15 Of The Biggest Mysteries Uncovered On Reddit

15 Of The Biggest Mysteries Uncovered On Reddit


Reddit is one of the biggest discussion websites on the internet and millions of people use it to talk about… Well, basically anything. Whether you want to discuss your favorite book, talk about the best Halloween decorations, share interesting recipes or anything else, Reddit is the place to do that. Something that people particularly enjoy doing there is uncovering the world’s newest mysteries. You know, the kind you find somewhere on the internet and you just can’t figure it out by yourself. And why do people do that? Well, for starters, it’s fun. It is also great if you can’t stop thinking about something and you really feel the need to understand what is going on with a certain mystery. And that’s when Reddit comes in really handy.

Of course, there have been two types of mysteries unfolded on Reddit; the small things that sometimes just catch your attention for a moment but they aren’t so hard to figure out, but there have been some major mysteries uncovered there too, mysteries that have caught the attention of the big media outlets and of many people around the world. Here are 15 of the biggest mysteries uncovered on Reddit.

15. Note From A Homeless Man

A man was walking down the street when a man that appeared to be homeless handed him 50 dollars and a note with some random letters. However, after the man posted the note on Reddit, people figured out that the letters weren’t random at all. It was a Bifid Cipher and the decrypted message said that there was much more money to make for a person who figures out the note and meets the creator on a specific date at a specific place. Then the man got another note saying that the rules have changed because he didn’t uncover the mystery alone but with the help of his friends. After a short period of time, the man who got the message deleted his post and his profile on Reddit after claiming that somebody threatened him over the phone because of the whole thing.

14. Mount Chiliad

The mystery of Mount Chiliad isn’t an actual mystery but people were so determined to figure it out that it is worth mentioning. It is an “Easter egg” in the game Grand Theft Auto V and it features a couple of mysterious things, such as alien abductions, a blinking red light, an interesting and mysterious mural etc. People on Reddit seemed determined to solve this fictional case of alien life and they have even created a webpage made specifically for people who wanted to contribute to this “investigation”. Some of them believe that solving this mystery would result in the UFO actually appearing on Mount Chiliad and it would mean 100% completion of the game, while others think it is somehow linked to the older version of the game GTA San Andreas.

13. Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 is an organization that has posted multiple alternate reality games and puzzles all over the internet in order to find individuals capable of solving them. There have been 6 puzzles posted and solved so far and all of them focused on steganography, cryptography, and data security. It was a unique way of finding and recruiting new members for this society, yet the purpose still hasn’t been completely clarified. Some believe Cicada is some sort of a cult or a secret society that wants to control the world, while others think it is an organization that works on improving cybersecurity, cryptography, privacy etc. And while the puzzles seem impossible to solve to most people, there have been some individuals that had the knowledge and skills necessary to figure them out.

12. Sad Satan Game

Sad Satan is a PC game and its playthrough was uploaded on YouTube channel “Obscure Horror Corner”, and it caused speculation all over the internet. The channel owner claimed the game was downloaded from “Deep Web” and it caused weird behavior on his PC. The whole game was about walking down the dark rooms while listening to some spooky music and even creepier messages. The Redditors have figured out that it was in some way connected to child abuse and pornography. Shortly after that, a user named ZK shared the link to the original game, claiming that the “Obscure Horror Content” didn’t have the courage to do so. This version contained graphic images of child pornography and human mutilation, and it was also laden with viruses and malware. Another Reddit user “cleaned” it and made it safe to play.

11. Mysterious Wooden Box

A couple of years back, a man found a mysterious wooden box next to the trash bins and he found himself intrigued enough to take the thing home and check its content. What he found inside was way more interesting than the box itself. Inside there was a couple of unusual illustrations of something that looked like a patent application, posters with odd text on them, technical drawings, and so on. The man posted the box and the content on Reddit immediately but it was pretty obvious that the creator was quite obsessed with the idea of aliens appearing in the Bible and amongst people and he put it all on paper and in the box. Redditors came to the conclusion that he was probably mentally ill and he documented his crazy obsessions and ideas, but they didn’t think there was anything more to it.

10. Man Finds Mic Inside Extension Cord

A man decided to open up an extension cord after it had exploded to check the extent of the damage and he found something unexpected inside. There was a SIM card with a microphone connected to it inside so he took a picture of it and posted it on Reddit. He also found a serial number on the card and he tried to call it but the machine told him the service had been closed. The whole thing didn’t seem like some special kit used by law enforcement so he had no idea why anybody would put it in. He kept the card in the phone for some time but there have been no calls. After he contacted the manufacturer, he was told that he would need a warrant in order to find out what had been recorded.

9. Nequam Sonitus Mystery

Back in 2013, a man found something quite peculiar in his mailbox and he decided to post it on Reddit immediately. What he got was a CD with a playlist, and a police report. When he played the CD, he realized that it was some kind of noise art music with hidden GPS coordinates. The coordinates led people to an old factory and when they started writing about that on Reddit, a mysterious “monster” started responding to those comments. People lost their minds over the whole thing and they were determined to figure out who was behind it and why. Finally, they figured out it was all a kind of viral marketing for the band Nequam Sonitus from Florida. It is a performance noise art, but the members have remained unknown.

