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15 Actresses Who Should Bare It All On Screen In 2016

15 Actresses Who Should Bare It All On Screen In 2016

15 Actresses Who Should Bare It All On Screen In 2016

There are some female celebrities that we all have to admit we’ve been waiting to see what they are working with. They may show a great deal of skin on a regular basis but the fact that their naughty bits remained covered vexes their fans around the world. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the actresses who we most wish would appear on screen wearing only a smile.

A couple of these actresses have been the victims of nude photo leaks in the past but that doesn’t mean we’re looking forward to the idea of them sharing their bodies of their own free will, any less. Being a victim of a wardrobe malfunction also didn’t preclude anyone from finding their way onto our ranking. So let’s take a look at some female celebrities we all know but would like to get to know a little better.

15. Sofia Vergara


A former model that is currently best known for being one of the stars of Modern Family, Sofia has always been happy to leave little to the imagination. Having her photo taken with her bare butt exposed while hugging a fake gorilla once, Sofia has dipped her toe into the ocean of nudity but as of yet she hasn’t dived right in. She also once appeared in Esquire Magazine in a top that was see through, which many of her fans definitely enjoyed but we still haven’t had our appetites for Sofia satiated.

14. Megan Fox


First becoming a known entity when she played the female lead in the first two Transformers movies, Megan became the fantasy girl of millions overnight. In the first movie, Michael Bay lovingly shot her body while she leaned over a car’s engine, which did nothing to further the film’s plot but remains one of the movie’s most memorable moments. Perhaps her biggest dalliance with nudity came in the film Jennifer’s Body. Photos of her were captured by paparazzi while she performed in nothing but flesh-colored pasties during the film’s shoot. Of course, the fact that she made out with Amanda Seyfried in the film also ensured it became a classic of sorts.

13. Katherine Heigl


An actress that is famed for being a pain to deal with on movie sets, we can only hope that one of these days she is cast in a role where it makes sense to her to appear in the nude. Having previously decried the people behind the film Knocked Up for the way they portrayed women, it may seem like she is unlikely to ever defrock but that may not be the case. Like Sofia Vergara, Katherine has already bared her buttocks on the big screen but we’re hoping for a little more. She also appeared in the movie Side Effects, where she danced topless but never faced camera which made it little more than an awfully appealing tease. She has clearly flirted with onscreen nudity before, so we’re confident she may go all the way one of these days.

12. Yvonne Strahovski


A beautiful blonde who played a woman familiar with espionage on the cult classic show Chuck, we’re just hoping to spy Yvonne while she drops her gear. During her years on Chuck, she appeared in her bra and panties several times, showing off her perfect body. She also had a recurring role on Dexter, which included a scene where she had sex with the show’s main character and appeared nude but covered. One of many famous people who were a victim of the massive private photo leak known as The Fappening, a little internet sleuthing will reveal a lot but it just isn’t the same thing.

11. Gabrielle Union


In supporting roles in two classic nineties teen movies, She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You, Gabrielle quickly stole the spotlight from the film’s leads. An utterly gorgeous woman with flawless skin, a fit frame and undeniable charisma, nobody could be blamed for wanting to see more of her. Another celebrity who has shown her ass onscreen, which seems to be a thing nudity stringent celebrities feel comfortable with, Gabrielle also suffered a nip slip during a major movie. Another casualty of The Fappening, Gaby has nothing to be embarrassed about.

10. Natalie Portman


A tiny woman who isn’t even five foot three inches tall, Natalie has still made a gigantic impact on modern cinema. Famous for appearing in films like V for Vendetta, the Thor, and Star Wars franchises as well as many, many others, Ms. Portman has had many men lust after her onscreen during her career. In Black Swan she had a fantasy sex scene with Mila Kunis, in Closer she played a stripper and suffered a nip slip and most notably in Hotel Chevalier where she showed her butt, Natalie is ok with sexy roles. Photographed while sunbathing topless by paparazzi several years back, Nattie has already appeared nude in public so it’s just a small leap, right?

9. Elizabeth Banks


Another alluring actress who to date has only shown off her rear on the big screen, in Elizabeth’s case that revealing moment goes by fast enough you may miss it if you blink. The fact that she has some pretty impressive comedy chops and is blessed with incredible looks is nearly impossible to miss, though. Famed for her roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Role Models, and Wet Hot American Summer to name just a few, Elizabeth is still on a roll which means she’ll likely have plenty of opportunities for nudity.

