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When you are trying to resolve an issue where someone else made an error, put the focus on the error and not the person. Example of this: Instead of saying, “You didn’t send the attachment,” I say, “The attachment didn’t come through, please try sending it again.”

Procrastinating? Your brain feels overwhelmed by the task. Tell yourself that you’re going to spend 15 minutes on it and do what you can. You’re far more willing to dive in.

Taking on the whole task feels overwhelming so you don’t start. Tell yourself that you’re not trying to complete it, only that you’ll spend 15 minutes working on it, which feels much more achievable. So you start the task, and usually end up spending more than 15 min on it and realize it’s not as bad as you thought. Even if you don’t finish it, you got over the hump of starting. Next time spend another “15 minutes”.


Don’t undervalue yourself when deciding whether or not to apply for a new job. It’s up to the person doing the hiring to determine if you are what they’re looking for, and the only way to guarantee that you won’t get the job is if you don’t apply for it.

The job posting is the employer’s wish list, it’s not a checklist.


If you are the only one trying to maintain a friendship, they aren’t your friend and your time and energy would be better spent somewhere else

If someone is clearly depressed, prefers alone time, or needs your help before something bad happens, this is not the tip for you to follow. Please reach out to that person and let them know you care. I’ve been on that end and it is so reassuring to hear from someone even if you don’t feel like being around anyone.

But if you have friends who you consistently try to make plans with, they decline or take a rain check with a “oh we’ll have to hang out soon” and never get back with you, yet you see them out with other friends all the time, then yes, this is very applicable. You deserve better friends.


Getting angry with people for making mistakes doesn’t teach them not to make mistakes, it just teaches them to hide them. Highlight the mistake, not the person.


If you have children and talk to them about danger (which you should), tell them that if someone is ever attempting to take them they should yell “you’re not my mom/dad!” That way, passers-by know it’s not just a kid having a tantrum

My mom taught me this along with having a password if one of her co-workers ever had to pick me up for an emergency or whatever. Once my grandpa came to get me and it wasn’t planned, I asked him the password and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I wouldn’t go with him for 20 minutes until he called my dad and got the password.

When hanging something with two hooks, use painters tape to get exact markings, and a level on the wall. Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape


Learn to do — and enjoy — things by yourself. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you keep waiting for someone else to accompany you

Took up archery for a while. Guess what? I met a bunch of people who were in to archery.

Buying ice cream? Press on the top of the container, if it’s solid it has been properly stored, if it depresses it has thawed and refrozen

I put a bubble level on my basic drill so I know when I’m 90 degrees perpendicular to ground when drilling vertically.


When adopting or purchasing an animal, ask yourself “Will this animal be with me, regardless of my financial, employment, housing or relationship changes?” If the answer is “No”, you are not a suitable owner


Take photos of your parents doing things they do every day. When you get older, they will bring back memories more than any posed pic ever could.


When you buy a house, change out the water hoses for the washing machine because you never know when they were replaced last and are one of the most common causes of catastrophic water damage in homes.


If you’re taking your animal to the vet for an ailment, get video of them coughing, breathing strangely, limping, etc. Animals may not show the ailment at the vet’s office and the video can help the vet diagnose your furry friend

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