DEATH History Pics


Photo from the deck of the ocean liner SS Vestris as it is sinking off Hampton Roads with a loss of 112 people, November 11, 1928.



Benue, Nigeria — “He tried to strangle me when I was three months pregnant” …With bruises from the brutal attack still on her face, a woman is forced by the state Governor to reconcile and pose with her abusive husband, as said Governor (Left) looks on with a smile on his face


Jewish women are forced to undress and then they are executed on Skede Beach in Libau, Latvia. December 15-16, 1941


Sunrise Medical Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada, in the morning of October 2nd 2017 following the Route 91 – Mandalay Bay shooting


Photographer captures ten year old girl named Engla on her way home from soccer practice, one minute later he also captured a red car driving on the same road. The driver of the red car, Anders Eklund later admitted to raping, killing and burning the body of Engla.


A hangman game students played as they were locked in a classroom during the Columbine Massacre


Russian spy laughing through his execution in Finland, 1942


1998 Wheel of Fortune episode featuring a wanted child molester (Matt). The episode proved instrumental in his arrest, as one of the children he molested saw the show and recognized him, whereupon the police were informed)



A nurse comforts a woman as her husband dies from COVID-19 in the ICU


Inside the apartment of Reynhard Sinaga, the UK’s most prolific rapist, convicted of 136 counts of rape over a course of two years

Reynhard Sinaga, originally from Indonesia was living as a long term student in Manchester, England. His parents had sent him away to avoid judgement for his homosexuality in his home country.

It is believed that some time in 2015 at the age of 35, he took to offering help or a place to sleep to drunk men coming out of clubs near his flat before drugging and raping them. He boasted to his friends in WhatsApp messages, telling them he was consensually sleeping with these different young attractive men every night.

In June 2017, a young man awoke in Reynhard’s flat during his ordeal. He attacked Reynhard and fled. Reynhard’s blood can be seen on a door in one of the photos. The victim was initially arrested by the police for the assault on Reynhard but police later discovered 3 terabytes of videos Reynhard had taken while raping men.

There were so many victims that four separate trials took place. The prosecution described how he deliberately targeted straight men (all identified victims but 3 identified as heterosexual), bragging to friends about “turning them gay”, and he almost never used protection. The men would wake up not remembering what happened, often apologising to Reynhard for imposing on him. The judge described it a miracle that he didn’t kill anyone when he drugged them with GHB.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison, with the judge saying she hopes he is never released, but courts are currently ruling on whether he and other serial rapists should spend their whole life in prison. Reynhard’s father was quoted as saying he “got what he deserved”.


Malboro cigarette packaging in Australia


Stairs of Death”: prisoners forced to carry a granite block up 186 steps to the top of the quarry at Mauthausen concentration camp; many exhausted prisoners collapsed in front of the other prisoners in the line, and then fell on top of the other prisoners, creating a horrific domino effect


These are iPad stations being prepared for virtual end of life visits at a hospital

Russian WW2 veteran describes mass rape of German women

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