Lobotomy patients as ‘household pets’

What is lobotomy, how does it work, and what exactly does it do to a person?

A lobotomy is a medical procedure which consists of cutting connections to and from the prefrontal cortex. This would essentially make someone emotionless. It calms them down, almost turns them into vegetables. This was used to “treat” insane mental individuals who were at a risk of harming themselves or others. This procedure is banned today.

Documentary: The Lobotomists


Picture of a political prisoner in one of China’s internment camps, taken secretly by a family member.

Smuggled Footage From Chinese Labor Camps Reveals Horrifying Mistreatment of Prisoners


Photos of individuals the FBI is trying to identify who are involved in the sexual exploitation of minors (FBI)


There is a subreddit out there dedicated to help the Europol identify locations/objects/clues in pictures from active child trafficking/abuse cases. Some of the pictures there are extremely haunting and morbid.

” Is this porch familiar to you?”


Tear gas canisters fired from mortar found their way into protestors’ brains in Baghdad after just a few hours of protests


Girlfriend charged in Boston College student’s death after telling him ‘hundreds of times’ to kill himself


Person holding to a piece of the World Trade Center as it collapses to the ground


In 1985, a Colombian girl was trapped in a volcanic mudflow, and was trapped up to her waist. She was mostly alert and was interviewed. Knowing she would die, volunteers and rescuer did their best to comfort her. She died after 60 hours, and her photo became iconic


Billboard in Baltimore


Man assaults serial killer (who killed his mother) in court and beats him with a chair


Letter from coal miner Jacob L. Vowell shortly before he died from suffocation in the 1902 Fraterville, Tennessee mine disaster


Boxing and Brain Damage, before and after



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