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Life ain’t easy which is why we’re constantly looking for loopholes in the system to ease some of the day-to-day bullshit we have to deal with. Luckily for us, we don’t have to search too far, what with the internet and /r/AskReddit being available 24/7. They have tips and tricks that’ll help you kick life’s ass and still have time to binge watch Netflix.

The next time you find yourself wondering “can this be done but like, much easier and much better?” the answer is probably, yes.

So kick back, relax, and watch your life transform into a Disney movie right before your very eyes.

1. leaflitterer let’s us fly free:

A few years ago I was flying from Detroit to Charlotte. Prices were higher than I would have liked, so I checked a couple of other nearby destinations. Found that a flight to Greensboro (two hours away by car) was much cheaper, yet somehow still connected through Charlotte (Detroit -> Charlotte -> Greensboro).

So I said screw it, bought a one-way, and carried on my bag, with plans to abandon the flight in Charlotte.

All went well. As I was walking through Charlotte airport, I passed the Greensboro gate and heard the agent asking for volunteers (the flight was oversold).

So with a heavy heart and Oscar-winning sympathy for the gate agent’s predicament, I agreed to give up my Greensboro ticket for an extra $200 in vouchers. Then I skated out of the airport feeling as though I’d beat the unfathomable system for once.

2. robbbbb builds a better sandwich:

In college, there was a sandwich shop where you’d build your own sandwich using a paper checklist, give it to a sandwich maker, and they’d build it. I found out that starting with a cheese sandwich base and adding meat was a dollar or so cheaper than starting with a meat sandwich and adding cheese. Also, the cheese sandwich version would have about the same amount of meat as the meat version, but about twice the amount of cheese.

3. landravager works less for more:

Current job is commission only, but has an ‘additional discount’ if you fail to meet a certain amount of net sales every week. I found out that if I sell $7800-8000/week I would take home $1200-1500/week. If I sold $500 more a week (easily doable), I would only take home $700-800/week because of the loss of the discount. It, literally, pays for me do be lazy and know math.

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4. MarySpringsFF has a fight AND flight response:

I got in a fight in school and the teacher sent us both to the Vice principles office together. On the way there I said, well if we both don’t go no one will know. The next time we had that class the teacher didn’t say anything.

5. snarkyopteryx wins the ultimate prize:

I discovered in my local arcade that there’s a machine that you can get to jam up by dumping a bunch of quarters into it really fast, and when it jams it gets confused and starts shooting nonstop tickets out at you. The folks who work at the arcade probably want to know how I am so dang good at arcade games, and also why I keep coming back for more inflatable dolphins

6. frogspaw goes holiday shopping early:

I remodeled my kitchen a few years back and bought all new appliances from Samsung. They had a promotion that gave you a free TV with a new Fridge/stove. The promotion worked by giving you a single use coupon code when you shopped at the Samsung store. The odd thing was this coupon didn’t subtract the price of 1 TV from your shopping cart. Instead it modified the unit price of the TV to $0.00. This was a normal web shopping cart where you could edit the quantities of each item you were buying. I didn’t really need another 32″ TV but I had to know if really the web design was that bad. It was, and Xmas shopping for Mom was cheap that year.

7. Weird_Map_Guy passes go and collects $200:

Not me but a buddy of mine. In Chicago for a weekend, parked in a garage that was $55 a day. Over a 4 day weekend, that’s a $220 total. But the signs posted all over the place say if you lose your ticket, you’ll be charged a full day.

So my buddy parked for 4 days and only paid for 1.

8. TornFromTheWomb learns how to skip school:

When I was in high school and we had a sub I’d volunteer to take the attendance sheet to the office so that I could ditch the rest of the period while still being marked as present.

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9. ohitsmark isn’t reading Snapple for the facts:

Back when I was in high school, I worked at a supermarket. At the time Snapple had a contest where you had to check under the cap to see if you won. Well, I found out that certain flavors, like Snapple Apple, is clear enough you can see from the bottom of the bottle. I just kept buying the winners every week. So many shirts and frisbees.

10. musicman206 gets a couple free meals:

While in college, I used to work at a fast Italian place that had two shifts (lunch and dinner). Dinner shifts would start at 5.

Well, employees got one free meal per shift under the manager on duty. So what I would do is go in at 4 and get a huge meal that would be a good size dinner, and finish it by 4:30 when the dinner manager showed up. Then at the end of the night, the dinner manager would set a time for all clean up crew to make a meal before going home. Basically, because I volunteered for cleanup each night, I would get a second free meal that I would save for lunch the next day in addition to an extra hour of pay.

I made it nearly three months without buying food or groceries because of this since the menu was enormous and I got creative/counted calories wel

TLDR: worked at an Italian restaurant in college and didn’t pay for food for 3 months.

11. Sleepy_Potato is juiced up:

Back in high school, there was this one Jamba Juice in a Safeway that my friend and I would go to every now and then. One day, my friend got a coupon through an email for a buy one get one of equal or lesser value free, but only at that specific location. The biggest mistake they made? There was no expiration date on the coupon. So my friend prints out a few pages worth of the coupon, cut them into individual slips, and we just used them every time we went there. They never caught on.

12. Hysterical_Realist knows his last resorts for resorts:

You have a hotel reservation with a two-day cancellation policy. Your plans change one day before your trip, so you can’t cancel without paying for the room.

Instead, reschedule the reservation for a future date more than two days out. Then call back later and cancel.

13. Feltedskullpuppets teaches a man to fish:

Mrs. Paul’s haddock filets randomly has 3 filets instead of two and it’s very easy to tell by weighing different boxes in your hands.

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14. twiggymac is livin’ RV-da loca:

While trying to register a bus as a converted RV in our state we found it was difficult and involved inspections and certain requirements. Vermont doesn’t require in-state addresses to register a vehicle there AND they don’t require an inspection for RV conversions of buses. Send the registration paperwork in the mail, get the plates, and just transfer registration to our home state once the VT one expires. We can transfer it no problem because it is already legally an RV, which means no more converting or inspections are required.

15. snipsey2 swindles the panda man:

Whenever me and my wife go to Panda Express, we keep the receipt from the time we went before. On the back of the receipt, they have a phone # you can call and do a survey to get a free entree w/ your meal. At the end of the survey, they give you a code, which you write on the receipt and hand it in to redeem the coupon. Funny thing is, it’s the same code every time. My wife memorized it, so now we get a free entree w/ one of our meals and we don’t have to call and do the survey every time

Edit: didn’t even think to post the code! It’s: L1188

I’m not sure if they change the code every so often, and we haven’t been to panda in a while so don’t kill me if it doesn’t work haha. If not, just take the survey and you’ll get a newer updated code to use for a while 🙂


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