14 Gifs That Prove Agony Is Going To Be Absolutely Terrifying

When Agony was revealed back in 2016, I said that it could easily be the scariest game of 2017 – the more I see, the more convinced I am of that. 

Developer Madmind Studio have been hard at work on the survival horror set in the depths of hell, and our latest look at game shows us that the team don’t intend to shy away from going as grim as they possibly can.

GamesRadar+ recently put together 14 gifs showing off just how brutal and disturbing Agony can be – if you fancy heading below to take a peek, be warned that there’s some serious gore (and the odd dead baby) waiting.

As you can see, weird monsters abound in Hell


First person suffocation. Lovely.

Building a wall with baby

You’ll be able to possess strong demons, and it looks bloody

A ceiling full of dead babies. This ain’t no Nintendo game

Meet the other patients

Admire the architecture

Another baby. Good

Come dine with me

Cool statues, bro

Interesting windows…

Don’t breathe

Angry demons everywhere

Stairway to Hell

If you can stomach it, Agony is set to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in June 2017 – are you ready? I’m bloody not.


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