The Office is one of the greatest shows of all time. And too many people do that hipstery thing where they say the British version is better, but they’re wrong. Nothing is better than the US cast of characters in The Office because nothing beats Jim and Pam. Their love is as pure as moonlight, and they’re hands-down one of the best couples to ever grace a sitcom.

Fans of The Office sure do love their Scrantonites, and what better way to deepen that love than reveling in behind-the-scenes stories? As you can imagine, from the outside, making The Office looks like it was a hoot. However, there’s more to it than just blooper reels. After nine seasons, there’s so much to love about this show and about the people behind it. Admittedly, the show has left many unanswered questions, which has spawned numerous fan theories about The Office.

But! What about true stories behind the beloved sitcom? Compiled here are real tales about The Office, many of which will make you squeal (like when you saw Pam and Jim’s first kiss). Check them out below and vote up the greatest stories of what went down behind the scenes in The Office.

John Krasinski And BJ Novak Went To High School Together

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Crazier still, John Krasinski and BJ Novak graduated the same year at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. However, they actually knew each other long before that, as they were on the same little league team as kids. Novak, who now keeps a picture of their baseball days in his house, said it felt like a dream because “John from high school” is randomly on this mega-successful TV show with him.

The Opening Credit Images Were Shot By John Krasinski

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After Krasinski got the role of Jim, he and some friends traveled to Scranton, PA, to scope out the place. He took a number of videos while he was there, and they ultimately ended up being repurposed for the opening credits sequence.

Bratton Reveals The Thrilling Backstory Of Creed

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Creed is a total wackadoo and a bit of a mystery around Dunder Mifflin. At The Office convention, the ancillary office actors discuss the show. Actor Creed Bratton, who plays Creed, reveals how he found his way into the paper company: he passed out on a Greyhound in LA and woke up in Scranton, PA. It’s hard to say whether or not this is true, as actor Creed Bratton seems to be making it up as he goes, but then again, he’s Creed. ‘Nuff said.

Which Actors Most Resemble Their Characters?

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At a press event for The Office, the cast members were all asked who most and least resembled their character on the show. By far, the popular answer was that Creed most resembled his character, and those who said that did so without equivocation. Unfortunately, Creed was later interviewed and said his character is the creepiest person in existence.

“The character, I mean,” he added. “I’m a nice guy.” Hopefully he didn’t see the rest of the tape.

Pam And Jim Were Meant To Be

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After Jenna Fischer got the role of Pam, she needed to know who would play her true love:

“When they called me and said I got the role, I said, ‘Who’s Jim? Did you cast John Krasinski?’ They said, ‘Yes,’ and I started crying because I knew it would be good. And I mean this honestly – I can’t do Pam without him. In the way you need the right partner to have a great marriage, I needed the right co-star to have this relationship.”

If you are an Office fan, this news is not remotely surprising because their love is so pure, like a unicorn. Plus, it’s the greatest piece of knowledge you’ll ever be given as it cements the very foundation of your being.

A Serendipitous Shirt Choice Led To The Infamous Kiss In ‘Gay Witch Hunt’

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In the Season 3 episode, “Gay Witch Hunt,” Michael tries to figure out which of his office-mates is gay. He discovers that it is Oscar and they engage in some improv where a kiss occurs.

Originally, it was never planned for Oscar to be gay. The writers for the show knew that they wanted Michael Scott to be wildly inappropriate about homosexuality in the workplace, but they hadn’t worked out all the details. One day, during a table read, the actor Oscar Nuñez (who plays Oscar) wore a pink shirt, and voila!

The writers decided his character would be gay, as Michael Scott would immediately assume a pink shirt equated gayness and it would lead to the right kind of inappropriate office behavior.

There Are A Lot Of Outtakes That Are Birthed From Improv

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The actors of The Office come from a pretty wide-reaching background – stand-up, improv, The Daily Show – so it’s no surprise that shooting can be a ton of fun, and offers a ton of outtakes of an improvisational nature. “You’re evil like a hobbit,” says Rainn Wilson, and the entire cast breaks into laughter. Classic.

