It’s no secret that wages have stagnated in the United States while the cost of living continues to go up. Most Americans report that they have less than $1,000 in savings, leaving them just one job loss or medical bill away from disaster, while the federal minimum wage remains mired at a pathetic $7.25 an hour.

Now, in the absence of federal action, a large number of states are taking the lead on wages in early 2016 with 14 states moving to raise their minimum wages by Friday, according to the New York Times.

Leading the pack are California and Massachusetts who are raising their minimum wages to $10. Arkansas is increasing their minimum wage more modestly, from $7.50 to $8, while South Dakota is making a laughable five-cent increase, raising their minimum wage to $8.55 like a bunch of trolls.

Here’s the complete list of states raising their minimum wages this week complete with the new wage:

1. Alaska ($9.75)

2. Arkansas ($8.00)

3. California ($10.00)

4. Connecticut ($9.60)

5. Hawaii ($8.50)

6. Massachusetts ($10.00)

7. Michigan ($8.50)

8. Nebraska ($9.00)

9. Rhode Island ($9.60)

10. Vermont ($9.60)

11. New York ($9.00)

12. West Virginia ($8.75)

13. Colorado ($8.31)

14. South Dakota ($8.55)

Individual cities have also taken action, with Seattle and  Los Angeles both passing legislation that will phase in minimum wages of $15 an hour. Indeed, $15 per hour has become a rallying cry for those supporting the idea of wages you can actually live on and is quickly becoming a movement.

So get on board, South Dakota. Those five-cent increases won’t appease the American worker for long.


14 States To Raise Minimum Wage This Week



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