These Are 15 Best Frozen Pizzas Ranked By Taste So You Don’t Have To Make Decisions Next Time You’re Stoned

When you go to the frozen food section of any grocery store, what is the one thing you notice every single time?

Frozen pizza! And in an effort to find out which frozen pizza brand takes the crown of the BEST FROZEN PIZZA, we had to taste them all. Tough job, huh?

Pizza is a perfect food. It can be cooked twelve different ways to Sunday and you can add whatever toppings your precious heart desires. Not only can pizza be customized to fit each person’s taste buds, if you live in the city, you are always within walking distance of a pizza joint that stays open until 2 am. It is fast and easy and most importantly, tasty.

In a country where Americans eat pizza nearly three times a month, frozen pizza has remained a popular choice because it is not only easy to make, it is cheaper and can literally be made anywhere as long as you have an oven or a microwave. (So not exactly everywhere, but you get the idea.)

Here are the best frozen pizza’s in America ranked solely based on taste. Since there are different versions, toppings, and types of each brand, we have no choice but to keep it simple and go with cheese as the topping for all of them. (It’s fair, trust us.)

15. Red Baron Classic Crust 4-Cheese

As with most others on this list, the cheese is what separates it from the pack. Red Baron has created a new market for frozen pizza and from that they have turned on an entirely new demographic to the food. It is not the best cheese pizza on this list but the taste that comes from every slice is equally great across the board. Try not to have negative thoughts until you try it out.

14. Celeste Personal Pizza 

This is the one frozen pizza on our list that has a bad rap. Almost everyone hates it but we think they are simply not thinking about it the right way. Celeste’s personal pizza isn’t made for the sober people looking to have a night of Netflix and chill while enjoying a frozen pizza baked in the oven. This pizza is the perfect design for the late night munchies, last minute dinners, and mornings after a night of drinking.

13. Annie’s Homegrown Rising Crust

As you will find out, rising crust isn’t something new, it has been around a long time now and is used by many of the biggest frozen pizza brands in America including Annie’s. The crust is larger and better than the pizza itself and you can make it from your kitchen oven. The price is a little steep for this type of pizza but overall quality makes this one of the better tasting rising crust pizzas available.

12. Tony’s Pizzeria

Frozen pizza is an art. It is more than just putting dough, cheese, and tomato sauce together. Tony’s Pizzeria creates a natural flavor that reminds you of a small town pizza joint. It isn’t easy to create the same tastes you get from a freshly prepared pizza but somehow Tony’s Pizzeria has figured it out.

11. Bon Appetit Thin Crust Mozzarella & Pesto

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t fully cheese pizza, it has pesto and cherry tomatoes mixed throughout the pizza. This added bonus isn’t something anyone would expect to see on a frozen pizza and yet, it works with Bon Appetit’s Thin Crust Mozzarella & Pesto.

10. Tombstone Original 5-Cheese

How many times have you seen a pizza with 5 cheeses instead of four? The standard four cheese pizza has mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, and parmesan but this amazingly flavorful five cheese pizza goes a different route using parmesan, mozzarella, romano, asiago, and cheddar cheeses. It sounds crazy but when you take a bite of this juicy pizza, the cheese flavor will melt away your sorrows.

9. Freschetta Naturally Rising 4-Cheese Medley

Every brand tries to create something new and different and Freschetta’s Naturally Rising frozen pizza is another. They found a way to keep the texture and flavor of the crust equal throughout the entire pizza giving you a mouthful of cheese in every bite. It is still hard to imagine all these pizzas on this list are frozen pizzas you can make from the confines of your own kitchen. They all taste like something you get from a fancy pizza palace.

8. Totino’s Cheese Party Pizza

Although the main topping of the pizza is cheese, the inside of the entire pie is filled with meat. Just because it is stuffed, does not necessarily mean it would be thick and messy. Totino’s proved that with the Party Pizza which is thin and crispy while also having loads of flavor in every bite.

7. Home Run Inn Classic Cheese

Home Run Inn is one of the best frozen pizzas that no one even knows about thanks to how it is only sold in select markets. If this one was sold nationwide, it would climb the ranks even quicker and fight for the top spot for the best frozen pizzas available today.

6. California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Cheese

California Pizza Kitchen was the first restaurant to use BBQ chicken on pizza. That amazing idea grew into a chain that has nearly 200 locations nationwide. For a brand that prides itself originality and creativity, their frozen pizza brand is not far behind. Although we are ranking these all based on their cheese pizzas, California’s thin crust, even just cheese, is one of the best tasting homemade pizzas not named Digiorno’s.

5. American Flatbread Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese

The American Flatbread Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese frozen pizza has a million reasons for making this list. It is prepared in a brick oven causing a natural pizza flavoring you can only get in a restaurant and the tomato sauce is so good you will want to scrap it off to use for spaghetti too. (Sounds crazy since this is a pizza ranking but the organic homemade tomato sauce is juicy and full of flavor that it is worth it.)

4. Trader Giotto’s Handmade 4 Formaggi

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, you are one lucky person. You get access to one of the best budget pizzas on the market. But since we aren’t here to talk about price, just taste, we wanted to let you know that their Trader Giotto’s Handmade 4 Formaggi (Four cheese) is worth its weight in gold. There might be great pizzas that taste better overall but none of them do a better job of creating a cheese flavor like this one.

3. Newman’s Own Four Cheese Thin & Crispy

Newman’s Own makes pizza now? After nearly 30 years of creating one of the best salad dressings in the world, Newman’s Own started to create frozen pizzas in 2008. It didn’t take long for the pizza to taste as great as anything else that comes from the Newman’s Own brand. In fact, if you look at a box of their frozen pizza, that is exactly what you will get if you cook it. The picture is worth a thousand taste buds here.

2. Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

Frozen pizza shouldn’t be this good, especially when it is all organic ingredients. How can you not enjoy something that is far more healthier for you than almost all the other frozen pizzas available?

1. DiGiorno’s Original Rising Crust Four Cheese

There is a reason DiGiorno’s pizza makes 250,000 pizzas every day and sold nearly $1 billion dollars worth of pizza in 2015. It’s the best. DiGiorno’s Rising Crust is on another level and honestly belongs in a category of its’ own, just to make things fair.


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