14 Pictures From The Darker Side Of Life [DISTURBING]

Jewish women before their execution in Skede, Latvia, December 15-17, 1941
Wedding bands that were removed from holocaust victims before they were executed
A patient is restrained in a mental institution in France in 1900
Reasons for Admission to Insane Asylums in the 19th Century
Edward Coy lynched in Texarkana for allegedly raping a white woman, 1892
Letter from a trapped coal miner saying goodbye to his wife, Tennessee 1902
The dates tell the story
Fuck Drunk Drivers
After 12 years of torture in a Hawaiian circus , Tyke the elephant finally managed to escape during a live performance in August of 94. Injuring staff on her way out,police shot her 86 times , in the street which eventually killed her. The look in her eyes …

Scott Hutchison last tweets before he committed suicide
Posted during an active shooter situation at a nearby high school
Members of the Bontoc Igorrote tribe from the Philippines on display in the “Human Zoo” in Coney Island, New York, 1905
Julius Popper hunting for members of indigenous tribes as part of the Selk’nam genocide in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in 1896. Large companies paid a bounty for each dead native, which was confirmed on presentation of a pair of hands or ears, or later a complete skull.
Train driver in agony after a woman commits suicide by jumping into the imcoming train
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