During a time when the world is as captivated by a large chest about as much (or more) than virtually anything else, we have compiled a list of babes that personify one of popular culture’s most coveted pleasures. With pleasure comes pain unfortunately, and there are several medical pitfalls that come with having a large set of twins; and the side effects can be quite staggering. So much so that women across the globe have taken the proactive step in having breast reduction surgery to combat not only future back complications, but an array of other medical nuisances. The women on the following pages may have decisions to make in the near future about just how important their large companions actually are, compared to the lifetime of pain management that may lay ahead. As most of you probably know, keeping proper posture can immensely help when it comes to back pain and skeletal health; these women are at a unique disadvantage when it comes to staying upright.

Having large breasts stresses overbearing weight on women’s spinal cords, and it doesn’t take a few hours of hunch-back posture to cause significant back pain even in the short term. Women across the country have taken note and have done everything from shrinking their large friends, to wearing more protective and supportive bras in a desperate attempt to do anything they can to help.

The women in the following pages are stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, and captivating figures in American popular culture; however there can be disadvantages to having such advantageous assets up top. We will analyze these bombshell beauties and leave the rest to you. As hard as it may be to focus, let alone sympathize with these devious superstars, we urge you to keep an open mind. Without further procrastination, let the games begin!

15. Lindsey Pelas

This Playboy model superstar has taken Instagram by storm with her stunning beauty, and subsequently her absolutely massive set of twins. This Louisiana native now resides in Los Angeles and can be found trolling the beaches with a unique style that cannot be matched by anyone else (especially in a bikini). At a gigantic 32DDD bra size, this 5’4’’ model has dominated the cyber realm with her beauty, and being a playboy model certainly isn’t bad for business. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from LSU, she bartended and taught yoga, we don’t think she’ll be doing any of the above anytime soon; but one thing to keep her eye on will be here predisposition for a problem similar to the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

14. Sofia Vergara

Born in Columbia, Sofia Vergara has recently been dominating the television scene with her Emmy nominated role on ABC’s hit show Modern Family. As a young teenager, Vergara was spotted by a photographer on a beach (we wonder why) as a young beautiful woman. She began modelling before making the trip to the States to start her acting career. In 2000, a scary discovery of a lump in her neck led to a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, so getting an early jump on medical abnormalities is a game Sofia Vergara is unfortunately all too familiar with. Sofia Vergara has captivated us all with her stunning beauty and comedic undertones on television, she continues to revel in a dynamic career as an actress, and her assets have also not gone unnoticed!

13. Charlotte McKinney

An Instagram model turned famous is not an uncommon route these days, especially in a world in which millions upon millions of crazed technology lovers are flicking up and down incessantly every waking moment of the day are readily waiting for the next ‘big’ thing (or things). As a young teen growing up in Florida, McKinney was dyslexic and an easy target for bullying from her classmates. We think it’s safe to assume McKinney is the one getting the last laugh, and more than likely her pair of twins are so mesmerizing that we are the ones subject to dyslexia. In a captivating role in the 2017 hit film Baywatch, McKinney has taken her old Instagram portfolio to center stage, earning herself a significant role in a huge blockbuster film.

12. Katy Perry

This somewhat controversial singer has led an incredibly successful career as not only a magnificent singer, but as a gorgeous woman with an awesome set of chi chi’s. Worth an estimated $125 million dollars its easy to see why she’s gained so much popularity, even more so because of her bombshell curvaceous physique. From brutal feuds with Taylor Swift, to most recently embarrassing herself at a Saturday Night Live performance with rapper Migos, Katy Perry has had no problem keeping her name in the limelight. What lies next for Katy Perry may be a mystery, but something that might be a little easier to predict might be back surgery. With a large set of girls, Katy Perry may have more than she bargained for as she ages.

11. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has taken the world by storm recently with her hourglass body shape. The young Kardashian/Jenner star has had her breasts pierced as of late, and been in the media constantly because of…well her last name mostly. It’s no surprise that Kylie Jenner landed on our list of women who will have future back problems, just take a look at this picture! She is widely considered one of the most beautiful young women of this era, and coupled with her assets Kylie Jenner has captivated us all once more. With the popularity of her family, it’s not likely her superstardom will fade anytime soon, so it may be prudent to keep a watchful eye on this bombshell as years pass. Does she seem to be slumping a little more than normal? Probably. No matter what happens to Kylie Jenner, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that we will all be tuning in to see what happens next.

10. Beyonce

Queen B has made our list for obvious reasons, the famed superstar has always remained a tad bit under the radar for a singer/dancer as popular as she. Even for someone so calm and composed as herself, she has a lot going on that can easily distract us from well…anything. This bombshell may have future back problems to worry about, but honestly, we’re just dumbfounded by how beautiful and talented she is right now. Her superstar husband Jay-Z may have some laborious duties as an old man helping his wife around in a wheelchair, but we don’t think he minds very much. Beyonce has always been a humble star in the world of popular culture, but we’re not sure how she has so much humility with such an extravagant shape!

