There is something about being creepy that can’t really be described, but you know it when you see it. Sometimes you meet someone and you can tell right away that they are totally creepy, while other times it takes a little while before you figure it out, but once you figure it out, then it is all over. Once you are identified and known for being creepy there is no turning back.  This happens with normal people, but it happens with celebrities too.

Sometimes, there is a particular celebrity who is on top of the world, then all of a sudden they do something, or maybe they even do a whole bunch of things, that lets you know that they are a total creep who has been fooling everyone, including yourself, for a long time.  But they aren’t anymore, because just like in real life, once a creep is outed, then it’s all over.

What follows is a list of some of the biggest creeps in Hollywood. Some were huge stars just very recently, while others have been outed as creeps for a long time. All of their careers have either been in the toilet for years, or they are on their way there.

15. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has always been a total creep, but he used to be a creep that was paid a lot of money to be creepy. When you think about it, that has to be confusing. He was a total nobody before he was picked to be on Jersey Shore then became a huge star who was paid millions of dollars, all because he came across as a totally insufferable creep. Then the show finally went off the air, he had some problems with drugs and with the law for not paying his taxes, and now no one likes him, even though he is the exact same guy as he always was. This is all simply because he is a creep. Just because you are a creep and making money for being one for a little while doesn’t mean it will last forever.

14. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of those guys who flew under the creep radar for a really long time. When he was young he was cool, there is no doubt about it, but as he aged he just got creepier and creepier. Some women denied it for a long time and still said that he was hot and all that, but at this point, it is hard to find anyone that doesn’t think he is a total little weirdo. The last thing keeping him totally off the creepy scale was his relationship with Amber Heard, but even she totally threw him under the creepy bus.  Mark my words by the time he is 70 years old no one will even remember that he used to be cool, and everyone will just talk about what a creep he is.

13. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is very possibly one of the biggest creeps of all time. Not just because of all of the terrible things that he did, but of how he positioned himself in society before they all went down. He constantly acted like he was a spokesperson and some sort of moral compass for the African American community, and as the star of The Cosby Show,  he presented himself as a role model for how a father should act. Then it turns out all along he was drugging women and sexually assaulting them, even though he, of course, denies it. Are you kidding me? Talk about a creep. It is one thing when you can look right at someone and tell they are odd, but another entirely when they are as big a fake as Cosby.

12. Pee Wee Herman

Pee Wee Herman, also known as Paul Reubens, was kind of a different case than most of these creeps, but that doesn’t make him any less creepy. As the star of Pee Wee’s Playhouse which was a children’s television show also popular with stoners and a couple of movies playing the same character, he used to be incredibly popular. It was obvious that he was pulling a gag and that his jokes were way more for adults than kids, but it didn’t make it any less creepy when he was arrested in an adult movie theatre for indecent exposure, you can probably guess what he was doing. His show was canceled, his career went straight downhill and he was forever branded a total creep.

11. Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones was well known for appearing in numerous popular movies, such as Howard the Duck, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Beetlejuice. He had quite the career going until he was arrested for possessing child pornography and trying to get a teenage boy to pose for nude photographs. Jones really took being creepy to a whole other level, he was sentenced to probation and was required to register as a sex offender. This kind of thing tends to mess up one’s career when one is a celebrity and Jones obviously has never worked in the business again. There are different levels of creepy and although everyone on this list is a creep, Jones is near the top of the list.

10. Stephen Collins

Stephin Collins took a huge fall, both in his career and in what people thought of him as a person recently when it turned out that he admitted that he exposed himself to three young girls. This is nasty enough, but it is even worse is that he is most well known for playing a minister on 7th Heaven. I know it doesn’t really matter what he played as an actor, but it kind of does, you know? Stephen Collins is yet another person on this list that could have had a nice career and just kind of gone off into retirement with a whole lot of money except that he turned out to be a total creep. The moral of the story is, if you are a creep, don’t play a minister on TV.