8. Nail Through The Wood Mystery

The internet is filled with crazy mysteries posted by people who enjoy seeing other people puzzled by their little tricks. One of those cases was a so-called “Nail through the wood” trick. A man posted a photo of a nail nailed between wooden pillars in a block of wood and people all around the world tried to figure out how he did it. The mystery was finally unfolded by a carpenter on Reddit and he even posted a video of how to make something like this possible. The key was to put the first pillar in the boiling water until it gets softer and then clamp it and let it dry like that. Once it was dry, he put the nail through the other pillars and then he boiled the first one again to get it in the same position as all of the other pillars.

7. Reddit’s Button

On April 1st, 2015 one of Reddit’s administrators decided to have some fun with the members and started a social experiment with an online meta-game called “The Button”. It was one of the biggest mysteries on Reddit and had members losing their minds because they had no idea what the button actually meant. However, they kept pressing it.

There was a 60-second countdown next to the button and it reset each time somebody pressed it. People would get different colors on their profiles based on the moment they pressed the button (0-60). The key was not to let it reach zero. The whole thing really reminds us of the mysterious button in the TV series Lost where some horrible things were supposed to happen if nobody pressed the button on time.

6. Horror Puzzle Videos

In October 2015, a disturbing video went viral many people all over the world tried to figure out who posted it and why. It was posted on YouTube by somebody who called himself Parker Wright and it was the only activity on that account. The video itself was pretty disturbing since it featured a plague doctor and it was filmed in a mental asylum.

It was filled with cryptic clues, spectrogram images of different murders, phrases such as “Kill the President” etc. Many Redditors had spent weeks cracking all the codes in the video and they really did figure out most of them. However, they didn’t know who was behind it and why. Three months after the video was posted, the creator contacted The Daily Dot and claimed that the whole thing was nothing more than an art project.

5. Weird Room In ZaZa Hotel

One Reddit user posted pictures of a weirdly decorated room in ZaZa hotel in Houston, Texas, and people on Reddit started really freaking out about it. There were some creepy looking paintings on the wall, something that looked suspiciously like a two-way mirror hanging next to the bed, which was on a concrete floor and chained to the wall, and there was also a portrait of Jay Comeaux, the President of Stanford Financial group, hanging on the wall. And suddenly, Reddit just exploded with a variety of theories about the creepy room décor. However, most of them agree that the whole thing was designed that way in order to get some viral marketing, which it did. The hotel’s e-marketing specialist stated that it was nothing but a “themed room”.

4. The “Old Tape”

In 2013, a man posted a recording he called the “Old Tape”. It was something he recorded in his car back in 1994 or 1995 and it was recorded from the radio in the middle of the night. It sounds like the voice in the recording is reading obituaries and the music is… Well, let’s say it’s unsettling. There are also some other weird sounds in the recording that can’t actually be described as music, and something that sounds like heavy breathing. The whole thing is really creepy and it would give goosebumps to almost anyone. However, the Reddit community figured out that it was played by a college radio station and that it was probably just another art project. They have also found some artists who used to make recordings like this in the past.

3. Webdriver Torso

There is actually absolutely nothing weird about Webdriver Torso but people didn’t know that when it first appeared. It is a YouTube channel that posted videos featuring mostly just some random slides and beeps. People soon noticed its unusual posts and tried to figure out who has been uploading those videos and why. They were especially puzzled by 3 videos that were completely different from the rest since they featured jokes and internal references. People on Reddit thought the channel was used for sharing spy messages, Cicada 3301 puzzles, messages from aliens, and whatnot. However, it was nothing more than an account created by Google and used for testing website’s performances. The videos were made specifically for checking YouTube video quality and for comparing the quality of the videos before and after they’ve been uploaded.

2. Mystery Song

A Reddit user came across a SEAT Toca commercial on YouTube and the song in the background immediately caught his attention and he was determined to find out which song it was. However, that task proved itself way harder than he expected it to be. He tried googling it, he used apps that are meant to recognize the song playing… Nothing worked so, of course, he decided to post it on Reddit and he discovered he wasn’t the only one trying to identify the song. Another Redditor sent an email to the SEAT company asking about the song and they replied that the song was made solely for the purpose of the commercial and it wasn’t available elsewhere. However, one year later, he got a PM from another Reddit user whom he never communicated with before and who sent him the link to the full version of this song.

1. The Case Of Grateful Doe

Back on June 26, 1995, there was a car accident that had resulted in a death of an unknown man and nobody knew who he was until the mystery was solved on Reddit in 2015. He was found with Grateful Dead tickets and that’s how he got his nickname “Grateful Doe”. There was another person killed in that car as well and he was identified as Michael Hager, but that didn’t help the investigators figure out who our John Doe was and it has been suspected that he was probably a hitchhiker. However, 20 years later, a Redditor Layla Betts began researching the case and she used to post all of her findings online. She was contacted by people who knew a Grateful Dead fan who went missing in 1995 and “Grateful Doe” was finally identified as Jason Callahan.


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