The Jardin Escondido, Coppola's property in Buenos Aires.

Need a wine cellar built? How about guidance counselors for your Ivy League-bound teen? No problem, as these get-anything, do-everything, ultra-VIP fixers cater to every whim.

Personal Paparazzo

Rocket Pictures’ co-founder David Furnish recently turned to Los Angeles-based pho­tographerKevin Kendrick to photograph him, husband Elton John and their two sons. “The look of joy on Elton’s face as he thumbed through the album of our beautiful sons was a memory that our family will treasure forever,” says Furnish. For the past decade, Kendrick has documented intimate family moments for his star-studded client list (starting at $2,995 a day). The lensman, who is ready to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice, also tags along on vacations (a four-day trip costs $15,000, plus travel expenses) to the likes of Moscow, Switzerland and the Bahamas, where he learned to scuba dive to photograph a client’s deep-sea diving adventures.kpkphoto.com

Over-The-Top Organizers 

Sharon Osbourne, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig and Bryce Dallas Howard swear by Justin Klosky of O.C.D. Experience, whose team takes on everything from household moves to digital inventory management. One celebrity family called upon him to photograph and catalog every item in its three homes. “He has such an expansive knowledge of technology and how to pair it with organization to simplify your life,” says Howard, who entrusted Klosky with a major move when she and actor husband Seth Gabel were on location (a large move can run upward of $15,000). ocdexperience.com


Dream-Vacation Agents 

Atherton, Calif.-based travel concierge Gwen Books of Gwen Books Lifestyle Management has been custom-tailoring holidays for her Silicon Valley-heavy client list since 2004. The most luxurious was a million-dollar vacation, which included two weeks on a superyacht. Says longtime client and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings of a recent excursion: “We arrived by boat at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus from the airport in Istanbul. Splendid traffic-beating ride.” Adds Books: “We never say no.” gwenbooks.com

Another make-it-happen travel concierge: Melissa Schwartz of Destination Happiness. Her clientele includes Mindy Kaling and Kerry Washington, for whom she booked a last-minute premium reservation in New York City. “It was the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live and Valentine’s Day weekend. The city was full. I got Kerry a presidential suite because of my relationships.” The hotel had to place last-minute guests Beyonce and Jay Z in another suite (the presidential was their long-standing preference) and walk Mick Jagger to the Carlyle. Says Schwartz: “I live for challenges.” Contact: [email protected]

A Celebrity AirBNB 

Oasis Collections, which made its L.A. debut in August, lets clients book a stay at one of its handpicked homes around the world (the company represents Francis Ford Coppola‘s property in Buenos Aires), paired with on-location, 24/7 local concierge services and access to local private clubs and golf courses (for up to $1,000 a night). Think Airbnb with the amenities of a luxury hotel. Adds CEO Parker Stanberry: “Oasis staff has arranged helicopter rides in Sao Paulo and Rio to avoid traffic and private jets to Punta del Este.” oasiscollections.com

A Genius for Gifts 

If it’s more than a bottle of wine you’re looking for, Simone LeBlanc‘s namesake company hunts down the rare and refined, from lost family heirlooms to woolly mammoth tusks from the Black Sea. “My job is to stand behind my client and let them shine,” says LeBlanc, who handpicks offerings that have been received by Amy Poehler, Samuel L. Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Robert Downey Jr. and David Geffen. simoneleblanc.com

Ivy League Fixers 

College-bound students get the ultimate guidance counselors in IvyWise, a bespoke education consulting company geared toward admissions (fees start at $1,000 and can range well into the six-figures for counseling and tutoring services throughout high school). In 2015, 92 percent of IvyWise students gained admission to one of their top three schools. “We can read a student’s application and spot the red flags immediately,” says Dr. Kat Cohen, who founded IvyWise in New York City 17 years ago. (Ten percent of their clients are L.A.-based; they can request in-person, video or online portal tutoring.) “The team has worked at some of the most prestigious schools, which means we know what each school is looking for, down to the words, themes and attitudes to express in a personal essay statement to get into one Ivy League school versus another,” she adds. “[Kat] developed a winning strategy,” says entertainment attorney Matt Johnson of Ziffren Brittenham. “Our daughter was thrilled to be accepted to her first-choice school, Duke University.”ivywise.com

Your Own Private Sommelier 

Whether in the market for a customized wine cellar or a last-minute handpicked wine list for a dinner party, writer-producer Scott Silveri (Friends), Gathr Films founder and CEO Scott Glosserman and a handful of tight-lipped heads of motion-picture studios all rely on The Cellar Manager’s Matthew Goldfarb. A certified sommelier and former private chef, Goldfarb has spent the last nine years catering to his A-list clients’ every wine-related whim. “I received a phone call at 1 p.m. indicating that my client’s private jet would be landing within the hour. On board were 30 cases of some of the most sought-after wines in the world from one of their homes,” he says. “A temperature-controlled vehicle delivered them to their Bel Air cellar on the same day. We were done before the table was set and the dinner guests arrived.” thecellarmanager.com

