14 Butthurt Idiots React To Marriage Equality

Not everyone is feeling the love.

To start, they’d like to ban all flags.

And they’d like to move to Canada.


Which is interesting, given that gay marriage has been legal in Canada for ten years. Maybe Mexico, though?

Also sheer dumbassness, given that Mexico already legalized gay marriage.

Even though they’re so wrong, they’re still convinced they’re right.


They’re even taking the bigotry to Snapchat. Cute!

The bishops weren’t happy…





…annnnd one compared the decision to…racism?


“Bad decisions lead to bad consequences and do not ‘settle’ anything. Dred Scott made inevitable a bloody Civil War that cost more lives than any other war in our history and the racism that inspired the Dred Scott decision is still a cancer on America’s soul. Roe v. Wade has resulted in more than 50 million abortions. Yet, abortion still troubles the conscience of America and an increasing majority of Americans reject ‘abortion on demand.'” He added, “This decision redefining marriage will also bring bad consequences.”


Their thinkpieces get even more poppin’, A.K.A. terrible.


And their pundits are as batshit as usual.


And their fans are predictably insane.

Even their teens are being awful!

Last but not least, remember if you side with these idiots, you are siding with this.


Let’s just all call it a day and send them this.


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