14 Mind-Boggling Photos That Deserve A Second Look

Most photos you see on the internet are mind-boggling in the sense of “How in the world did they come up with that?” We’re, of course, referring to the various Photoshop battles seen on a day-to-day basis consisting of putting poor, innocent Taylor Swift in a bunch of precarious and even provocative situations all because there was a photo of her bent over. Or making light of Kanye West’s recent mental breakdown and subsequent Sad Kanye aftermath.

But those aren’t the kind of photos seen here. No, these are a bit more clever because they are 100 percent real and undoctored. Or they’re not clever at all and happened by complete accident. In either scenario, all we know is that one quick glance doesn’t do them justice. You need to a take a good, hard look at them before you can figure out exactly what is actually going on. And even then, it’s still a bit tricky.

Hair of the Dog

Or is it?

Baby All Aboard!

Giant baby, or tiny train? Either way, he’s not going to fit.

Fire in the Mouth Hole!

Jeez, let your food cool first.

He’s Got Legs

Those gams may look a little weak for his body, but as long as he has a strong pour, I don’t mind.

Sticking Your Neck Out

He’s sure making the chokehold an easy option.

Emerg-ANT-cy Landing

Looks like King Kong has some competition.

Monkey Mash

Damn, we jumped the gun on our King Kong reference already.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Not literally!

He Looks Just Like His Dad

Maybe it’s the other way around?

Someone call a witch doctor!

At the very least, Beetlejuice.

Lip Injections

Maybe she’s just allergic to dogs.

Heard Any Good Sarah Jessica Parker Jokes Lately?


The Original Wolfmother

As if the little brother doesn’t get picked on enough already.

Anyone Seen A Humongous Purple Idiot?

Apparently giants have terrible fashion sense.


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