14 Annoying Things (People) That Scream “I Have Rich Parents”

14 Annoying Things (People) That Scream “I Have Rich Parents”


If you are born into a wealthy family, please try to stay humble. Otherwise everyone around one is gonna cringe/hate you for all your horrible annoying habits.

1. GiveMeTheCheck — I guess we could all just ask our parents, they are just likely to say no.

Asking why you don’t have the newest phone. These group of girls could not understand why I could not “just” ask my parents…

2. jackrack1721 — He is rich with cringe.

I work with a guy who reminds people nearly everyday that his parents are retired millionaires, he’s on his way to success, and he’s only doing “this job” temporarily, and that his friends / family constantly ask him “why he’s wasting his time there.” I wish I was exaggerating, but it’s almost some kind of defensive impulse he has. I guess he used to make 6+ figs, but that all went away, and he will bring it up the very first time he meets you how this job is “pennies” and he’s so much better than it. Cringey conversation every time.

3. sparrowhawk815 — When you have elephant money, you’ve officially made it.

When your family has elephants. Source- my Malaysian flatmate

4. luixino — What is this mysterious powder? I do not care for it.

Not knowing what dust is: one of my sister’s classmates was living on his own for the first time in NJ. He’s from Jordan. After a few weeks he complained about this weird powder building up in his apartment, which didn’t happen back home, so it must be a NJ/US thing. Seems his family had a very dilligent dusting staff…

Edit: whoa, this blew up! So, just to clarify a little, I think it was specific to household dust, that is dead skin and such. I do remember part of his complaints (told to me second-hand, admittedly) being that he was extra careful closing windows and trying not to track dirt inside. He actually turned out to be a good guy, certainly smart enough to pass the Boards, so think a book-smart rich kid who’s out of touch with that kind of domestic stuff.

5. Mortysmindblowerss — Uh but how much do you make?

A teenager at the gym I go to. Literally screamed “my dad makes millions, you make $11.00/hr” at a personal trainer who politely asked to him to stop excessively slamming his weights on the ground

6. VikramMukherjee — Never compare gifts with a rich kid.

I’ll never forget one guy I went to college saying “That’s all you got?” when I told him I got an iPad mini for Christmas.

Here was me thinking I’d been spoiled that year…

7. Rossomak — Yeah, sorry. Gonna be a hard pass on the Alps this weekend.

Inviting you to do something somewhere expensive without a second thought. Super weird showing up somewhere to meet friends and realizing 1. You can’t afford this activity and 2. Your friends aren’t even aware of the cost.

That’s when the lightbulb flickers on and suddenly, all the strange things you noticed make sense: they’re rich

8. _That_One_Fellow_ — His parent’s hard work***

I make around $16hr at my job. A 19 year old coworker has a a really nice 2017 Mercedes Benz. On his Facebook he posted a photo of is that said “fully paid off Mercedes. This is what hard work gets you.” Yeah. Ok.

9. el_grort — OMG just work a few hours here n there!

Mention off hand I’m tired from work. Get asked how much I work. Say a full work week (5 days, 8 hours, the norm). Get a shocked face and “could you not ask for less hours?”. Yeah, but I want to, you know, eat and be able to stay in uni come summers end…

The point where I find they have a completely different relation to work, if they even work.

10. seraphine288 — Yeahhh, teenagers cannot afford all these things.

As a young woman, I always notice the teenage girls with new, expensive phones (usually Apple), designer bags, sunglasses, and watches. Always a perfect manicure, lash extensions, etc. Expensive to maintain.

11. supermanindahouse — Not all of us have spare Paris money laying around.

them – “Why aren’t coming to the Paris trip?”

me – “Too expensive”

them – “But it’s only 800€”

Me – ….

Edit: The trip was for one week in Paris including flights from Finland. And to those saying it’s a good deal, it was not my point. You could offer me the Mona Lisa for 10 million but it would still be way beyond my budget even though it’s a good deal.

12. DaughterEarth — Damn, even the Tokyo one?

Well a thing that screamed that to me about my SO was when he casually mentioned he had been to every single disneyland in the world, as if it was a totally normal thing.

13. ShwangCat — Noun only for us poor saps.

Using “summer” as a verb.

14. TheFictionalBeing — Truest one here.

Wearing your cardigan over your shoulders like a cape


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