15 Big Industry Secrets That Aren’t Supposed To Be Known To The Public

15 Big Industry Secrets That Aren’t Supposed To Be Known To The Public


Does your business have any secrets of their own?

1. astrath — Now I’m curious just how different they taste.

Pretty much all ‘wasabi’ outside of Japan is actually just regular horseradish dyed green.

2. zerbey — Google is the true technical support.

I work in technical support. If I put you on hold saying I need to research something, it means I’m frantically searching Google because I have no clue what the answer is. If I have to “call you back in a few minutes” it means I’m running around the office asking other people about your obscure issue. Finally if I’m “doing some internal research” it means I’m totally stumped and had to escalate to someone else (very rare).

3. TrentZoolander — Noted.

10 years of radio tells me … if you call in to win … pretend to be excited. We don’t even waste our time with Johnny Boring-AF … Answer that phone with GUSTO and VERVE … and you will win always!

We are looking for something that sounds good. Honestly, if your farts were interesting and written here, they’d make Canadian Content.

4. themightyshrek — This explains why I am not a tennis superstar, yet.

Tennis: whatever racquet your hero is using, you won’t be able to buy it. Babolat was actually sued because of this. They are mostly old models or prototypes, with a paint job to make them look like whatever the company is currently peddling. EDIT: because of the interest shown, here is a nice article about this practice.

5. EpicElk — Pretty fucking scummy, indeed.

I work for one of Australia’s largest online bookmakers (racing and sports betting).

At the end of our adverts, we tell you to ‘gamble responsibly’. But what we don’t tell you is that if you consistently win over a short period of time, we will limit/ban your account.

Either you lose your money, or you get banned. Pretty fucking scummy.

6. ferocitanium — This is a wholesome lie, though.

From a family member who works in childcare: most babies in daycare take their first steps at daycare. The providers lie to the parents about it and tell the parents “they’re nearly there.”

7. Chef_Cutiecat — Interesting.

Recycling is actually pretty profitable when it’s done remotely well and the fact that it’s charged for as a service is fucking stupid. It’s gross managerial incompetence on the part of many recycling companies that leads to cities and municipalities paying for it with taxpayer dollars.

8. 12lawliet12 — But really, what did you expect?

Most hotel room coffee pots have never been properly washed, just rinsed out in the bathroom sink. Also, the comforters and topcovers don’t get washed between guests unless there’s a visible stain.

9. WhoKilledZekeIddon — This is kinda fucked.

Entering an online competition via social media? The company won’t ‘randomly’ pick a winner – they’ll spend time figuring out who has got the most followers/social influence, then pick that guy.

10. blueoysterpulp — Cheesecake is good no matter where it comes from.

My friend works at a korean bakery… they sell cheesecake and a lot of people seem to like it a lot. They buy it from cheesecake factory but imply they make it.

11. hashtagsugary — That’s nasty.

Corporate office cleaning, I work really late some nights and see the same cloth they use to wipe out trash bins being used on kitchen counter surfaces.

Corporations always go with the cheapest contractor in the market, but good luck explaining the spread of germs or infection because you literally will Get what you pay for.


12. bballer5455 — We are eating old-ass apples.

Some of the apples you buy in the store today were picked more than a year ago and treated/stored in such a way that they stay “fresh”

13. Mathiasb4u — C’mon phlebotomists.

When you get lab work done, and they tell you there was a problem and they need to test again… It’s because the nurse/assistant/phlebotomist didn’t properly handle the specimen.

14. Erikthered65 — Well we talk shit about them too, so it’s only fair.

Teachers absolutely talk shit about you and your kids in the staff room.

15. DrBalance — TIL I could work in IT.

In IT we are just googling the exact error message you read out to us and using the first forum search result as the fix. We aren’t actually geniuses.

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I have worked for a betting company and can tell you that is 100% true.

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