The Office Is Full Of Actual Scranton, PA, Memorabilia

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Brian Baumgartner gave a Kevin-esque tour of The Office “set,” which is closer to an actual office (the only non-functioning things are the bathrooms). He highlights a lot of stuff around the office that is from real-life Scranton, PA, such as magnets on the fridge, menues from local restaurants, and plaques from nearby universities. Showrunner and EP Greg Daniels wanted the set to be as authentic as possible.

The Office Went On Strike To Support The Writers’s Strike Of 2007

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During the writers’s strike of 2007, The Office stopped shooting while cast and crew protested the lack of compensation for any viewing of the show outside of traditional TV. Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, and Paul Lieberstein (all writers themselves) joined their colleagues’s protest.

The writers invited the network’s attorneys to write the show for them, citing their creativity in drafting clever ways to screw them out of compensation. Steve Carrell also refused to cross the picket line and production was halted; he called in sick with a case of “enlarged balls.” Drop the mic.

Even Fischer And Krasinski Didn’t Know What Was Going To Happen After The Kiss In Season 3

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When Jim finally asks Pam out in the Season 3 finale, fans lost their minds while their hearts burst out of their chests. Jim and Pam were finally going to start dating! But were they? John Krasinski asked the writers about how their relationship would begin to unfold in the following season, and the writers told him they hadn’t decided if Jim and Pam were even going to start dating.

Even the stars were left out of the loop about Jim and Pam’s pending romance, only learning of its progress when they received the scripts one week in advance of shooting each episode. Krasinski said it was made more unclear by the alternate ending they shot for that episode, in which he pops back into the conference room after Pam accepts the dinner date and he says, “Psych!” (That didn’t really happen – he’s kidding.)

The Show Would Have Been Weird With Other Near-Castings

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While most of the big-name actors who were up for key roles in The Office are universally loved, they would have totally ruined the show. Perhaps that’s not entirely fair to say, but it definitely would have been a very different show. Adam Scott auditioned for Jim. Seth Rogen offered an exceptionally boring Dwight Schrute, who is a lot of things when played by Rainn Wilson, but boring isn’t one of them.

If Steve Carell backed out of the project, audiences would have gotten a Bob Odenkirk Michael Scott.

‘Parks And Rec’ Was Almost A Spinoff

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Some fans believe that Rashida Jones’s character from The Office (Karen) is somehow connected to the Ann that she played on Parks and Rec.

There were also talks about making Parks and Rec a spinoff. The plan was to have a copy machine break down in the Dunder Mifflin office. It would be removed and repaired, then loaded on a truck and sent to Pawnee, Indiana, where it would ultimately find a new home in their Parks and Recreation department. Even if the writers had decided to go with this series of events, pretty much nothing would have changed on either show. But… Maybe the worlds could have been connected? That would have been kinda cool. A world where Leslie Knope could potentially meet Michael Scott.

Rainn Wilson Would Have Left Mid-Season If A Show About The Schrute Beet Farm Had Been Approved
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A sitcom about the Schrute family beet farm, cleverly named The Farm, was in the works at NBC. It never came to fruition. If it had, Rainn Wilson (who plays Dwight) actually would have ended up leaving The Office mid-season. The show would have focused more on Dwight and Mose, where Mose would have been a traveling beet salesman. If only. Rainn Wilson told TV Guide:

“NBC made a big mistake in passing on The Farm. I think there is a ton of potential. But if it didn’t get picked up, I knew it was time to let Dwight go, to hang up my glasses, mess up that hard center part in my hair, and move on. That’s what happened, and I’m over it.”

The Booze Cruise Episode Was A (Small) Strain On The Cast

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Season 2, episode 11, “Booze Cruise,” was shot over the course of three nights, putting the cast and crew on a boat for the entire night each shoot. Jenna Fischer’s vlog of the three-day shoot is pretty lively on the first night, but the cast quickly loses steam and look utterly spent on nights two and three.

Fans learn some fun facts during the vlog, though. Pam’s engagement ring from Roy is real gold and real diamond, 10 karats, and worth $80. Also, Amy Adams has the lamest “talent” in history, and BJ Novak really does get seasick.

Angela Kinsey Did Improv And Rainn Wilson Teased Her For It

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Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela, apparently has an improv background (as evidenced by her lively performance on the show). In an interview in which the stars question each other, it is revealed that Rainn teases her for this background, and also for the fact that she doesn’t know the difference between The Transporter and Transformers.

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