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Bagpipers were usually the first ones out of the trenches when it was time to fight; playing as they lead the soldiers into each battle 1910s

A BBC documentary “Pipers of the Trenches” about Scottish war pipers in history:


A Serbian soldier sleeps with his father who came to visit him on the front line near Belgrade, 1914


Ethnomusicologist playing a cylinder recording for Mountain Chief, 1916

In this photo, Frances Densmore a pioneering ethnomusicologist and musician is playing a cylinder recording for Mountain Chief (Chief of Montana Blackfeet) to interpret it into Plains Indian Sign Language. Densmore’s aim was to help preserve Native languages and cultures for future generations. Currently, only 75 people in the world are reported to use the Plains Indian language.


The head of the Statue of Liberty was displayed at the 1878 Paris world fair


French soldiers chatting around a fire lit inside a damaged Church near Saint-Mihiel, France, 1916


Over 7,000 bags of gold and silver the Nazis stole from citizens in an underground vault 1945

The inventory indicated that there were 8,198 bars of gold bullion; 55 boxes of crated gold bullion; hundreds of bags of gold items; over 1,300 bags of gold Reichsmarks, British gold pounds, and French gold francs; 711 bags of American twenty-dollar gold pieces; hundreds of bags of gold and silver coins; hundreds of bags of foreign currency; 9 bags of valuable coins; 2,380 bags and 1,300 boxes of Reichsmarks (2.76 billion Reichsmarks); 20 silver bars; 40 bags containing silver bars; 63 boxes and 55 bags of silver plate; 1 bag contai


Over 100,000 German Prisoners in a Makeshift POW Camp on the Western Front, LIFE Magazine May 1945


Chinese Catholics prepared to defend their church from the Boxers. Boxer Rebellion, 1899

The Boxers were Chinese citizens in the late 19th century who, in response to growing power by the imperialist Great Powers, started attacking Western officials and their special districts given to them through unequal treaties in cities around China. They did this in the name of the ruling government, who didn’t outright support them, but didn’t do anything to stop them either. This led to an intervention by the West and Japan and hundreds of thousands dying.


A young Oglala girl sitting in front of a tipi, with a puppy beside her, probably on or near Pine Ridge Reservation


A young Adolph Hitler (far right)


Photo of mountaineers posing with the dead bodies of three fellow climbers they had retrieved on Mont Blanc, August 18, 1895


Adolf Hitler & staff inspect the Schwerer Gustav, The Largest Artillery Gun Ever Made, 1943

It required 250 men to maintain, move, & operate the behemoth. It also required 2 sets of train tracks, so to move it, the crew had to lay down a brand-new set of rails next to the existing track. It could take 3 months to get it into position. The barrel was good for about 40 shots, then had to be replaced.

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