14 Of The Strangest Video Game Side Quests, According To Reddit

Getting lost in the world of a video game is one thing, actually taking the time to dive through side quests is another thing entirely. Side quests are at once required for seeing every side of a game’s world and extremely tedious grinding sessions, but the best offer even more than just experience and loot.

When was the last time you went through a side quest and came out the other side a different person? Mass Effect’s character-specific missions changed how I looked at development in games and meeting Face McShooty in Borderlands was a 5-second fit of laughter. Sometimes, it takes getting strange to get us hooked. These 14 Redditors would certainly agree.

1. You are a cruel cruel player, SirRosstopher

The one in Oblivion where a guy is convinced that there is a conspiracy of people in the city spying on him.

Depending on how you play it you can convince him that he is in fact being spied on, at which point he goes on a murder spree about town with a battle-axe.

In one of my playthroughs I told him that only one of the suspects were actually spying on him, so he snuck into his house at night and axe murdered the guy. Then he decided he was tired so went to sleep on the bed next to the corpse, at which point the victims twin brother walked in and promptly called the guards.

2. mariah_a beefing up with horror game clout

In Silent Hill 3 you can go to a certain cesspit in a sewer and throw a rusty pipe into it. A magical fairy will then appear and ask you if you threw in a gold pipe, a silver pipe or the rusty pipe.

If you answer gold she gives you it and that’s a weapon for the game.

Answer silver and she gives you the silver, etc.

Answer rusty and she commends you on your honesty and gives you all 3. All of them have the same damage. That’s it. No bearing on the story.

It’s fucking hilarious.

3. And DeedTheInky didn’t even mention Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax

There’s one in Saints Row 3 where you have to drive a tiger around in the passenger seat of a convertible and there’s a little bar that shows you how angry the tiger is and of you drive like an asshole the tiger gets mad and eats you.

Also there’s a gimp chariot race.

4. Don’t find yourslef in humancartograph‘s shoes

In Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC, you hunt down a bunch of sasquatches, then meet up with the last one who tells you that someone has been killing his entire family and now he’s alone and basically depressed/suicidal. He tells you to kill him and you can do that or let him live in that state forever. What the hell?!

5. Till death set you up for life MACARONI_BALLSACK

In Dark Souls 3, you can marry someone. Neat. You finally get some sort of happiness after neverending suffering and dying.

…only in the Dark Souls world, marriage is much different. You arrive in the church to find your bride laying on the ground with a blanket covering their face, and you drive a sword through their head. Congratulations! You’re now married.

6. RIP Evan. Great find, gil_beard

In the DLC for Fallout 4, Nukaworld,there’s a guy you meet named Evan that’s just sitting on top of a trailer located out in the middle of nowhere. He’s really friendly and let’s you take what ever you want from his home which just so happens to be stocked with ammo and essential parts. He just sits there commenting on how lovely the view is. I thought it was completely random and that there seemed to be something out of place, like maybe there was more to it. Later on I found out that the developers put that character in there as a tribute to a Fallout player who was actually named Evan that had passed away from cancer.

7. Short, sweet, and bizarre kitjen

In GTA V you start tripping and have to shoot space aliens.

8. He got the pizza and everything. Very sad. KeyBladeSpirit

In Borderlands 2 there’s a sidequest where you go around inviting people to Claptrap’s birthday party and they all say no, so you go to the party alone.

9. This…is a story sansordhinn

Earthbound is cheating, and there’s many to choose from, but my favorite always was the two sesames.

You’ve just hitchhiked with a jazz band, whose music drove away the ghosts that blocked the tunnel. You’re stranded in the desert. You can explore it, but it’s hard; you may end up with sunstroke, or… homesickness. At least there’s a pharmacy by the roadside; they sell wet towels for sunstroke, and have a phone to call mom.

The wide, harsh desert has a bunch of stuff to do, and between enemies and npc’s it takes a really good eye to notice the black sesame–a single black pixel. Talk to them, and they says they’re kinda down ever since fighting with the white sesame. Now of course you hunt for a white pixel, with considerable difficulty. The white sesame asks you to tell black that white got over it, and will always love them. You go back to black, tell them the message, and they cry.

And that’s it. You don’t get anything, no item, no (argh) achievement unlocked; only the feeling of having provided emotional support for two pixels. You never see them again.

10. Celdamaged experienced a mind trip

In Far Cry 3 you find a pretty boarded up and deserted shack, but can hear a woman crying inside. When you walk in its a huge mess and she’s in the very back corner. You talk with her and she mentions how she and her husband were just in a plane crash and he is still stranded on the beach. Naturally, you run down to the beach to go be a hero but when you arrive, the plane is covered in moss, vines, and rust and there’s skeletons all around. After walking back to the shack the crying can still be heard , however when you open the door it stops, and when you walk in there’s no one there, and as a blast of air passes by you the quest is completed.

11. Horse Whisperer steez redboy678

In The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine the Equine Phantoms quest Geralt drinks a potion and is able to understand his horse.


“Shoot this guy in the Face” from Borderlands 2. I’ll let you take a wild guess what you have to do.


13. The poop grind LadyFoxfire

World of Warcraft’s poop quests. Or the one in Shattrath where you have to follow the stupid elemental around the city while it rambles about Shattrath’s history, and you have to do it if you want to unlock the Aldor/Scryer reputations.

14. This is relatively tame by Yakuza standards Crowette


Teaching a shy girl how to be a good dominatrix in Yakuza 0. You accomplish this by role-playing a masochistic pervert in front of a bunch of kids at a playground.

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