14 Worryingly Immersive Gaming Experiences

14 Worryingly Immersive Gaming Experiences

Video games are distracting. One minute you might decide to get 20 minutes out of Overwatch and before you know it, four hours have gone by and you’ve just put that work off until tomorrow, I guess. It can be hard on your work schedule, but do wonders for your boredom.

The beauty of video games, like any other form of art, comes from losing yourself in the moment. Or several moments, but who’s counting? These 14 Redditors sure aren’t counting. Long live gaming.

1. Not a single lie was told about that game. Geeayche learned the hard way.

The first time that I played Amnesia I followed the suggestion to play in the dark with headphones on. I was at the part where something is in the water below you and you’re jumping from box to box (it was 4 years ago, so that’s about as specific as I can be) and I started feeling like I was having a full on panic attack.

The room felt like it was shaking, my heart was racing, and I was having a hard time focusing on the monitor. Finally I paused the game because it became too much for me to handle. When I took off the headphones I realized that a train was passing by my apartment (I lived maybe 30 feet from a train track) and my apartment was actually shaking in real life.

It took me awhile to come back to Amnesia after that experience, but I have never been so terrified by a video game before.

2. That shout was also your brain telling you to take a break, Luckysena.

Discovering that first shout in Skyrim. I was in a dark room by myself with headphones maxed out on volume. When the screen started getting wavy and the chanting started I was just so immersed since I didn’t expect it at all.

3. Next level thieving hahaha WraithCadmus

Playing Thief: The Dark Project, hiding in a corner with a guard nearby when my flatmate comes home and slams a door, I almost hiss at him to keep quiet because the guard will hear.

Sound – It’s important

4. You either had the best or worst teacher ever, valley_pete

The opening level to Medal of Honor Frontline, when you land on Omaha Beach was insane. I actually did a project on D-Day in 7th grade with 2 friends and for an extra part of the project (there was a lot more legit research too) my teacher let me bring in PS2 and play the level, running around to show off the pillboxes the Germans were in, and wiring used to prevent the Allies from advancing, all sorts of stuff. So I finished that level and went “and yeah, that’s it. The next level’s inside the bunkers but-” and he goes “ok, why don’t you just show off that one a bit?”

Easiest A+ we’ve ever gotten.

5. IN GAME??? Rockstar traffics in life simulators peterpeterny

I was playing GTA 5 and was driving to my next mission. A song came on the radio I never heard before and was good. I got to the destination but the song wasn’t over so I pulled in a parking spot, checked my phone and finished the song in the car before going in for my mission

6. The (Fake) West is unforgiving, MarklarMusic

RDR where I riding out in the middle of desert and the weather changes. Starts pouring rain and lighting flashes. Then my horse up and dies out from under me.

My character rolls across the ground. I get up and I’m confused as hell. Then lightning flashes and I see a mountain lion BECAUSE of the little flash of light.

No time to react. Mauled by mountain lion. Coolest way to die and I had no idea the game had them.

7. High scores are even higher in your dreams, BlueHighwindz

Hours after playing the game, with my eyes closed, trying to fall asleep, and those Tetris blocks are still raining from the ceiling.

8. It might be a little too soon for you to be hopping in the Animus, in that case spaceflora

Probably at the end of Assassin’s Creed (2?), when the goddess thing turns to the camera and starts talking directly to you. I missed the fact that she was actually talking to Desmond and thought she had broken the 4th wall and was talking to ME. I freaked out only a little bit.

9. I bet zulu-bunsen got water and a snack and everything

My computer bluescreened during the Omega Flowey fight in Undertale. For a solid 5 minutes I was convinced it was part of the game.

10. If you had a leaky basement like I used to have, it’d be even more immersive ReynT1me

Mine was when I was playing Fallout NV a couple years ago. I was traversing through the Repconn headquarters, scavenging for any supplies I might need on the road. Suddenly, I heard thunder that sounded so real I swore that there was a storm outside. I ran up from the depths of my basement, only to find it was a bright and sunny day outside. I was so immersed in the game that I thought that the sound coming from my tv was actually happening, I’ve never had that happen since.

11. I bet the top of the city looks wild through that mask AlphaPi

Standing on a high spot in Dishonored/Dishonored 2 and just observing the city. Also reading any notes/books. They did a real good job of making a living, breathing world

12. Driving through space is like driving at night, honestly TheMailmanCometh

Dating myself here, but Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed. I was acting as a flight instructor to a couple of guild mates new to the space combat portion of the game. Basically I was hanging back and letting them get xp, and making sure they didn’t get trounced, while giving pointers over our teamspeak.

The new guys blundered into a higher level NPC spawn in their starter ships, I was flying my pvp Heavy X-wing just for giggles

I swooped in and went full offensive, taking out an enemy ship with every shot, while telling them to clear out.

7 kills later, I hear. “Holy Shit, Mailman, I thought you just RPed a badass pilot.” In my headset. I had to laugh, because, on my server, I wasn’t even in the top 20 ‘badass’ pilots, and NPCs, granted, they did seem like doom on the hoof to two guys taking out their starter Z-95s for the first time. Wound up guiding them back for repairs, while going over droid commands with them.

But yeah, that was my video game, moment of Zen. I still kinda miss the space portion of that game, and I wish one of the emulator projects would get it up and running.

13. “Had to be me. Someone else might have got it wrong.” Bucklax31

If you haven’t played Mass Effect 3, and plan on playing it, don’t read.

For me I’ll go with Mass Effect 3, Mordin’s sacrifice. The entire build up to the scene, and when the actual scene takes place you can feel the emotions from the characters. Mordin’s famous line “Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.” felt like it pulled me right into the game.

14. Immersion gameplay at its finest here, folks cu3ed

I know its very recent, and I have a ton older, but Titanfall 2 Cause & Effect blew me away. Now in many ways its a very obvious mechanic in a game, but the detail in it was amazing, to it also being a nice little problem Half like 2 esq plot device. The astounding detail being hearing the confusion of the soldiers voices as you jumped in and out of time around them, like, it felt so genuine how YOU where actually interacting in there time. Then popping out of it, then popping back in etc. The whole level was juts a joy, to the start of the abandoned buildings with the more “zombie” like mechs doing jump scares, to the frozen in time ending. Just as a FPS fav gamer, it was just such a joy to play something that just felt so…new.


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I’ve been playing on an Oculus Quest. It’s truly immersive. <– literally "truly immersive" to the point where you can forget it's not real in some apps.

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