14 Before and After Pics Of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong That Might Actually Scare You



People have grown more and more unsatisfied with the way they look. They don’t wanna “shake what their momma gave them but instead, they want it cut off, filled out or implanted. Here is a countdown list of the TOP 14 worst plastic surgery journeys gone completely wrong WITH their before pictures. It’s the saddest part looking at these before pictures because most of these people would be considered beautiful people before they started allowing ‘Doctors’ to screw with their faces.

#14- Before when she was just 16, pregnant, trashy and didn’t have to worry about tripping over her upper lip


#13- Before her greatest regret that completely ruined her face.




#12- Before an umpteen number of surgeries to look like her deceased brother.

#11- Before she decided to allow the fashion world to go to her brain and eat it.

#10- Before he decided he wanted to look like a Ken doll- unsuccessfully.


#9- Before when he was just a man with a dumb haircut and no breast implants.

#8- Before when she was a beautiful black rap star without a Donald Trump combover.

#7- Before the daughter got married to a wealthy man, this mother and daughter use to be cute.


#6- Before she decided she wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit and totally miss the mark.

#5- Before this man became obsessed with looking absolutely genderless.


#4- Before when he was a handsome young man but didn’t see what the world saw… so sad.

#3- Before when this Italian socialite was pretty…. Shudder.

 #2- Before this model becamse so addicted to injections that she injected herself with cooking oil.

#1- Before her $4 million dollars worth of plastic surgeries aimed to get her husband back- unsuccessfully.


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