The 15 Biggest Creeps In Hollywood

The 15 Biggest Creeps In Hollywood

In a lot of anti-social justice warrior rhetoric, you hear (mostly) guys complaining that girls these days are too sensitive, that they’ll exaggerate a man’s benign compliment into a sexual harassment lawsuit if they aren’t interested. I would just like to say that this article operates from the perspective that a casual flirtation doesn’t a creep make. In other words, you won’t hear me say: “Brad Pitt hit on an adult woman in a supermarket. What a creep!”

I don’t want to contribute to a culture where mere flirtation can get a person labelled an antisocial maniac. I think we should be hitting on each other more, unafraid to strike up pleasant conversation in a public bus or at the airport. We’re all so uptight, and I think a lot of it has to do with the possibility of being called “a creep”.

That all said, the following fifteen men are indeed creeps. Their actions were either illegal, illicit, or unsavoury to the point that “it was just for fun!” no longer applies. Although I don’t think we’re all born with the right to never be uncomfortable, I do think that at a certain point discomfort and distress become one and the same.

15. Dr. Luke



Dr. Luke is a forty-something year old producer who has been lurking in the background of hitmakers for the past decade. He’s the beatmaker responsible for “Party in the U.S.A.”, “Since U Been Gone” and “I Kissed A Girl” among many more. But just because he has a knack for kid-friendly, bubblegum pop, doesn’t mean he has an innocent soul. In fact, according to pop star Kesha, Dr. Luke is just about as creepy as could be. In 2014, she filed a lawsuit against him, asking for her contract to be voided, because he “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused Ms. Sebert (Kesha’s birthname) to the point where Ms. Sebert nearly lost her life”. Oh, he also apparently called her “a fat f****** refrigerator” causing her to develop an eating disorder.

14. John Travolta


According to a 2012 lawsuit filed against the Hairspray actor, if you’re a cute guy, you should never give John Travolta a massage. The plaintiff, named only as John Doe in the legal documents, says that Travolta answered his CraigsList ad for a massage, booking a $200, 2hr session. The first hour slid by relatively incident free. In the second hour, Travolta began misbehaving, tugging down his towel (and tugging on other things, too…). The masseur tried various times to stop the advances, but Travolta stubbornly wouldn’t listen. After John Doe threatened to call the police, the naughtiness ceased. Later, a second such lawsuit was filed. Seems like Travolta can’t keep it in his pants – or, more appropriately, his towel!

13. Bill Cosby



Best known for playing Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby became the surrogate father for an entire generation of children raised by mama TV. He was funny, friendly, and most importantly he was totally non-threatening. Last year, many sexual assault allegations were levelled at the sweater-wearing funnyman. At least 45 women came out saying that he had forced himself on them, some even saying that he had drugged them first. (The list included former supermodel Janice Dickinson). Already, that makes Bill Cosby a huge, towering creep among lesser creeps, but when you add to it the role he played in all our minds, it’s even more offensive.

12. Joe Simpson



About ten years ago, Jessica Simpson was the sex symbol of our generation. I remember my friend, a technological early joiner, getting a MacBook Pro almost exclusively to google pictures of her. But, prior to her Dukes of Hazzarddays, she was a real cornfed beauty, an American girl next door par excellence. That’s what made it so creepy when her dad, Joe Simpson, talked about her admittedly very large breasts. The quote? “Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy. She’s got double Ds – you can’t cover those suckers up!” What the hell, man?! She is your daughter. We get that she’s pretty, but sheesh, you’re supposed to want to keep her young and sexless forever, not talk to the media about her bangin’ bod.

11. R. Kelly


R. Kelly‘s might be the most famous case on this list. It’s just so disgusting (in the original sense of the term.) Back around the turn of the millennium, a video surfaced of R. Kelly effectively abusing a woman. It shows him ordering her to call him “Daddy” and then urinating on her. He also recruited large groups of women and made them engage in intercourse for his entertainment. As Jim DeRogatis from The Village Voice argues, this far surpasses rockstar misbehavior, being an effective relationship of sexual abuse. But still it has become the punchline to jokes, such as in “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

10. Terry Richardson



If you followed Miley Cyrus‘ Bangerz descent into sordid adulthood, you definitely saw the photographs taken of her by Terry Richardson. In one of them, she wears a skintight leotard that barely covers her privates. If that doesn’t already tip you off to Richardson’s interesting appetite, check out this account by Jamie Peck, the woman who first modelled for him when she was 19. Apparently, he asked her to call him Uncle Terry. Not only that, he also apparently whipped off all his clothes before she even knew what was happening. Richardon’s creeper behavior knows no boundaries.

