But there are other ways to be considered bad in Hollywood. To be a ‘risk taker’ – a term coveted by all young thespians. And that risk is exposing your skin. It does require guts to take it all off for the camera. Or putting your body in such a sexy situation that grandma will definitely not get invited to the premiere.

Sometimes going naked works to the actor’s advantage. Their risky scene comes off as genuine, intriguing, and furthers their career. At other times the decision to bare all backfires like a bad magic trick, the actress is labeled very, and her career plummets and fades away.

We all know the tales of Disney deflowering, like Miley’s wrecking ball, and the Spring Breakers movie with Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. But that is just the beginning.


14. Emma Watson


via celebjihad.com

Everybody loved watching the Harry Potter series, but what happened afterwards made us love Hermione even more.Emma Watson turned into one of the most beautiful, respected young women in Hollywood. Not only is she a popular actress but a humanitarian too, standing up proudly as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for gender equality. In her latest film,Regression, with Ethan Hawke, she plays a member of a creepy satanic cult, who is ritually offered to Hawke, removes her red robe, and climbs on top of him. She is only seen from the back, and conflicting reports argue whether it’s her, CGI or a body double.

13. Natalie Portman

via imagozone.com

via imagozone.com

Her Padmé Amidala character stole our hearts in the Star Wars prequels, but to avoid the Mark Hamill syndrome of never being seen as another character, Natalie Portman branched out with some gritty roles. First was Closer, where she played a stripper who does some very suggestive moves in the champagne room with Clive Owen. She could definitely maneuver on the pole with athletic precision. Moviegoers gasped at her gall, and then Black Swan came along and Portman was even more daring. Her lesbian scenes with Mila Kunis in the troubled ballerina flick are enough to get any man interested in the fine art of dance.

12. Anne Hathaway


via celebritymoviearchive.com

The Princess Diaries was another classic Hollywood version of the Ugly Duckling fairytale. An awkward, mousey young woman evolves into a beautiful graceful princess. Well, Anne Hathaway’s evolution wasn’t finished there. She soon took the role of a bored, thrill-seeking teen in Havoc. In this film Anne sleeps with multiple dudes and performs a provocative strip tease as well. And it doesn’t stop there. Hathaway also appeared nude in Brokeback Mountain, and then got frisky with Jake Gyllenhaal again in Love and Other Drugs. Then she played Catwomen, which wasn’t in the buff, but not hard on the eyes either.

11. Jessica Biel

via vulture.com

via vulture.com

Lately it seems Jessica Biel is content with the role of happy housewife, with baby boy and hubby, Justin Timberlake. And maybe she’s waiting in the wings for an acting comeback, because her career was not doing so well. Jessica took a big chance filming Powder Blue, a risk that may not have been a good decision. In the film Jessica plays a beautiful yet troubled stripper who expertly swings down the brass pole while smoking, and then disrobes and splashes hot wax all over her exposed chest. Afterwards she gives Ray Liotta a lap dance, which ends with a good old-fashioned… bear hug? Awkward.

10. Cindy Crawford

via nudecelebvideo.net

via n*decelebvideo.net

Everybody knows this next woman as the definition of a supermodel. Cindy Crawford set the tone as a runway beauty and hasn’t been surpassed since. But few people know that she actually attempted an acting career. And once she jumped onto the Hollywood screen, she dove into the explicit love scene club as well. During a train ride in a freight car in the action flick Fair Game, Crawford takes those lovely lips downtown on Billy Baldwin, he returns the favor, and then the beauty proceeds to lie down. The busy couple’s final moment is comically interrupted when a bad guy shows up and Crawford shoots him while still on her back. Bang!

9. Elizabeth Berkeley


via paparaco.com

Jessie Spano was the ultimate over-achieving nerd in the 90s cult classic Saved By The Bell. Her biggest highlight was the classic pill-popping episode where she freaked out in Zack Morris’s arms and sang, “I’m so excited! I’m so scared!” After that corny performance, it was difficult for her to find work, and so in desperation, she signed up to ruin her career forever in Show Girls. Remember that flick? There were so many bare breasts involved it was ridiculous. And the plot and acting were unbelievably awful. The gamble didn’t pay off, and the actress’s career has gone nowhere since.

8. Marisa Tomei


via n*detvshow.com

Here’s an actress that was the cutest thing in rom-coms like Only You, with Robert Downey Jr., then so charming in the classic comedy, My Cousin Vinny, with Joe Pesci. But not too many people know that the once squeaky-clean Marisa Tomei took it all off in The Wrestler, with Mickey Rourke. In the critically acclaimed film Marisa plays an exotic dancer who just walks around letting it all hang out. And she gets in bed too. The amazing thing is that Marisa didn’t do any nude scenes until after she was forty. But wow, she looks great anyway.