On-Call Plastic Surgeon 

Traveling with a hairstylist and makeup artist may no longer be an extravagance, but flying one’s own personal plastic surgeon is. For a starting fee of $50,000 for a half day, Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. will fly his team and equipment anywhere for customized treatments, including injectables and nonsurgical augmentations of the face and body. “About 50 percent of private fly-to patients are on a highly personalized anti-aging regime,” says Chiu. “The clientele that requests the most services are from the entertainment industry. Usually, it’s due to ridiculously tough sched­­ules, remote shooting locations or avoidance of the public eye. Most, if not all, have extreme expectations and no budget.” bhpsinc.com

Luxury Drives on Demand

A car enthusiast and former commercial banker, Joe Finci founded his car brokerage in 2002 and has since become a go-to for industry players who want a new BMW but don’t want to deal with a dealer. Finci arranges for a test drive, negotiates a good price, handles the paperwork and has the car delivered to your driveway. Finci’s clientele — 60 per­cent of whom work in the industry, including agents at CAA, WME, Paradigm and UTA and executives at Sony, Universal, Fox, Paramount and CBS — favor expensive, profitable cars. This helps dealers increase their allocation of hard-to-get models, such as Porsche’s red-hot Macan SUV (Finci has two on order). He’s seen his share of business-manager interventions, including one with an actor who wanted to terminate his Land Rover lease to buy a new Mercedes S-550 plug-in hybrid. Laughs Finci: “Even if it’s a drop in the bucket for them, it’s still great to have a new car.” 818-623-8148

A Red-Carpet Readying Atelier

Stylist services are taken to a new level at The Albright Fashion Library, New York City’s most extensive fashion archive with 20,000 pieces and counting, including every Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Balmain piece from the last five years. The Library recently opened its by-appointment Beverly Hills atelier, run by mother-and-daughter team Irene and Marina Albright. It’s $250 to walk into this mega-closet, beloved by top costume designers like Patricia Field and Empire season two’s Paolo Nieddu as well as Hollywood stylists such as Karla Welch (Elisabeth Moss). The final look typically runs $1,000 and up for garment and accessory rentals and styling. Whatever red-carpet looks they don’t have, the Albrights and creative director Patricia Black will find. All pieces can be tailored to each client and shipped overnight anywhere in the world. Says Irene: “We handle every woman’s personal event — her wedding, her son’s bar mitzvah or a red carpet.”albrightnyc.com

Your Perfect Dog, Delivered 

A self-described canine well-being expert, Hollywood Pet Mom’s Lexi Beermann is on speed dial throughout Hollywood for a handful of high-profile dog owners who turn to her for all of Rover’s training needs. These services include her round-the-clock Puppy Nurse program (one month starts at $8,000; six months, $36,000), in which Beermann lives with the dog either in the client’s guesthouse or at her home to deliver a perfectly behaved pet. She says one client asked her to train his dog to sit on a chair at the table during family dinner and eat off a plate: “I did manage to teach her to stay until the last plate was cleared.” Other services include a boot camp for behavioral emergencies (starting at $3,700 for five days), for which an owner once flew her pup on a private jet to Beermann from Chicago. hollywoodpetmom.com

Holistic concierge vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has been making house calls (starting at $525) and offering VIP in-house pet-sitting since 2008. Mahaney once secured and personally delivered an international health certificate to a Miami billionaire couple in less than 24 hours so that their lapdog could board a flight bound for their $300 million yacht in Turks and Caicos. “He’s always available to consult and is knowledgeable about everything they need to stay healthy and happy,” says Jane Lynch, whose two dogs have been under Mahaney’s care since 2011.patrickmahaney.com

The All-Around Concierges

For Jordan Contratto and Brandon Perkins, transitioning from being Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire concierges for 17 years collectively to their own firm, B Panache, in June 2014 was a cinch. “We specialize in last-minute requests, where tensions are high and situations are changing,” says Contratto, whose services include the “hotel-in-a-home” concept: sourcing a house for clients, installing furniture to their taste, staffing it and operating it like a luxury boutique hotel. The house concept can apply to glamping at Burning Man or Yacht Week in Croatia. “Even for a small family, it would be difficult to do this for less than $250,000 a month,” he adds. Services also extend to tailored itineraries, both globally and locally in L.A. Says Contratto, “If you’re in L.A. or coming here and you want to live like a king — or you are one — call us.” bpanache.com

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