14 Creepy Places You Can Actually Rent On Air BNB


As inexpensive, wacky, out of the way, rental properties become more of a desire for vacationers, Airbnb has had to really dig deep to find livable places to rent out to travelers. And that means renting out homes that might come with something extra, like a ghost roaming the halls or a fully functioning 13th century dungeon. There’s no end when it comes to scary places to Air BNB, but the spots collected on this list are some of the spookiest places you’d ever want to spend the night. Whether the homes once played host to secret societies, or they’re just literally made of bones, these are the creepiest places that you can actually rent on Air BNB.

Many travelers have spent money on scary Air BNB rentals, but the places on this list are downright strange. Some of the rental properties carry the sins of a war in their walls, while one particular room might be at the house of a Floridian cult (it’s hard to tell when it comes to Florida). Each of these weird Air BNB houses have something that’s a little bit off about them, and if you’re thinking of renting any of them you should plan on bringing a nightlight and letting your close friends know where you are, just in case. Start requesting days off from work so you can visit these creepy places available for rent on Air BNB.


The Parks-Bowman Mansion: New Orleans, LA

Photo: Airbnb

Allegedly, the Parks-Bowman Mansion is one of the most haunted places in New Orleans, which is already super haunted, so if you stay here there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to deal with some spooky sounds. Supposedly the ghost of a young girl from the late-19th century lives in the bedroom. Sleep tight!


La Canada Estate: Flintridge, CA

Photo: Airbnb

Built in 1929, this estate boasts right in the listing that it’s haunted, so you know it’s legit. Allegedly the house was built by a different set of day laborers every day so no one would know “the secrets” that this house holds. Groovy.

Haunted Chamber Apartment: York, England

Photo: Airbnb

Any place that’s over 600 years old and describes itself as a “madness chamber” is definitely haunted. Only stay in this place if you’re trying to summon a ghoul from an amulet.

Augill Castle: Cumbria, UK

Photo: Bob Harvey / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

The description of this castle says it was built in the 1800s as a “gentleman’s folly” which is either code for “secret murder lair,” aka ghost central, or a Duke was just building castles to mess with people – which is equally as creepy if you really think about it.


The Manor: St. Paul, MN

Photo: Airbnb

For $55 a night you too can stay in a room that was voted “most mysterious house in Saint Paul” by Pioneer Press! What mysteries does The Manor hold? Why not book a night and find out (if you end up taxidermied in a Minnesota basement don’t blame, you’re on your own).



Medieval Tower Apartment: Tuscany, Italy

Photo: Airbnb

Granted, the posting for this apartment doesn’t make mention of any ghouls or goblins roaming the grounds, but anything built during the Crusades is probably crawling with peasant ghosts.

Castle Chateau Pitau: Russia

Photo: Airbnb

The next time you’re in Russia, why not stay at this lovely chateau that comes with a ghost that appears at midnight and something called a “disco hall.” Russia is scary enough, but when you add a punctual ghost and a hall dedicated to a bygone era of music you know you’re in for a spooky time.

Civil War Farm House: Gettysburg, PA

Photo: Airbnb

If you believe in ghosts then you know any place that hosted a battle during the Civil War is going to be extremely haunted. Since this farm house served as a war field hospital, there are surely at least a few wounded ghosts hobbling around.

The Rustic Carriage House: Charleston, SC

Photo: Airbnb

For some reason, Charleston, SC is one of the most haunted places in America. One of the ghosts in this place has been described as a “headless torso” that isn’t very friendly. To be fair, how nice would you be if you were a headless ghost torso?

Hatter’s Hideout Cave: Australia

Photo: Airbnb

This rental location is a cave. Maybe there aren’t any ghosts, and maybe there aren’t creepy The Descent monsters waiting to gobble you up, but you’re still sleeping in a cave.

Hackett Castle: Tipperary, Ireland

Photo: Airbnb

This castle actually seems pretty cool, except for one feature that will make your skin crawl: the dungeon. Good luck trying to get a good night’s sleep while imagining the atrocities that went down during the feudal time period.

Captain Grant’s: Poquetanuck, CT

Photo: Airbnb

Not only does Captain Grant’s have one of the creepiest names in BNB history, but it’s situated between two cemeteries, so the possibility of running into some ghosts is up there. Don’t believe it? aA couple of ghost hunters stayed at the house and had a spooktacular time.

Decaying Creole Mansion: New Orleans, LA

Photo: Airbnb

New Orleans is easily one of the spookiest cities in the world, but this “elegantly” decaying mansion takes the cake for creepy rentals. You get the feeling that if a voodoo alligator ghost doesn’t chomp into your arm while you’re sleeping that you’ll fall through the floor before you can have your morning coffee and beignets.


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