14 Best Wrong Number Calls People Have Ever Received

14 Best Wrong Number Calls People Have Ever Received

1. Hello, yes this is a maniac how may I help you, riko77can

I kept getting calls like this:

Me: Hello?

Caller: Psychopath

Me: Uh… I think you have a wrong number.

After about nine such calls over a couple of weeks, I finally noticed in a newspaper ad that the local bicycle shop (Cyclepath) had almost the same phone number as us.

2. Poor girl’s gotta have that whole conversation again, at least she got some practice in first. From jaxnax

Picked up the phone once and I said hello. The girl on the other line immediately told me to not talk and just listen. She went on to tell me how she made a mistake and that she feels terrible for what she did to me. Told me she was extremely sorry for ever cheating on me. This went on for about 10 minutes. She kept going on and on about how we were meant for each other and how she would never make that mistake again. Every time I tried to interrupt her she would just say “I’m almost done.”

She eventually finished and asked me how I felt. I told her she had the wrong number. She said oh and hung up.

3. Winners don’t do drugs, they prank drug users into thinking they are drug dealers, right gwammy?

I’ll preface it by saying that my number is apparently similar to a drug dealer named Dante. I have gotten people calling the wrong number at least once a week looking for drugs since I got this number in 2004. I gave up on explaining it and tend to just mess with these people.

When I was home from college for the summer probably 10 years ago. Watching TV with my dad, get a call from a number I don’t recognize and the conversation went like this:


Hey man, what are you up to?

Not much, just chilling, watching TV at my parents house.

Cool, Cool, you want to hang out at my place?

Yeah dude, see you in like 20 minutes?

Cool, see you then.

Then I hung up. My dad was like, “Who was that?” and I was all “No idea, wrong number.”

4. Guess you gotta be a stripper now mrclubsandwich

A guy called me a year or two back, turns out a stripper had given him the wrong number. I’m sure he was very disappointed to find out it was a sixteen year old boy on the other end.

5. Rock on, stranger. Rock on. Via blue_alien_police

Few years ago, I had a brief text conversation that went like this:

Texter: “Taking big poopie.”

Me: “Who is this?”

Texter: “Sorry wrong number.”

Me: “No worries. Hope you feel better after.”

Texter: “I sure will!”

6. Hmm wait actually now that I’m looking yeah might as well book me, SHD1313

“We are calling to make sure you are still on for your hysterectomy next Tuesday.”

“Uhh I’m a 17 year old boy and don’t have ovaries.”

“Are you sure? This is the number on file.”

“Yea last time I checked.”

7. This is some Ferris Bueller shit, prodigyx360

When I was a teenager I felt like making a creative prank call, so I used my dad’s home-office phone to make a prank conference call. I called one random number and while it started ringing I called another random number on the other line and patched it through. The timing was perfect and the 1st person said “hello?”, to which the second (friendly) person replied “oh hello how are you?”

They made small talk for about 3 minutes before realizing that neither of them had called the other, and they hung up, very confused.

I was very proud.

8. This sounds like a great start to an action movie, Pvt_Donkey

I got a voicemail a couple of years ago that was hilarious. Unfortunately I lost the VM, but i played it for so many people I have it memorized. Dude was clearly from NY- he had a HEAVY accent. Here is what it said:

“Hey, uhhh, fuckface. So I bought this moped from you last Thursday and i took it to my guy and he is telling me the gas tank is all fucking rusted out. So listen to me right now.. I dont know what you are trying to pull, but let me tell you somethin pal.. I’m gonna get that moped money BACK!”

9. GOT EM, xanthicduck

I answered an unknown number “hey Mom!!” Knowing full well it wasn’t her and just started talking like it was my mother. A very very confused Asian man kept telling me he wasn’t my mother before he finally hung up

10. This makes me feel nice about the world, helmia

So I answered a call from an unknown number, there is a dude who asks “is this “random name here”, I say nope, he says hes drunk and walking back home, I say I’m not drunk but walking back home too, he asks me if we can talk because he’s feeling down, we end up figuring out we actually have some mutual friends, we talk for like 6 hours (with breaks) and meet next weekend on a party. This was ~8 years ago and we’re still friends. Crazy coincidence but a good one.


Back when I was in high school, I got a text at 8:30 in the morning that said

“Im fucking done with u, you peace of shit. Im done. You go pick up clarie from school and fuck off from me”

I then responded

“I think you have the wrong number”

to which this person responded

“Fuck off matt. Fuck. Off.”

My name is not Matt. She didn’t respond to anything else, so I have no idea what happened.

12. Marlowe12 you witnessed dad singularity

The first time someone won a million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire was a big deal in the UK. We were sat watching it at home and as the final answer flashed up correct, the phone rang.

My Dad answered and the voice says “did you see that? Fantastic!” and my dad and this dude chat for a while. They then realised that neither had a clue who the other was and the guy had called the wrong number.

They chatted for a while before hanging up even after realising. Dads are awesome.

13. Wow, people can be nice and pleasant sometimes, huh, Lailyna

There was a hostage situation with multiple shootings where I live last year sometime. Got a random call from some lady in a completely different state shortly after the media grabbed ahold of the situation.

When I answered she yelled “TRISHA, YOU OK BABY?!” I informed her she had the wrong number. She apologized, then she said “Are you ok though? I heard about the hostage situation going on. You’re safe? Right?”

I live about 25 mins from where the hostage situation took place. But it made me smile that she stayed on the phone with a wrong number to make sure this stranger was ok too. She actually still calls every couple of months to say hi.

14. Negatory. You send. timeywimeystuff1701

Staying in a hotel, came back to the room one night, message on the machine.

Woman with heavy Asian accent: “Hello, please send cookie.”

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