15 Actors You Didn’t Know Humiliated Their Fans


It’s impossible to be a big-name actor in the Hollywood circle, and not have thousands of screaming, adoring fans eager to have just a fraction of your attention.

Famous faces in cinema and television are often hailed as idols to those who follow and admire their work, and a photo, autograph, or even a minute of interaction with the star can be deemed as priceless.

While it’s a nice notion to think they’d do anything for their fans, in reality, many of them are often just too busy, or in some unfortunate cases, simply not as a friendly as they may appear to be.

Many unlucky fans have realized this the hard way when they finally meet their heroes in person, with exciting first-encounters often turned into embarrassing disappointments. This list has outlined the actors that have utterly embarrassed their fans, and includes actors who have fired back at rude fan confrontations, actors who have publicly insulted their entire fanbase, and (most especially) the actors who were just jerks, plain and simple.

Get ready to have all of your expectations ruined, because here are the 15 Actors You Didn’t Know Humiliated Their Fans.


If we were also counting down some of the most awkward celebrity moments in the past months of 2017, this would make the list. As the star of the classic American sitcom Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld recently made internet news when a Twitter video went viral of the actor blatantly denying a hug from one of his biggest fans– singer-songwriter Kesha.

In the clip, the pop star is seen excitedly approaching Seinfeld (who was being interviewed at the time), and declaring that she “loved him so much” before reaching out her arms for a hug.

Seinfeld abruptly responds with a “no thanks,” but the singer gives it another go– please? Just a little one?” Seinfeld once again backs away, and firmly denies the request a second time – with a visibly disappointed Kesha hurriedly leaving the scene.

An amused Seinfeld turns back to the reporter, stating that he “didn’t know who that was,” before laughing off the incident.


James Franco is a prolific filmmaker and actor in the Hollywood sphere, loved for his memorable roles in box office hits like The Pineapple Express and Spider-Man. In 2006, Franco re-enrolled into UCLA, receiving an English degree two years later and graduating with flying colors.

In the spring of April, 2011, one alumni would soon find out just how hard it was to impress the actor when she was invited to give the commencement speech at the English Department Graduation of that year.

The former student nervously went through her speech and was met with a positive response. It wasn’t until she and her dad walked up to Franco – who was standing in the crowd – that it all dissipated, as she overheard the actor asking the host if he could one day be chosen for the speech, adding that “…wasn’t that impressed by it. It wasn’t very good.”

He then proceeded to take a photo with the baffled (and disappointed) speaker, who soon took to her blog to rant about her disconcerting encounter.


Most celebrities, being the busy people that they are, don’t always have the spare time for an autograph or photo session with fans while they’re in the midst of an urgent errand or task.

If you’re lucky, they may take a second to graciously sign a photo or take a quick selfie snap – though some can get unncessarily demanding, as in the case with Miley Cyrus’ visit to Costa Rica in 2011.

Video footage of the actress’s arrival with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth shows Cyrus stopping for a moment with her fans before the couple went on their way – but not before one of them shoots her an “a**hole!” right as they turn to leave.

The ever-outspoken Bangerz singer was quick to turn back, and retorted with “what the f***? Are you for real?” before storming off with Hemsworth, and taking to Twitter to express her disappointment.


Tobey Maguire is well-known for bringing one of Marvel’s classic heroes, , to life on the big screen. However, it seems like everyone’s “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” isn’t as friendly as his catchphrase might suggest.

The actor behind the suit has been reportedly known to unapologetically reject little kids who try and approach him for a photo of with their favorite superhero.

Additionally, a YouTube video has captured Maguire aggressively smacking a fan’s camera out of his hand as he tries to snap a selfie of himself with the actor. It is, however, unclear if the individual was a fan with good intentions or just an intrusive paparazzo; perhaps with this incident, Maguire was simply defending his personal space.

Way to make use of those Spidey senses, either way.


Comedian and actress Amy Schumer has brazenly shown that online rudeness doesn’t get a pass, much less one wrapped up in a sexist joke. Early in 2016, a 17-year old film critic named Jackson Murphy posted a Twitter photo of himself with the actress, captioning it with a snarky “Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.”

The unsuspecting Trainwreck star immediately responded with her own sarcastic tweet, “@LCJReviews @jondaly I get it. Cause I’m a w****? Glad I took a photo with you. Hi to your dad.”

Murphy has since deleted the tweet and apologized to the actress, who was forgiving in response, but added “I just remember thinking you and your dad were sweet and it was a bummer to read that.”


Robert Pattinson has become a famous face in both films and the Young Adult sections of book stores worldwide for portraying one of Hollywood’s most well-known vampire characters – shining, shimmering Edward Cullen; the protagonist of the Twlight series. The films were never known for winning movie critics over, and Pattinson has even outwardly shared his disdain for both the role and source material in interviews.

However, you’d think that a guy who’d spent six solid years portraying a much-loved, pop culture icon would express a bit more gratitude towards the hoards of screaming fans who’ve backed him up throughout it all.

In a 2013 interview with US Weekly, Pattinson does quite the opposite– unashamedly slamming his dedicated “Twihards,” stating that, “sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight.” Ouch.


Budding journalists, beware: Jenny from the Block has been said to have quite the preference in reporters who approach her for interviews, as told from one particular (ex) fan’s account in her disappointing encounter with the star.

The girl, who “loved and worshipped her,” walked into an interview room to talk with Lopez for a foreign magazine interview– only to be let down when the singer told her publicist that the fan was not “established enough” to be interviewing her. “Because, you know, J.Lo deserves Diane Sawyer,” the girl bitingly added in her report.

Seems like a pretty unnerving move for someone with a classic pop hit song about “staying grounded” despite her level of fame and fortune.


