14 Men Reveal The Worst Thing A Woman Has Said To Them During Sex

“As im slipping it in,

her- “wait, you washed it since you pooped last,right?” ,

me- “what? Yes”,

her- “but with antibacterial soap, right?”,

me -“um, what… yeah sure”,

her -“i dont believe you. Go wash in now and i need to smell it first.” — JackFromMN

“I stopped taking the pill”……after I came…..

and that was the end of that relationship. — popperlicious



Just screaming, in pleasure, from the very start. Like, I just stuck it in, I know it’s not that good. So awkward. — yoyoyo_its_me

“i’m gonna put something up your butt when you least expect it” — PureOrangeJuche

I was drunk and had a serious case of the whiskey dick. After about an hour of not finishing (simply cos I couldn’t, lol), she proceeded to cry and throw a fit about how she’s ‘not good enough’ and went on about how ugly she was and unable to satisfy me cos she was so ‘fat and unfunny’. As if I wasn’t struggling enough — micksvaporub

“Let’s Make a Baby!”

This was on our 2nd date. Nnnnnewp! — Targren

She didn’t say anything, but she puked.

I will say that when a girl throws up, her kegels tighten up pretty dramatically. That part was pretty impressive. — marks1995

One time my ex referred to my penis as “Wilfred”, the name of her fish — DJKhaledFan13

Gf of six months screams, “Oh my god, Greg!”

My name isn’t Greg. — thowdatshitaway

“I’ve had bigger.” Those words still sting. — Spire2

“fuck me daddy! fuck me! I won’t tell mommy, promise!”

I can get into some role play but that just creeped me the fuck out because she sounded like she had experienced it before. Yeah, that relationship ended real quick. — SkunkMonkey

The worst thing a girl said to me was when I was giving oral sex for the first time she stopped me and asked me what I was doing down there. — wtf81

“Wanna suck my dick?” — Calgary72




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