14 Dumb Rules That Schools Implemented That Immediately Backfired

14 Dumb Rules That Schools Implemented That Immediately Backfired –


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School already sucks, but these schools made things 10x worse by implementing some very dumb, poorly thought-out rules. The only good that came from these rules is watching them backfire hilariously.

1. McbridalShower — How did that idea ever get greenlit?

High school took all the stall doors off the boy’s bathrooms because of graffiti or something. So I started pooping in the bathroom near the office. After a couple of times of the superintendent coming in while I was doing that all the doors were put back on.

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2. Nova297 — What an insane suspension.

My senior year of high school some guy in my class got an in school suspension for wearing a headband (he had long, curly hair) so the next couple weeks almost every guy on the football team started wearing headbands in protest. Keep in mind that girls could wear headbands, just not guys. No one really understood this rule

3. EarhornJones — I wanna watch a presentation on grilled cheeses.

In my dorm, if you did something that triggered the smoke/fire alarm, you had to do a safety presentation for everyone on your floor. This was intended to deter pranksters from pulling the alarm.

A guy on our floor was making grilled cheese in the kitchenette, and burned it, which legitimately triggered the fire alarm. Afterwards, he explained, assuming that since it had been a legitimate alarm, and not a prank, that he wouldn’t have to do a presentation. He was, of course, wrong.

So, the next Wednesday night, the entire floor assembled, and we were treated to a thirty minute safety presentation on the dangers of grilled cheese sandwiches. It contained literally nothing about fire safety. It was all choking hazards and cholesterol.

Our RA was furious, but the student pointed out that the write-up that he’d been given just said “safety presentation”.

We didn’t get any more presentations after that.

4. gEazyIsTheBeesKneezy — Damn, and here I am not wearing a belt until adulthood.

I went to a private school for elementary, where uniforms were strict. If you didnt wear a belt you’d go to the principles office and he would make you use a shoe string. Well when he opened the drawer there was like 6 different colors and everybody thought it was really neat so for a short period of time there was a bunch of kids coming to school with no belt so they could wear their lime green shoe string belt.It was pretty funny.

5. julia_noelle95 — A ban on water is so funny.

My senior year of high school we got moved into a new school building across from a grocery store. The builders put walls up over the plumbing for water fountains by accident so there was a huge increase in reusable water bottles, and the school put up a vending machine entirely full of water. Now I suppose it’s time to mention that this was in Washington state, where you can sell liquor in grocery stores along with anything else. SO some freshman got the bright idea to start stealing vodka from the store access the street, fill disposable water bottles with it, and sell it to other students. This caused a huge problem with a large population of drunk underclassmen wandering the halls of the school and getting into trouble. Finally the staff got together for a meeting about what to do. Someone suggested banning water bottles. So now students had NO access to water during school hours, and everyone was enraged. There were articles written about it and parents complaining. People all over town were talking about how we had a ban on water. They eventually lifted the ban, and the vodka problem resumed.

TLDR: my school had kids selling booze in water bottles and banned water.

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6. Nafemp — Sounds very middle school-ish.

Not sure if it was exactly a rule but my middle school once encouraged kids to not touch each other at all to reduce physical harassment cases, even friendly gestures among friends.

All that did was get the kids running around touching each either around campus for about a month and a half screaming “physicial harrassment!” As they did so. To add insult to injury they did it twice as often in front of the admin who made the presentation about it.

7. itsthemann — There’s always…you know…stores to buy it from, too.

They started a “no gum” rule that made a lot of junior high kids start a black market for gum.

8. pm_me_ur_demotape — Can’t stop us all from shitting at once.

They made a new rule where we had to ask permission to use the restroom during lunch.
We all coordinated and the whole cafeteria would raise their hands at once to request to go. They responded by sending us two at a time. We did this for a few days then changed our procedure to everyone just getting up at once and going to the restroom without permission.
They didn’t ever officially do away with the rule, but the teachers on duty in the lunch room eventually just stopped enforcing it.

Edit: it’s interesting how many people responded something like “my school had the same rule”, and how many people said something like “wtf, that’s the craziest rule I’ve heard of, is this even real?”

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9. LilShpeeThatCould — How can you ban running?

No running during recess. It was made because some kid in the 2nd grade ran and tripped. So for whatever reason, they restricted running for all grades K – 5th. Everyone should know that when you ask a 5 – 10 year old to not do something, that’s the next thing they’re going to do. They started running in the halls, the cafeteria, the classrooms, and you bet your ass they ran outside. After a week, the teachers stopped enforcing it and everyone stopped caring.

10. Phemeto — Sir we are not a group of six, but six ones.

My Jr.high school adopted a policy to not allow kids to loiter in groups of 5 or more, in attempts to crack down on “gang mentality”. this was freaking Jr.High. Anyway me and my group of misfits (6 of us) were always hanging out during free times, and the principal eventually stopped us and asked us to separate. I had to casually explain to him that were we not a group of 6, but 2 groups of 3 that were inter-mingling. People caught wind and that rule was basically dead.

That was one of the few times i had to explain to my father why he was called into the principals office with me.

11. goganthebrain — Sorry, clothes not allowed.

My high school attempted to ban tripp pants and the like. However, due to a hilariously overlooked typo the student handbook (that got sent to students and parents) just said “Students may not wear pants.” We had a good laugh and it made the local news. Unfortunately, this does show the quality of high school I went to…wasn’t ready for college haha.

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12. btstfn — So did the problem ever get fixed?

My high school had a really bad problem with students showing up to class 5 minutes late everyday, so they tried three different solutions.

First they stopped letting us use lockers. They quickly found out that just meant that nobody brought their books to class.

Next they decided to ban use of the restrooms between class periods. Teachers started complaining about everyone asking for a bathroom pass as soon as class started so that was abandoned after a week or so.

Lastly one week they made a ton of announcements Monday-Wednesday that all students were to be on time for class. Then on Thursday they suspended any student who was late for “insubordination”. Turns out that included half the football team. This occured right before the biggest game of the year (in a town of 4,000 people this game attracts ~16,000). So yeah they gave that up as well.

13. mekdot83 — Better yet, let’s just throw rocks!

When I was in kindergarten, during the morning announcements one day they came on and said “and please no throwing snowballs. There is a chance you might accidentally get some rocks in them.” You could see on the faces of all 20-some students the realization that “OMG we could put rocks in them!”

14. justinmoore34— Accidentally starting fashion trends over ther.

My High School made students wear these neon t-shirts that read “Dress Code Violator” if their outfit didn’t adhere to the school’s policy. They became so popular the school began selling them one week later.

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