Bruce Willis is best known for portraying the sardonic, no-nonsense John McClane of the Die Hard film series – and it seems he has the character’s intimidating attitude to match. At a backstage lounge during New York Fashion Week in 2009, a group of female admirers crowded around the action star as they snapped photos while Willis graciously co-operated.

However, things quickly turned sour when a certain fan got a bit too close and poked the actor on the shoulder to get his attention. Willis reportedly turned to her in a heartbeat, pointed a finger to her face and growled, “don’t your ever touch me, you understand?”

The actor then stormed out of the premises, leaving behind a shocked and frightened former fan to absorb what had just happened.


Funnyman Mike Myers is another comedian who makes the list with an apparent disdain for getting free drinks. According to a particular fan’s account – he spotted Myers at a bar in New York City, drinking a beer and watching a soccer game on the television.

Being a big fan, the Redditor decided to approach the Saturday Night Live star, keeping in mind to not come off as creepy or intrusive. Upon coming up to Myers, he told the actor how much he admired his work, before offering to get him a free drink just before paying him and his friend’s tab. Myers’ showed his appreciation by responding, “I can afford my own drinks, a**hole, save your money for my next movie.”

Shocked and speechless, the fan and his buddy took off without saying another word.


The multi-talented Jared Leto has been deservedly recognized in years past for his achievements in both the film and and music sphere – having starred in blockbuster roles such as The Joker in DC’s Suicide Squad  and being the frontman and main songwriter for the award-winning Thirty Seconds to Mars.

It turns out, though, that he also has a talent for picking fights with fans, with two incidents involving Leto sucker-punching unlucky concert-goers (both of which were caught on camera).

The first incident took place at the PinkPop festival in the Netherlands, during which a video shows Leto crowdsurfing into the audience, but not before using his microphone to hit an unfortunate fan beneath him.

The second took place at a concert in London, where a particular fan in the mosh pit got a bit too close for comfort, provoking the 30 Seconds singer to smack him on the head, with the microphone, once again, his weapon of choice.

Another occasion involved the actor snapping back at a fan who congratulated him on a great concert at a backstage meet-and-greet, only to be responded with, “I’ve signed your sh**, now f*** off!”


Shia Labeouf has never been a stranger to public controversy/embarrassment, having been accused of plagiarizing various material – from graphic novels to public apologies, arriving on the red carpet with a paper bag-covered head, and most recently controversies surrounding his public art performance.

Unfortunately for fans, his erratic behaviour further extends into approaches for a photo or autograph, as was the case for one female admirer who dared to ask him for one at a restaurant in London.

The actor reportedly reduced the fan to tears during their conversation, before her boyfriend confronted Labeouf, turning the encounter into one as explosive as a Michael Bay movie scene.

The Transformers star unexpectedly erupted, threatening to “get [the boyfriend] killed,” and involving himself in an enraged “tussle” with the individual before ultimately being escorted out of the premises.


Ian Somerhalder made waves on Twitter when a video of the Vampire Diaries actor went viral of him and his wife in Paris. Somerhalder was seen exiting a building with his wife Nikki Reed to a crowd of excited and adoring fans – who unfortunately met with statements of “Listen, I love you guys, but I am not taking a single photo today – it is my day.”

A particular fan nervously pleaded for “just one” photo – but the actor reiterated his words and asserted, “no, it’s not just one,” then suggested that she didn’t need a photo as he was already talking to her.

The fan can be seen bursting into tears as Somerhalder reaffirms to the group that he did not want any photos taken, and to not follow him and his wife as they went about their trip.


American actress and Charlie’s Angel Cameron Diaz has an established reputation for being one of the worst autograph signers out there, even landing the list for Worst Celebrity Signers of 2013 for Autograph Magazine.

The Shrek star is known for lecturing fans on how “dumb” she believes autographs to be – and was no different on the 2014 red carpet premiere for comedy film Sex Tape with Jason Segel.

According to reports, Diaz ignored and continued to lecture fans at the event when asked for a photo or autograph – sternly telling one off by stating that “if [she] did it for [them], [she’d] have to do it for everyone.”

An insider stated that “Cameron was as unfriendly as can be and it was really disappointing.” Needless to say, fans weren’t all that impressed either.


The beautiful South African actress Charlize Theron has an already-known penchant for ignoring fans and photographers alike, sometimes neglecting to even acknowledge those who simply congratulate her on her achievements. It seems that Theron has formed quite the unlikeable public reputation, with some photographers even going so far as threatening to not take photos of the star on the red carpet.

Interactions with her fellow actresses are apparently no different. In 2014, Hollywood reports stated that the Mad Max actress ignored Tia Mowry – former teen star of Sister, Sister and fan of Theron – when Mowry spotted her at a SoulCycle class.

Mowry told reporters that the Atomic Blonde star was “not very nice to her,” and even went so far as to roll her eyes with an exasperated “oh my God,” upon being approached. Disappointed with her encounter, Mowry added that she wasn’t being overbearing, and that Theron– simply put– was “just being mean.”


The ever-talented Christian Bale is best known for playing the beloved DC hero Batman in Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the classic comic series. However, it’s unfortunate that the man behind the mask acts far from the noble alter-ego, allegedly being nasty to adoring fans who approach him.

His former publicist and assistant Harrison Cheung published a book called Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman about his experiences in working with the Dark Knight star. Cheung revealed that the volatile actor would go so far as to “lecture little girls about being rude and intrusive until tears streamed down their faces, and their parents tugged them away from our table.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cheung also recalled a time when Bale suggested a fan be “eliminated” via a “screwdriver thrust thru [sic] the eyeball” upon receiving their fan letter. Patrick Bateman, is that you?

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