14 Talents That Are Good Indicators Someone’s Good in Bed


Keep an eye out for these secret sex skills in the wild.

1. If you wish to hit the ass, you must first hit the gym. Sage wisdom from Slowjams

Good health.

Good sex is exhausting. Especially if you want to for round 2,3,4…

Not saying you have to be a college athlete to have great sex, that’s far from the truth.

But being in decent shape helps a lot.


2. Welp, I don’t think I’ve ever done this successfully, ZaraUnityMasters

Eating a peach and not getting any peach juice on your hands.


3. If I cook a peach will that make me double good in bed, The_Town_of_Canada?


If a girl can cook well, I know that she’s patient, attentive to detail, and willing to spend an hour getting ready for something I’m just going to destroy in under 3 minutes.


4. What we have here, is a failure to ejaculate, hauntedbypaul

Good communication. Checking in with you to make sure you’re having a good time when you hang out or are just out together, asking questions about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in lots of situations, and most importantly, not throwing a fit when you don’t always go along with what they want to do.


5. Hockeytruck87 says if they can kiss, they can SEX

Kissing. I know it happens in a bedroom too, but if I’m kissing someone at a bar and we do that well together, then I know sexy time will be fun. If the kisses don’t go well, then I have serious doubts about their bedroom abilities.


6. The kids tell me I have the “moves like Jagger”?Mooseoverbuffalo

I’d imagine anyone who is good at dancing has good control of their body, of rhythm and motion, and is able to respond well to what their partner wants.


7. Also just a good quality to have regardless! From Fthwrlddntskmfrsht


If someone listens well, they are attentive in most all aspects of their life, not just listening to people.

I.e. they are going to give your body the kind of attention you want in the bedroom.


8. Tickle those ivories, intervia

Playing any musical instrument. Piano? Hardcore finger skills. Brass? Hardcore tongue skills. Strings? They stroke wood all day anyway.


9. Lifehack from xts2500: just date Rachel Ray

I watched the episode of “Hot Ones” with Rachel Ray. She was awesome and destroyed those wings like a champ. She took the hottest sauce they had and poured it on a spoon and straight up ate it, then basically called Sean Evans a little bitch for not doing the same. The whole time I was watching I couldn’t help but think damn, Rachel Ray is probably a straight up psycho in bed. Any woman who enjoys that much pain with a smile on her face will probably fuck your brains out and leave you begging for mercy.


10. Steady hands, steady love. Via rogersimon010

Being able to play Operation without getting zapped even once. It shows a steady hand and a willingness to hold in place for an extended period of time in order to achieve a goal. I had a girlfriend who was undefeated at that game. We played a drinking version of it with my dad one time. We all got pretty lit and at the end he was trying to get the rubber band out of the leg when I laughed and he messed up. My girlfriend went in and popped that sucker out like it was nothing.


11. What that mouth do, aside from contribute to a lovely symphony orchestra, Elrandir517?

I dated a trombone player one time. UNBELIEVABLE oral skills. 10/10 highly recommend.


12. This is always how I’ve spotted the freaks, Quadruple-down

When they lick an envelope and the envelope moans


13. StellaRogue pointing out things aren’t always cut and dry – sex amd relationships are complex

I’m sure there’s no sure signs. Hard to say if there’s any. I’ve had partners who were good listeners and all that, but not that awesome in bed. I’ve had guys who are super confident in the way they carry themselves be the worst ones ever. And also some of the most awkward ones being awesome. If i had to say something, i’d say open-mindedness, which in the bedroom translates into being able to take constructive criticism, being open to trying new things, and they’re usually not judgemental.


14. Aaannnnd dinosaregaylikeme pointing out that sometimes things are very simple

I can deep throat a banana and swallow it.




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