9. Kaley Cuoco

Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco has made herself almost indispensable when it comes to aesthetically pleasing us; she is as provocative as she is beautiful. Kaley hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about her breasts, she’s recently revealed that the “best thing she’s ever done” was getting breast implants. The second highest paid female actress in the world certainly has our undivided attention, she is at the peak of her career and is willing to make whatever adjustments are necessary to keep her career in the upper echelon. While we’re sure that the last thing on her mind is future back malfunctions, it is something that deserves some attention. With women all over the country suffering from directly related injuries due to their large breasts, Kaley Cuoco certainly fits the “mold” to be talked about in such company.

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is probably used to making lists about her assets, although we think we might be adding her to a list she hasn’t made yet, a future chiropractic clientele unlike any other group in the world. Kim Kardashian is always in the headlines these days, and with her fame and popularity, her beauty never goes unnoticed. Her curvaceous physique is enough to get our attention alone, but with such outlandish measurements, she may want to watch her posture before it’s too late. Kim Kardashian probably doesn’t have to do much laborious work, but she’s at a disadvantage all too familiar with her family, oversized cargo! The Kardashian clan is probably much less worried about this topic than we are, but what can we say, we tend to be a bit dramatic.

7. Kate Upton

Most notably recognized for her spreads in Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, Kate Upton also has another thing going for her, her chest. She is widely considered one of the sexiest models in the game right now that doesn’t resemble a toothpick. With her beautiful face and her body like a backroad it’s easy to see why America has fallen in love with her. She has been on the cover of prestigious magazines and at the head of newspaper headlines, and for good reason, however she landed on our list because of her unique features. With assets so large she may already be suffering from daily back pain, and if she isn’t she will be soon. At just 24 years of age she is certainly quite young to have to worry about nuisances such as these, but were just looking out for her.

6. Scarlett Johansson

This Golden Globe nominee has been in and out of headlines her entire career, she has always been noted as one of the most beautiful girls of our generation, and she has certain features that leave our jaw-dropped permanently. The intoxicating Marvel stud has an incredible acting talent and talent for keeping us entertained, and at just 5’3’’ she may be at the most risk for an eternal pain in her lower back. Scarlett Johansson has twice been named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” and we don’t disagree, she is as talented as she is beautiful and with a body like that her popularity may never diminish. Scarlett Johansson has an incredible image built for herself, both literally and figuratively, she just might want to consider an approach to making sure she isn’t destined for a walker later on in her life.

5. Jessica Simpson

Dukes of Hazard might have kickstarted it all, but Jessica Simpson has always had a little something to stare at. Whether she’s singing, acting, or just plain looking good, it shouldn’t surprise you that Jessica landed on our list, I mean take a look at those things. She’s liable to need back surgery if she keeps up this pace, her slender frame has been under some serious pressure from what she’s got going on. Simpson has slipped in and out of the spotlight throughout her illustrious career, so much so that we haven’t seen much of her as of late, but how could we forget a body like hers? By all accounts things are going well for Jessica Simpson, but in the future this might not always be the case, she may want to invest in a back brace to prevent any future problems.

4. Amber Rose

Rocking a gargantuan 36H, it’s no secret how Amber Rose has landed herself on a list of celebs who may have future issues with their bodies. She’s never one to be shy about her body, and she’s also not shy about sharing images with her 15 million Instagram followers as well. The famed superstar even entertained the idea of getting ever larger breasts via implants, but cautioned herself to do so because of her natural ‘gift’. Amber Rose has drawn a lot of public controversy with her pictures and statements as of late, but mostly what we are concerned about is her poor back! Could you imagine having to walk around and support all that weight all the time? Brutal. Different strokes for different folks, and Amber Rose is certainly precious cargo.

3. Ariel Winter

One of the youngest stars to grace our list has already taken measure to prevent any complications with her body in the future. The Modern Family star has already undergone breast reduction surgery to ensure that the large and in charge natural gifts she was given, don’t give her natural problems in the future. Since having the operation, Winter has been quoted that the decision was “the best decision I’ve ever made”. The choice to reduce her breasts from a whopping 34F to a 34C was a drastic one indeed, but it does emphasize the seriousness of having a chest that is just simply too large. Ariel Winter is one of our youngest celebs to make the list and has a long journey ahead of her, more power to her for taking the initiative to take care of her twins before they put her in the hospital.

2. Kat Dennings

This 2 Broke Girls star has never been one to shy away from shaking what her mama gave her, and she’s been voted one of ‘America’s most desirable women’ on a couple of occasions. For her down-to-earth personality and curvaceous physique it’s not hard to see why most men find her attractive, and behind closer observation it’s not too difficult to understand why she landed herself on our list. Having already taken the premeditated steps to removing alcohol and drugs from her life, it’s not a stretch to assume she’s taken some consideration to supporting her back in the future. Whether she has or hasn’t thought about what her future might hold both on and off the movie set, it may be in her best interest to get a good referral to a chiropractor.

1. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker is probably most notably famous for her spreads in Sports Illustrated notorious Swimsuit Editions. She has made key contributions in shows like The League, Royal Pains, and Grace and Frankie, Brooklyn Decker has always caught our attention with her beauty. In 2010 Decker nailed the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and her career took off from there, and from that moment on her beautiful face, and illustrious curves have been in the limelight ever since. She has never been one to shy away from showing her twin girls, and we have never been one to shy away from viewing them. They are so captivating that they landed themselves on our list of celebs who may want to start worrying about problems in the future.

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