14 Unique Ways To Cure Your Fear Of Heights

 Cliff camping


Did you ever think about changing the safe, firm campground with a cliff face and build your tent on a life-threatening 4000 ft above the ground?

 Skywalking in the Alps


Just looking at this photo of that guy walking atop those not very stable looking cables, makes my stomach jump.

Portaledge camping at Yosemite


Yosemite National Park is famous for its great camping spots. But if you’re tired of those regular places, and you want something more adrenaline rushing, try cliff camping here.

Climbing Redwoods


People who tried this say it is the absolutely amazing experience and the utterly best possible way of experiencing and appreciating the Redwood giants.

Sitting on the Trolltunga rock in Norway


Trolltunga is a piece of rock hanging horizontally out of a mountain about 700 meters above the ground and is best known as the scariest Instagram spot on Earth. Check it out!

Extreme skiing at Grand Targhee, Wyoming


Extreme skiing is performed on long, steep (typically from 45 to 60+ degrees, or grades of 100 to 170 percent) slopes in mountainous terrain. Try free-skiing just once down the Grand Targhee, Wyoming and (if you survive) you’ll definitely be cured of your fear of heights.

Tree camping in Germany


We also have a romantic option for you love birds out there. If you’ve tried and liked cliff camping, try tree camping in Germany. Just make sure your partner is into it before reserving a tent.

Ice climbing a frozen waterfall


If kayaking at Victoria Falls isn’t really your cup of tea, maybe you’ll find ice climbing a frozen waterfall more tempting.

The Edgewalk in Toronto


Many tourists visit the CN Tower in Toronto daily, but lately there is a new possibility available. You can take a walk OUTSIDE the tower – around the circumference of the roof!

Glacier Boarding


If you have a fear of heights, here is a sport that will definitely help you overcome it. You should take up glacier boarding, because snowboarding is too mainstream.

Bruce Peninsula National Park


Bruce Peninsula National Park is amazing and beautiful place, perfect for many outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and bird watching. But, for dealing with your acrophobia, we highly recommend jumping off the cliff.

Base jumping in Yosemite


BASE jumping is an activity where participants jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall. Weirdly enough, first thing popping out on auto-complete, when you start typing base jumping is ‘base jumping deaths’.

Bike trail on the Cliffs of Moher


Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are also known as Cliffs of Insanity among the bikers, since it is the most dangerous bike ride trail in the world.

Driving down a sand dune


You can start with driving down a sand dunes in Egypt or Tunisia, or go straight to driving down a sand dune in Lucky Bay, Australia. Lucky Bay sand dunes are among the largest and steepest on the planet.

Fort Tryon Park


There’s nothing a good photographer wouldn’t do for a great picture.

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