I ran into a few other surprises, but that was the strangest.”
– Pharmacosmology



“My sex ed was cassette tapes of an old man basically just saying don’t have sex before marriage, but one of the things he said was “I grew up on a farm, and I learned all I needed to know about sex by watching the animals”
– Fruitloop800



“My middle school teacher told the class that condoms were not effective at all for protecting against STDs and only worked 50% in stopping pregnancies and that anyone who told you otherwise was a diseased pervert trying to trick you into sex. Abstinence teaching, ladies and gentlemen.”
– LilBuddyRem


“I was a 20-year-old guy and had been having sex for a couple of years before I found out that a woman’s period lasted for several days.

I knew all the feminine mechanics of uterine wall build up and shedding, hormone changes… I even understood that vaginal discharge often changed at ovulation. My mom was an RN and was pretty open about that stuff.

When my girlfriend at the time kept telling me she was still on her period – once in the morning, and later in the evening… I was legitimately concerned for her. I had NO CLUE that the bleeding lasted for days and thought she was messing with me when she explained. I thought it lasted for 30 minutes or so… about like a bad nose bleed.

And yes… she laughed her ass off and told her friends, who also found it completely hilarious.”
– CamoTuxedo88


“Mine brought in and cut up condoms to show us how flimsy and useless they are.

There were so many pregnant girls in my graduating class.”
– ShakeBunny100489

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