7. Keira Knightley


via celebritymoviearchive.com

This super hot starlet entered the major movie scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone who saw the film was asking about who Kiera Knightley was. Then she wisely stuck with critically acclaimed period films, wearing layer upon layer of dress, and portraying Jane Austin heroines. But just before Pirates and Bend it Like Beckham, Knightley starred in The Hole in 2001. This film featured a jaded Knightley flashing her breasts with flare. The actress recently did a photo shoot for Interview Magazine to protest the use of retouching. In the photos she looks quite different, more normal, with a wider waist, but still strikingly beautiful.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

via metro.co.uk

via metro.co.uk

Everyone knows Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper from the recent Ironman flicks. She is Hollywood royalty that made an early cameo in Hook, directed by her godfather, Steven Spielberg. Her website, Goop, is currently a huge success and has framed her as a knowledgeable mom with all the secrets to parenting, detox diets, travel and more. But back in 1998 this girl was getting down. She appeared as the writer’s muse in Shakespeare in Love and got into bed with no top. Then inThanks For Sharing she dressed in black lingerie and gave Mark Ruffalo a lap dance on the living room couch.

5. Amanda Seyfried


via nudetvshow.com

This blonde got her start as a kid on soap operas and then went on to star in such projects as Veronica Mars, Mean Girls, Big Love, and Red Riding Hood. But once upon a time she also played Linda Lovelace, the most popular actress in the golden age of adult films.

Lovelace is a real downer though. It exposes the truth behind the adult entertainment industry, which involves much drug abuse and domestic violence. Come on, folks, please don’t ruin the nudity! That’s the downside to naked scenes, sometimes there is a serious undertone that can be very unpleasantly distracting.

4. Anna Kendrick

via flow935.com

via flow935.com

Now Anna Kendrick seems innocent as apple pie, but not quite. The actress and singer sang and danced in Pitch Perfect, which begot her “Cups” single, she also did the Twilight Saga, and even played Cinderella in Into The Woods. Not many folks know that she got down in a love scene for The Last Five Years. Now this is the weirdest love scene you’ll ever see, because it’s full-blown musical sex. The other actor is literally belting out a show tune while he strips Anna and takes her into bed. Then they’re thrusting and rolling around, but he keeps on singing. It is truly bizarre and slightly unsettling. She also strips down to a slinky black bra and jumps into a pool in Digging For Fire.

3. Laura Prepon

via faptuary.com

via faptuary.com

We all know Donna Pinciotti from That 70’s Show. She played the perfect girl next door, and good old Eric Foreman was always trying to get a piece. There were definitely some suggestive jokes, but hey, it’s a sitcom, and nothing got even close to getting naked on screen. But maybe Laura Prepon just didn’t like the boys. In the Netflix cinematic series Orange Is The New Black, lesbian love scenes are a constant, and Prepon participates. In an early scene in season one, Prepon takes a shower with lead actress Taylor Schilling. And that’s just the beginning, as Prepon appears in numerous love scenes throughout the series.

2. Kristen Bell

via xhamster.com

Many people may know this popular actress from the lead in Veronica Mars, or as half of the annoying couple in those Samsung commercials, or even as the voice of Anna in the Frozen movie. But Kristen Bell is not always a good girl, in fact she’s been in quite a few risky scenes. In The Lifeguard she does the deed on the sink of a public bathroom, and gets busy up against a big oak tree. When the Showtime series House of Lies premiered she did a lovely little strip tease in her undies, accompanied by more love scenes. She efficiently banged Greg Kinnear in Stuck In Love and the list goes on.

1. Reese Witherspoon


via celebritymoviearchive.com

In Pleasantville, Reese Witherspoon plays Tobey Maguire’s promiscuous sister who seduced a wholesome Paul Walker. Followed by her manipulated role in Cruel Intentions, with future husband Ryan Phillippe. But what cemented her identity as America’s sweetheart was the lead in the comedy Legally Blonde. The sassy blonde went on to star in several major films, leading to an Oscar win for the role of classic country singer June Carter Cash. Then after that, this actress got really wild. In the movie Wild, Reese bares it all in front of a mirror, and gets funky with several dudes. The role was convincing, and led to an Oscar nomination. The scripts haven’t stopped flowing in since, giving the actress her pick of projects.

Sources: Time.com, IMDb.com

14 “Good Girl” Actresses Who Took It All Off





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