15 Brand Names That Are Duping Your Ass Into Paying More

1. Yo WHAT, kolorado?

Ultrabrite toothpaste is literally just Colgate in a different box. The tube even has Colgate branded into it.

2. There’s a classic Adam Ruins Everything bit on the subject, friends. Lord_Malgus

Most of the eyeglass industry is ran by like 1 guy who just lets his company branch into several brands so they can pretend prices are coming from competition and quality when infact he’s just an asshole charging way too much to fix people’s eyesights.

3. A bunch of crooks, the lot a ya, Bunkfoss

I used to work for a large medical device company as a mechanical engineer. We had an agreement with an LCD monitor company: We would buy the monitor (normal desktop monitor) and snap an injected molded bezel over it with our company’s name screen printed on it and sell it as ours. All we did was design and manufacture a bezel that could easily be taken off to see the true manufacturer’s name underneath and charged customers nearly ten times what we paid for the monitor.

4. You’re payin for the name you SHEEP – Ryonez_17

Fossil and Michael Kors. Fossil watches, handbags, sunglasses, clothing, whatever- they’re made in the same factory, with the same materials, in the same way, by the same people as Michael Kors. One just happens to be about 30-50% cheaper than the other.

5. Ya hear that cyclists? Instead of buying BUTT BUTTER like a bunch of fools, buy DIAPER RASH CREME – Flavius_Stilicho476

Most “butt butter” chamois creme that cyclists use is simply repacked diaper rash creme sold at 5x the cost

6. Hmm but what about the butt butter, SailingmanWork?

Butter. I worked in a dairy plant for a few months. In the butter room, we would load in the wrappers and boxes for brand name butter. Run that order. Change the wrappers and labels to a store brand. And run that order.

It is the exact same butter.

7. C’mon babies can’t tell the difference, april_a

Baby formula!! Our pediatrician told us not to bother with the name brand stuff (Enfamil, etc.) because the supermarket brands are literally the exact same thing. Apparently, formula is government-regulated, so the ingredients are the same. Just compare the labels, there’s no difference.

A canister of Enfamil could run you $30. A canister of the Wal-Mart brand? $12.99.

8. Who gets custody of the water bottles, plainwhitetyler?

Hydro flask and Fifty/Fifty water bottles are the same. Couple got divorced and he kept HF while she started FF.

9. You know the dryll, buy store brands, GameVoid

Diphenhydramine HCL is an antihistamine that you probably know as “Benadryll”.

Store brand “Allergy Relief” medications with the same active ingredient are 1/10th the price.

On top of that, the same drug is also sold as a “non-addictive sleep aid” since it gets you drowsy. If you buy it as a sleep aid, it is more expensive, even if it is a store brand. So if you want it as an allergy med OR a sleep aid, buy the store brand allergy relief bottle.

Zzzquil is just the liquid form of the medicine and is almost 25x more expensive per dose.

10. Oats is oats, fudgyvmp

Oatmeal is oatmeal. You can’t really shake up rolled oats.

11. Squeeze me off a piece of that sweet ass discount, BrotherDBAD

A buddy of mine owns a small nail polish company. We bottle it by hand from squeeze bottles. All the colors for almost every company come from one company in New Jersey. The most expensive part about it is the schmancy bottle it comes in. They sell for about $15+ a bottle at Sephora and cost under $2 to produce, maybe under $3 if you include the $15-$20 an hour I got paid to fill and package them. In his living room. In Brooklyn. By hand. From a squeeze bottle.

12. KIRKLAND FOR LIFE BABY. From Choosecharmander

kirkland vodka from costco is B-stocks of greygoose.

13. Wow I’m starting to think corporations don’t have our best interests in mind, killcrew

For cold sore sufferers, most drug stores sell those little single use vials that you crack and apply to your cold sore. The price ranges from $10-15 bucks for 2-3 single applications. If you take a look at the active ingredients, the main ingredient is benzalkonium chloride….which is the same active ingredient in Bactine. You can buy a 6oz bottle of bactine for the $5, and thats probably the equivalent of 100 doses of the single use application.

14. You heard it here first, folks. Via toysjoe

No one will probably see this, but if you’re a Fleshlight enthusiast like me, there’s no reason to pay for the “Fleshlight renewing powder”.

It’s literally just corn starch.

15. MrChocolate007 and mattholomew teaming up to give us the true facts. SAME THING PEOPLE

The Rock & Dwayne Johnson

Can confirm. Source: I am currently running the production line that churns out The Rocks. We literally just pause the line and switch out the sunglasses for Dwayne Johnsons.

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