8. Mila Kunis


Unlike some of the other women on this list, Mila has never even come all that close to showing off her private parts, unless you count a body double or a doctored photo. First introduced to North America as one of the stars of That 70s Show, she has risen above her costars, including her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, to reign supreme as that show’s most famous alumni. Taking on major roles in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the previously mentioned Black Swan, Oz the Great and Powerful and several others, Mila has a hell of a resume. A star with sex appeal to spare, she seems like a very, very strong young woman which only adds to our desire for more of Mila.

7. Emma Watson


An actress who grew up in front of the world, Emma never went through that awkward gangling phase most of us do. Cast as one of the leads of The Harry Potter franchise of films, she has grown into a truly elegant young woman who also seems like she would seem perfectly at home slumming it with the rest of us. Arguably one of the most desirable women in the world, especially for the younger sect, she has to know how desired she truly is. As she has matured, Emma has consistently been cast in more and more grown up roles, such as the leader of a group of thieves in The Bling Ring, which hopefully means she will appear in more intimate scenes.

6. Blake Lively


The type of beauty that we can envision feeling at home amongst old school sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield, Blake seems destined to be a star. Now if she would just follow in those two luminaries’ footsteps and bare all, we think we can say we’d all be a little happier. Best known for her lead role in the CW drama Gossip Girl as well as films like The Town and The Green Lantern, Blake adds an enchanting element to whatever role she takes on. An actress who had nude photos leaked online, Blake’s selfie game was totally on point. Now if only she’d allow a professional film crew to get the job done right.

5. Kaley Cuoco


A star of one of the most popular and reviled shows in the world today, Kaley’s role as an attractive actress among a gaggle of geeks has involved appearing in revealing clothing over and over. Appearing in bra and panties, bikinis and tight dresses on The Big Bang Theory over the years, she has caused Middle America to drool a lot over the last decade. The final victim of the Fappening to appear on this list, Kaley had nude photos and even videos spread all over the internet. Once her years on prime time come to an end, we hope she gets some juicy film roles to sink her teeth into and drop her top in.

4. Jessica Alba


Whether you first discovered Jessica as the romantic lead in Idle Hands where she appeared in panties, as the sexy lead of Dark Angel or any of her other roles, you likely thought to yourself, wow. Capitalizing on that obvious sentiment, Ms. Alba found major roles in films like Honey or The Fantastic Four and Sin City franchises in the years since she first came to prominence. Despite playing a stripper in the black and white world of Sin City, she sure was tantalizing but, unfortunately, a lot less than naked. A victim of a nude photo leak, where topless photos of her surfaced online, we’re still waiting for her nude cinema debut, though.

3. Elisha Cuthbert


Cast as the daughter of Jack Bauer in the series 24, Elisha played a major part in the first several seasons of the show. A woman who seems lovely and captivating, Elisha also went on to star in the cult comedy Happy Endings and films like House of Wax and Old School, where she brought up the ante for pretty young women. When she was cast as a former porn star in the film The Girl Next Door, however, we like many other people assumed we were in store for some good old fashioned nudity. Although she did give us some pretty great visuals including impressive sideboob and a really compelling romance story in that film, she let us down as far as getting naked was concerned.

2. Jennifer Love-Hewitt


When Jennifer Love-Hewitt joined the show Party of Five, taking on the role of one of the stars girlfriend, she instantly made the show a hell of a lot hotter. A good-looking brunette with a hell of a rack and body, she has always seemed like she was unaware just how bewitching she truly is. The star of the first two I Know What You Did Last Summer movies and the show The Ghost Whisperer, she will likely never be forgotten for many years to come. Especially when people think of the revealing garb she wore as a sex worker in The Client List. A mainstay of magazines like FHM or Maxim’s lists of the hottest women alive, Jennifer more than earned her placement on those lists and this one.

1. Alison Brie


One of the stars of Community at the same time she was a supporting actress in Mad Men, Alison showed off her impressive acting range and unique magnetism in the two roles. An actress who seems like she should have been seen naked several times by now, especially since she has spoken about her college years being largely clothing optional. Having appeared in her skivvies in both Get Hard and Sleeping with Other People in 2015, she seems to be perfectly prepared to reveal on screen. We certainly hope looks aren’t deceiving and she gets that opportunity very, very soon.


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Natalie Portman and Emma Watson aren’t hot. There, I said it. I could go to Walmart at midnight on any random weekday and find prettier girls.

Not saying they are ugly, just not hot. Well, kinda ugly actually. Portman has a weird body and smile, and Emma’s got the face and body of a 13 yr old boy.

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