9. Jian Ghomeshi



This one goes out to all you Canadians out there, who have witnessed this pop culture icon’s fall from grace. For all your non-Canadians, Jian Ghomeshi was an aging hipster host of the CBC music show Q. He was known around town as a bit of a playboy who came onto anything in a skirt. But the extent of his sexual deviance was still private. That is until 2014, when a jilted former lover came forward with sexual assault allegations. Apparently, their S&M relationships had surpassed typical boundaries for violent sex, crossing into virtual domestic violence, leaving her bruised and injured. Several other women then came forward saying Ghomeshi had done the same to them. Ghomeshi wrote a lengthy Facebook post trying to explain his actions, but this didn’t prevent his swift termination at the CBC.

8. Stephen Collins


Remember Stephen Collins, everyone’s favourite pastor/family man from ABC Family’s 7th Heaven? Well, tons of traumatized children remember him, also. In a secretly recorded tape from a couples’ counselling session, Collins admits to exposing himself to a preteen girl several times, and once even asking that she touch his you-know-what. He has also merely exposed himself to several similarly aged girls, including his neighbour in Los Angeles. Seeing as the girls were underage, these actions count legally as violent felonies, jeopardizing the former TV father’s freedom.

7. Woody Allen


In 1979, Mia Farrow got together with prolific director Woody Allen. She came with an adopted daughter, Soon-Yi. Allen and Farrow stayed together until 1992 when Woody Allen did the creepiest imaginable thing: he hooked up with his stepdaughter. In a romance he at first thought was only a fling, he not only committed adultery, he also kiiiiind of committed incest. Their age difference is 33 years, Soon-Yi now 44 to Allen’s 79. He claims that the age difference actually helped their relationship, him acting like a paternal figure to his daughter-bride, which allowed her to “flourish”.

6. Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski is quite an acclaimed filmmaker. He’s made Rosemary’s BabyChinatownVenus in Furs, and Macbethamongst others. But he’s also quite an acclaimed criminal (not to be mistaken with Bernie Madoff, who ran a high-level ponzi scheme). In 1977, when he was 43, he was accused of 5 crimes against 13 year old Samantha Gailey, including perversion, lewd and lascivious acts to a child under 14, as well as providing a child with controlled substances. At first, he plead not guilty, but then he took a plea bargain and fled to his native country of France. He has since become one of Hollywood’s most reputed creeps.

5. Mark Salling


Puck from Glee, remember him? He was so cool, with his downwards pointing “I’m With Stupid” teeshirt and his idiotic mohawk. Well, I bet he regrets that teeshirt now, because his “stupid” partner in crime was LITERALLY a partner in crime. At the very end of 2015, Salling was arrested for possessing illegal material involving underage children. LAPD officers found hundreds of sordid pictures of minors on the hard drive of Salling’s computer. In March of last year, he also paid a girlfriend several million dollars as penalty for becoming violent with her. Although he played a nice, friendly high-schooler on Glee, in real life, he was a total creep.

4. James Franco


In 2014, James Franco messaged a girl whose pictures he noticed on Instagram. At first, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening. “You sound so dodgy though” she told the international film star. She then asked him to send a picture including his face and her name on a piece of paper, which he did. All along, he was pushing very hard for the two of them to meet up, repeatedly asking if she was single, when she’d be in NYC, and if he should rent a room. The catch of all of this? She was 17, legally still young and impressionable. Furthermore, he was obviously using his starpower to try and get with her, being disrespectfully pushy and manipulative.

3. Dov Charney



Dov Charney is one of those uniquely American cases of businessman gone star. The former CEO of (struggling) clothing manufacturer American Apparel is a notorious creep. It all started with the questionable images he used to sell his clothing (models wearing nothing but the socks they’re advertising, for instance) — especially since internet chatter said that he was the set of male legs in a photo of a young, half-naked woman lying tongue-out across a man’s lap. But then there’s the allegations of sexual misconduct coming from employees, for instance the text he sent to one female worker saying that her posterior in a certain picture was the perfect target for the milk of life (trust me — he did not use that expression). He also made women call him “Bad Daddy”. Blech!

2. Jared Fogle



He may have lost weight thanks to Subway (although that is highly doubtful), he lost his reputation thanks to himself and no one else. In August of 2015, the former fat guy plead guilty to possession of illegal material involving underage children. In July, the authorities descended on his Indiana house (where he lives with his wife and two kids) and seized all the electronics they could find for over eleven hours. What they discovered within were some raunchy photos and videos of children.

1. Josh Duggar



Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are fundamentalist Christians. In 2009, they welcomed the first of their four kids. Around that same time, Josh began his career as a high-profile right-wing Christian lobbyist in D.C., which a Duggar family source said “He sold… so well.” But behind this religious exterior hid an adulterous horn-dog. First of all, he was “addicted” to adult entertainment. He spent much of free time devouring the stuff. He was also a huge contributor to AshleyMadison, having spent over a thousand dollars patronizing the affair-orchestrating website. Although we don’t find his actions particularly despicable, his dishonesty definitely is.


Sources: RollingStone, Spin, HollywoodLife, Buzzfeed

With that out of the way, let’s jump right in to the 15 biggest creeps in Tinseltown.

The 15 Biggest Creeps In Hollywood


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