Found footage is defined as a piece of video that has been lost and later found by someone else. This may happen because the creator lost their camera, died during the recording of the video, or was a bad person whose incriminating footage was discovered by law enforcement. The idea of found footage horror rose to popularity with the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project. While some of these scary YouTube videos are most likely creepy homemade videos by filmmakers looking to capitalize on the success of modern found footage films like Paranormal Activity and The Gallows, the fact that we don’t know for sure adds an air of spine-tingling mystery..



No Through Road
Video: YouTube

As the story goes, four teenage boys in England went missing in 2008 only to be found dead inside their car, parked at an abandoned farm. 

A camera found in their car later revealed footage of the teen’s final hours. They joke around while riding around in the car, ultimately coming to an eerie tunnel that leads to Broomhall Farm. A sign warns them that there is no through road. 

Soon, the boys become lost and the GPS on their phones stops working. They find a dead rabbit, and one of the boys claims to spot a masked figure. Things only get weirder from there. No matter how long they drive in a straight line, they end up at the same street sign. After a few hours, they finally seem to make their way out only to arrive once again at the entrance to the farm. 

The end of the video is brutal. People like to argue about whether it’s fake or real, but either way, it’s creepy! Enjoy.

Lost in the Paris Catacombs
Video: YouTube

In the late 18th century, Parisian cemeteries were far too crowded, so they decided to put some of the corpses into tunnels beneath the city. And by some, we mean the winding catacombs contain the skeletal remains of some 6 million people. While guided tours are offered, much of the catacombs remain closed to the public. Some explorers, however, sneak down into these areas, although it can be dangerous as the tunnels can be unstable and it’s easy to get lost.

One chilling video appears to show such a fate befall one unknown man. The video hails from the ’90s and features a man who seems to be deep in the catacombs, exploring all by himself. The POV footage shows the man walking around through various tunnels, occasionally encountering chambers full of bones, and a strange painting of a figure with its arms and legs flung open. He also spots arrows, though it’s not clear where they are meant to lead.

At one point, the man becomes anxious and then outright terrified. He runs through the tunnels, breathing heavily, and seemingly without direction. He eventually drops the camera, but continues to run and does not retrieve it, despite its usefulness as a source of light. The video ends on a long shot of the ground, right where he dropped it, only ending when the camera’s battery dies. 

The camera was reportedly found by another explorer a considerable time later, and the footage has appeared on an ABC Family special about the scariest places in the world (hence the narration in the video as uploaded online). Some believe the video to be a hoax, possibly put on by the person who claimed to have discovered the tape, while others believe it to be real. Either way, no one has ever figured out who the man was or what became of him. 

The film As Above, So Below is a fictional found footage horror film following a group of explorers who head into the catacombs.


Mister Peeper’s Stalking Footage
Video: YouTube

YouTube user Pacemaker Studios offers this compilation of another YouTuber’s supposed “web series,” featuring clips of a stalker following and possibly killing numerous women. The original uploader, aptly named Mister Peeper, claimed that the segments of video found on his channel were discovered on SD cards, wrapped in plastic, and attached to the roof of a car he found abandoned in the woods. His channel has since been deleted “due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.”

Fake? You decide. 

Creepy Tape Found in Croatia
Video: YouTube

This tape was supposedly found in 2005 and features a pair of Croatian teenagers who have been missing ever since the night this tape was made. 

In the video, the two kids are fooling around with a camera that the person filming says he has just acquired. 

They soon spot a man who is wandering about with a hood on his head. They initially approach the man, thinking he’s drunk. He begins staggering towards them and continues to follow them without saying anything. The teens run away and think they’ve left him behind, but he soon reappears. Though they discuss staying and recording him, they ultimately get scared and flee again. 

And just when the teens think they’ve made it home…

Is there any evidence to suggest these two kids really went missing? Not really. But the last few moments of this video are super creepy, nonetheless.

Japanese Haunted Hospital
Video: YouTube

A Japanese TV crew goes to a haunted hospital to explore, saying that it is a popular place for teenagers to hang out and ghost hunt, and also a hot place for catching spirits in photos.

The reporter interviews a man who claims that he and some friends went into the hospital to test their courage and take photos, but they soon encountered bizarre circumstances and one of them was injured. 

The noticeably scared reporter agrees to explore and begins poking around the hospital. She begins taking photos as she wanders the dark halls. She soon, however, finds the camera that the kids dropped during their own visit. As she looks through the images, she begins to see strange things appear in the frame. Suddenly, she lets out a blood curdling scream. 

The video then explains that they were able to later slow down the footage, and spotted a figure standing in a doorway, reflected in a mirror.

After the reporter’s screams, the camera man goes off on his own, only to encounter some kind of horrifying blob. 

This video, and many other similar Japanese ghost videos, are commonly considered to be fictitious, though feel free to believe what you like when you’re watching them at 1 a.m. alone in the dark. 

