15 Bad Guys From Movies That Viewers Thought Were Eviler Than the Actual Villains

Almost every film has a villain that is against the main character. And we usually expect these characters to fail by the end of the film. But sometimes, looking at movie plots from a different angle leads to the realization that a supporting or even the main character does worse things that the main antagonist.


Sweeney Todd — Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Mrs. Lovett gaslights a mentally ill neighbor she has a crush on to murder people who inconvenience her and to increase her profits. She’s way more evil than Sweeney Todd, even though she never murders anyone herself. © Sexycornwitch / Reddit

Regina — Cady (Mean Girls)

We think that the users decided to compare the main things that Regina did to the things that Cady did, because they agree that the latter is far worse than the former. And Cady stabbed Regina in the back by continuing to smile and pretend to be friends with her.

Cersei — Stannis (Game of Thrones)

Internet users couldn’t ignore the characters of the most popular series of the last decade. Even though Cersei was really mean to other people, her actions could be justified with her love for her children. She crushes her enemies to protect her family. At the same time, Stannis is obsessed with power and he is ready to do virtually anything to get it.

Bill — Elle (Kill Bill)

Elle (the one-eyed woman who puts a snake in a briefcase) is far more evil than Bill. I believe the actress said something herself about her character being the most despicable one in the film. Many of the other villains have redeeming qualities, but Elle is just pure evil. © yirboy / Reddit

Briony — Lola (Atonement)

Briony learns about the awful incident that happens to Lola. But for reasons that only she knows, she accuses an innocent person, which destroys his life. But internet users agree that it’s Lola that is the truly evil one. She allowed an innocent person to be accused. Briony was sorry for what she did, but Lola wasn’t.

Xenomorph — Burke (Aliens)

Nobody would like to meet a xenomorph in real life, but they are nothing more than creatures with their own biology and instincts. But the crew member Burke, who is ready to betray his friends and put their lives in danger just to earn money, is the true villain of the film, according to viewers.

Aileen — Selby (Monster)

In this movie, viewers don’t like the main character, Aileen, who is a serial killer. But many people think that her friend Selby is no better. Aileen committed murders for her in order to make Selby happy and Selby wanted that.

Miranda Priestly — Nate (The Devil Wears Prada)

It’s Nate, the boyfriend of the main character, that seems to be worse than her boss. When the main character is finally working for her dream, Nate is being selfish and wanting more attention instead of supporting her. “I was yelling that at the screen to my mom while watching that movie… ditch him, Anne!! He’s dragging you down!!!” © SusiePsycho2014 / Twitter

Witch — Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

The White Witch usurped Narnia and kept the inhabitants in fear. But some users think that boys like Edmund are far worse. He was ready to betray his brothers and sister. And we don’t know if he will ever get another chance to do it.

Mal — Cobb (Inception)

The main antagonist of the film, the aggressive woman named Mal, always appears at the worst possible moment and wrecks the plans of the main character. But after the credits, many viewers reconsidered their attitude toward the characters. It was Cobb that did more evil — he played with people’s minds to achieve his own selfish goals.

The thieves — Kevin’s mom (Home Alone)

Many viewers agree that the thieves are not the only villains in the film. Just look at Kevin’s mom. She is so ignorant of him.

“The most neglectful Mother in movie history. How many times did she forget this kid?” © pavmakesfood / Twitter

George Wickham — Mrs. Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)

Of course, Mr. Wickham is not a good person because he took one of the Bennet daughters and brought shame on her. But this wouldn’t have happened if Mrs. Bennet hadn’t tried to convince her daughters of the importance of getting married as soon as possible.

Sarah — Abigail (The Favourite)

The viewers also compared the main competitors in The Favourite. Sarah is the favorite of the Queen, she has a great influence on her and she actually rules the country and raises the question of taxes and wars. But at the same time, Abigail doesn’t think about anything except for her well-being and uses dirty methods to achieve her own goals.

Christof — Meryl (The Truman Show)

Christof turned Truman’s life into a reality show, and surrounded his life with actors and decorations. But the viewers still dislike Meryl, Truman’s wife, who he thought was a good person while she was just playing a role. Meryl always acted to satisfy the creators of the show and didn’t care about Truman’s feelings.

Cal — Rose’s mother (Titanic)

Rose’s fiancé is obviously an abusive partner. But her mother turned a blind eye to this fact because this marriage would improve her financial situation dramatically. She put a huge amount of moral pressure on Rose. This is why many viewers thought she was far worse than Cal.

What movie character, in your opinion, was even more evil than the actual antagonist?

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