Consider this the owner’s manual you never knew you needed. It is true if you don’t use it, you lose it…

Knowledge is power, and it’s time to learn up on this glorious beast.

  1. Sperm has a biological clock, too.

    Sure, it’s possible for men to father a child well into their seventies, but it’s not common. “Men can make sperm throughout their lifetime, but there is no question that the quality of sperm and the sperm count decreases [with age],” Dr. Darius Paduch, associate professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College

  2. Your belly size can affect your boners and fertility.

    “The bigger the belly, the lower the testosterone levels,” says Fisch. That’s because testosterone is broken down into estrogen in fat cells around the body, a process called cell aromatization. And this breakdown happens much quicker in belly fat

  3. Premature ejaculation is super common. Really.

    This is defined in most studies as ejaculating within one to two minutes of penetration and feeling distressed or anxious about it. Statistics on how common it is vary from study to study, but it’s generally thought to affect about 10-30% of men at some point in their lives, says Paduch

  4. Your testicle size is pretty important

    Generally, your testicles should be around the same size and each about the size of a walnut, says Fisch. If you notice that one is much bigger than the other and hanging lower, that could be a sign of a varicocele (an engorgement of the vein in the testicle). See your doctor about that ASAP, because it might be affecting your sperm

  5. The penis is actually a pretty good predictor of your overall health.

    Everything from your heart and weight to your stress and testosterone levels can affect your penis and how it works. “It’s the dipstick of the body’s health,” Dr. Harry Fisch, clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital

  6. Taking steroids can wreck your testosterone levels and shrink your balls.

    When you take anabolic steroids or other artificial sources of testosterone, your body shuts off its own production of testosterone, because it thinks it’s already getting enough. When your body isn’t producing its own testosterone, that can lead to decreased sperm count and ball shrinkage

  7. Make sure you’re using condoms correctly every single time.

    Some common mistakes include putting it on after you’ve started, not using lube (or using an oil-based lube that breaks down latex), not leaving some room at the tip, wearing the wrong size, or not taking it off right away. These are all violations of proper condom etiquette, and they can put you at risk for STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

  8. Penis size varies A LOT, and it has nothing to do with how great you are at sex.

    The length and girth of your penis are just aesthetic measurements and say absolutely nothing about your worth, your sex drive, or your ability to satisfy a partner. And despite what you may have seen in porn, the average penis length is actually 5.17 inches when erect and 3.61 inches when flaccid, according to a recent study in the journal BJU International

  9. Not getting enough sleep can mess with your erections.

    “If you’re sleep deprived, you’ll notice you lose your morning erection and your sex drive reduces dramatically,” says Paduch. So it’s 100% OK and legitimate to be too tired for sex.

  10. Ejaculating often may actually be good for you.

    The studies aren’t conclusive, but research definitely points to an association between more frequent ejaculations and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

  11. Smoking is really bad for your penis

    Smoking can damage the lining of your blood vessels (including those that bring blood flow to the penis), impact erections, and even damage sperm

  12. Hot tubs are really bad for your balls.

    “It’s like dunking your testicles like teabags in hot water,” says Fisch. (Got that image?) And when your balls get too hot, it can halt sperm production, so steer clear of jacuzzis if you’re trying to have kids.

  13. You should really wash your penis after sex.

    This actually helps you avoid infection, since bacteria can grow faster when bodily fluids (from you or your partner) dry out on the skin

  14. It is actually possible to fracture your penis, so be careful out there.

    Remember that penis trauma we mentioned above? That’s usually a penis fracture, which is what happens when you tear the very important connective tissue in there. It often happens during sex when a penis hits something hard (like a pubic bone, tailbone, or a piece of furniture) or when it overextends (like if your partner leans back or forward too far). If you hear a loud pop and your penis is immediately flaccid and bruised, see a doctor within 10-24 hours


14 Facts Everyone With A Penis Should Know

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