Real Witch Seen
Video: YouTube

It’s hard to tell what’s going on here at first, but appears to be someone on a motorcycle or other vehicle filming a shambling white figure ahead of them. The figure appears partially bent over with long dark hair, clad in a long, white dress and carrying a walking stick. This figure is very similar to the girl from The Ring

The person behind the camera becomes increasingly alarmed as the figure gets closer and closer. The figure occasionally only moves slowly, but at other points take on a rather speedy gait. The figure at one point lets out a screech and soon the video goes dark.  

Some say the video was shot in India, while others say it comes from Saudi Arabia. People occasionally claim that the video is a hoax, while others allow themselves to be creeped out all the same. A video ‘debunking’ the footage puts forward the theory that the men are Saudi border guards and the younger of the two is being pranked by the older one. 

Spirit Creeps Behind Two Musicians
Video: YouTube

In Southeast Asian mythology, a tuyul is a spirit made via black magic from the fetus of a dead human. They are believed to be mostly harmless on their own, but can be used by human masters to commit various tasks or crimes. 

In this video, a creature referred to as a tuyul appears behind two people who are playing guitar and singing a song. Though this is not a common part of tuyul mythology, it appears that the creature can only be spotted by the cameraman and the two musicians are unable to see it, even as it creeps around them. 

Prank Goes Awry
Video: YouTube

This video shows three immature teenage boys playing the oldest trick in the book: dropping a flaming sack of poop on a doorstep, knocking on the door, and fleeing. They laugh hysterically as they twice fool an old man with a bushy white beard into stomping on a package full of flaming poop. 

The third time, however, the old man opens the door before the boy in charge of poop delivery can get away. The man drags him into the home and closes the door. 

With the tape still rolling, the remaining two boys attempt to rescue their friend. It doesn’t go well. This Youtube user has a number of purportedly ‘found footage’ videos on his channel, some creepier than others. 

Weird Found Footage from Texas
Video: YouTube

This ambiguous footage appears to show a figure obfuscated by curtains while a very childish song plays. At some point, a creepy, spindly hand slowly wraps around the curtain’s edge. 

The next scene shows a dark, murky figure in the woods wearing a mask. Another scene simply pans over some medical devices and a sink drain. The audio throughout is distorted and warped. 

It’s unclear what any of it is supposed to mean. It’s intentionally unsettling, that’s for sure.

Could this possibly be a short film school project mean to evoke a sense of dread, or, as the YouTuber user suggests, were these clips actually found in a big box at an estate sale in Texas along with other various pieces of junk. 

Into the Woods
Video: YouTube

This video depicts two young men filming themselves as they drive around at night. They appear to be having a good time, jokingly singing ballads and laughing. They also seem to be attempting to take a shortcut through the woods, and soon seem lost.

After driving around for a while, they get out of the car and are walking around in the woods. A weird, animalistic sound can be heard as the camera jerkily moves around until whatever is making the noise attacks. One of the boys appears to make it to the car, but collapses on the hood in the final moments of the video as the beast catches up to him. While we never get a clear view of the beast, it kind of sounds like a goat or pig. 

The two men supposedly disappeared in 2006 with only the video remaining, but there’s no real evidence to support this. One thing is clear, though: they really liked listening to American easy listening jams. 

Slenderman Stick Creature Climbs Building in Russia
Video: YouTube

This chilling video shows a very long-limbed being climbing down the side of a building. It appears to be humanoid with very limber arms and legs. 

Some have purported that the figure is Slenderman, a boogeyman that originated as a Creepypasta and is said to prey on children. Other believe that the figure is some other kind of supernatural being, perhaps some kind of otherworldly spider. Others, of course, believe the video to be a prank.  

Either way, it’d make a great horror film, one to watch with the lights turned out.

Two White-masked Stalkers at the Train Tracks
Video: YouTube

This video comes from YouTube user Bro Kami, who claims that he and a few friends had gown down to the Parnell Railway Station, located in New Zealand, to make a short film for class. According to the user, they were soon approached by two people both wearing white masks. 

The pair consists of a blonde man and a dark-haired woman, clad in normal summer clothes. They mostly just stand and stare, though in one scene, it appears the woman is holding a gun.

As creepy as this one looks, Bro Kami later commented that the stalkers had just been a couple of creepy pranksters. 

Found VHS Cassette
Video: YouTube

A distorted piece of footage from a supposedly found VHS tape shows someone walking through the woods on what seems like a pleasant, if party cloudy, day. 

The footage later picks up at night. Again, the person seems to be tromping, perhaps aimlessly, through the woods. At one point, they come across an object being tugged away by an unknown party via a string. A whistle is heard, then it’s over. 

This piece of footage comes from the same collection mentioned in the “Weird Found Footage from Texas” entry on this list. However,  the YouTube users are different. This one is via Jack Torrance, a name that may sound familiar to you if you’ve read or seen The Shining