14 Questions ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Needs To Answer (And Probably Will)


Spoiler Alert

First of all, I’d like to say this is all about the movies and the trailer of the upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War, and not the comics.

Second of all, can we just thank God for Chris Evans? Okay? Cool…

Third of all, this is not a serious article. I did not do research about all of it but after re-watching almost all of the Marvel movies… I have so many questions.

1- Where the hell does Thanos come from? And why is he such a bitch?

Who hurt the “man” enough for him to want to destroy the whole world? Or is it only Earth? Or maybe he just wants to control everything… See what I’m talking about? I don’t get it. Oh, and (spoiler alert) is Nebula actually going to try to kill him? Because she said so in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II and, to be honest, that would just be very helpful for our own little team, the Avengers.

2- Is Quicksilver really gone?

Alright, so this one is a bit far-fetched… but we all know the way he died was… well… it sucked. There were rumors about how he could not be dead, but I seriously doubt it. Although we would all like a big family reunion, it seemed we’d have to stick with Evan Peters’ interpretation of Quicksilver for the X-men movies… Wait… It’s all connected now, isn’t it?

3- Scarlet Witch and Vision… is that a real thing? Oh and how does he become human by the way?

We all knew while watching Captain America: Civil War that there was a little something going on, which just seemed a bit strange at first but now, watching the trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie and seeing how Vision is, well, how do I put this? Not purple anymore? It certainly shows us a more human side of him and well, I’ll guess we have to wait and find out.

4- What is going on between Tony and Pepper?

I am really confused after seeing the ending of Spiderman: Homecoming where (spoiler alert) Tony has to ask Pepper to marry him in front of a press conference because our lovely Peter Parker refused to take his rightful place in the Avengers, but we know for a fact that their relationship was not going well after Tony’s saying in Captain America: Civil War. I need some explanations.

5- How the hell does Spidey always gets in trouble first, and alone?

I really hope I’m not the only one who’s really impressed by Peter Parker’s capacity of always jumping into trouble without thinking about the fact that he’s a 15-year-old boy. Once again, the trailer showed us a really, really, naive Parker who thinks he can beat Thanos, by himself, perhaps? We get it Peter, you’re the human form of a spider but… don’t you think you should wait for the grown-ups first? (I’m totally joking. Spiderman is one of my favorite characters. Don’t kill me please).

6- How will Thanos get the yellow stone from Vison’s head?

it will probably go a bit like this

Following question three of this brilliant article, we do see, in the trailer, Vision in a human form… and he still has the stone on his forehead? But we do see him again, still purple, getting pretty much tortured and he still has the stone? Do you get the confusion here? What happens? Does he keep it? Does Thanos get it from him? Or maybe the two of them don’t even meet? We don’t know and we can’t wait to know.

7- What is really going to happen if all the stones are reunited on the glove?

We get that the stones, each and every of them, are very powerful. They can easily destroy everything, so does that mean that if Thanos gets all of them, he will be unstoppable? Does it mean he’s going to have the chance to destroy the world and no one will be able to stop him?

Why do I ask questions I know the answers of?

8- Are the rumors about Captain America dying true?

Hear me out. Not so long ago, we were told Steve was going to die in the third Captain America movie, which is now obviously not true, but could this be it? Rogers has already done a lot and he is the kind of guy that will sacrifice everything to save the ones he loves and especially, the whole planet. So, will we see a courageous and brave Steve giving his life for humanity?

#IHopeNot #IWillCryLikeABaby

9- If so, will Bucky take his place?

This was another rumor that was going around a few years ago. Sebastian Stan, the actor who plays the role of Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier, said himself that he would enjoy that scenario, but does that mean it will happen? Does Barnes really have the courage to take his best friend’s place and role in the Avengers? Or even, can he? We all know that the character is somewhat unstable, so if Captain dies, will we see a new fresh and clean Bucky Barnes?

10- Am I the ONLY one who really wants to get some Banner/Romanov action? And how the hell does Bruce gets himself involved with Doctor Strange?

Once again, another ongoing romance that has been really lightly touched. We know that they both like each other and that Romanov is the only person that will ever calm the Hulk, but what is really going on between them? Let’s just hope we see a bit more in this future movie… but let’s not hope too much since the trailer shows us a really confused Doctor Strange finding another really confused Bruce Banner. How did that happen? Another alliance is forming and I’m here for it!

11- Loki + Tesseract?

Perhaps Loki is just horribly failing at being a good “god” again? We knew (spoiler alert) at the end of Thor: Ragnarok that he had taken the Tesseract, so what does he plan to do with it? Is he still on and about ruling the world? Who does he want to kill now? Hasn’t he killed pretty much everybody? Will he join us on the ride to getting rid of Thanos, or will he sit and watch, mischievous smile on his face?

12- Captain America’s New Feature, Rocking That Beard?

I have heard a ton of rumors about this one, but one really stuck to me: in every movie, when the good guy wants to rebel, he grows a beard. So, it’s not as much a theory as a fact. We all know that after Civil War, Steve has come a long way to fight for what he believes in and it just didn’t work out. Is that beard a symbol of rebellion or just a symbol of pure and simple change? Is Rogers getting even more badass or did he just forgot to pack a razor to Wakanda?

13- Someone explain to me what the creatures we see in the trailer are, please?

We all saw the trailer. If you didn’t, you shouldn’t have read through all those questions… Anyways, we see Captain America’s team fighting some kind of alien, which we have no idea where they come from yet… but somehow I imagined the movie being all about Thanos, so does he have little friends to come and help him? Or are those a whole new problem we will have to face?

Man, planet Earth is so not lucky.

14- Bucky Barnes? New Arm? Back From Being Frozen?

Last and not the least, our wonderful long-haired Russian weapon is back. So, if you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War you wouldn’t know that Bucky has lost his metal arm in a fight with Iron Man and that he asked to be frozen at the end of the movie, in Wakanda, because he was afraid of what he would do. Now that you know… how did they help him? How did they clean his memory from the mind control that Hydra had executed on him? Is the fact that there is no more red star on his brand new arm means he’s finally free from his past? I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Once again, these are all based on either the movies or the trailer for the upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War, and please, I am in no way an expert in Marvel Comics, so don’t judge my lack of information!


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