9. Josh Duggar

Throughout history, there have been a lot of creeps who got by for a long time pretending to be religious. The whole scene is that no one really thinks they are all that creepy because they are wearing a mask, pretending to be a good and loving person. One of the biggest of this type in recent memory is Josh Duggar. As one of the kids on 19 Kids and Counting it first came out that he has molested a bunch of his sisters, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Since then there have been numerous more reports about what a freak he is, including an allegation of sexual assault. One thing that we all have to learn about creeps, you never know for sure when you are looking at one, but let’s be honest, with Josh Duggar is was obvious all along.

8. Matt Lauer

Sometimes some people always seem like they are a creep and you kind of think they are a creep, but no one really says anything about it, until finally something comes out and you just sit back and tell yourself that you knew it all along. One of those people is the former Today Show host Matt Lauer, who was recently let go from his job after allegations that he was routinely totally creepy in relations with women that he knew professionally. Then everyone acted all surprised when in reality Laur had been acting like a total creep on the air for a really long time. Now that he has been outed as the true creep that he is, at least we all know that we won’t be seeing him on the air anymore.

7. Louis C.K

Let’s be honest about something here, Louis C.K has never been all that funny, but he has always been really creepy. It honestly makes me wonder what is even going on sometimes when so many people like someone who is obviously such a total jerk. When word came out that he has been accused of being sexually inappropriate with numerous women was there anyone out there that was really surprised? Of all the creepy people on this creepy list, there is a slight chance that his career might survive, but only because he already was so creepy that it seems ridiculous that people will be able to pretend that they care a whole lot about it for very long.

6. Andy Dick

Andy Dick is someone a bit different on this list. He had a bit of decent career years ago but ruined it by not only being overly into drugs and alcohol but by being about as creepy as anyone could possibly be. Stories are all over the place about all the times he touched someone in a creepy way or did something that was totally sexually wrong in public. But here is the thing, if Andy Dick wasn’t still famous for being creepy, what would he be famous for? Nothing. The only reason anyone even knows who he is these days is that he is a total mess. Just recently he was fired from a job on a movie because ” two sources detailed Dick’s inappropriate behavior, which included groping people’s genitals, unwanted kissing/licking and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production.” Andy, you are such a creep.

5. Kevin Spacey

There have long been rumors that Kevin Spacey was gay, but no one ever suspected that he was such a creep, except of course for all the different people that he has been incredibly creepy with. His career is effectively over. He has gone from being one of the most respected actors in the business to being thought of as one of the biggest creeps in the world. This is how quickly something like this can turn when you are a creep. You have to think that some of these guys think they are so rich and famous that they can be as creepy as they want and they will never have to face any repercussions from it. Well, Kevin Spacey found out that if you are creepy enough, that sooner or later it catches up to you.

4. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson fooled most of us for a long time. He was the star of some of the biggest movies in history, including Mad Max, Braveheart, and Lethal Weapon. He also is a total creep. He has said so many horrible things that it isn’t even funny, and has insulted people from pretty much every single ethnic and racial group imaginable. He is without a doubt a horrible person and about as creepy as anyone could possibly imagine. He once had a pretty amazing legacy and would have gone down in history as a huge star, but instead, he revealed himself to be pretty much a total loser. It is a really hard thing to find someone who admits to being a fan of Mel Gibson anymore. That is how creepy he is.

3. Jeremy Piven

Here is another one that is no surprise at all. For years everyone has been saying what an absolute jerk that Jeremy Pivin is, but he still seems to have been able to slide by, until recently anyway. While he used to just be thought of as a total jerk and a bad boyfriend, now he has been accused of doing things that are inappropriate sexually. That is never a good look for someone in the public eye. Of course, Pivin has said that what he is accused of isn’t true, but he has been thought of as a total jerk for so long that it almost seems too easy to think of him as being a creep as well. I mean is Jeremy Pivin creepy? I would place a pretty good bet on the fact that he is.

2. Harvey Weinstein

The current leader of the Hollywood creepy parade is none other than Harvey Weinstein. This is the whole thing about what has been going on lately in the entertainment scene, you act like a total creep for decades, and everyone seems cool with it, then all of a sudden you are a creep on the outs. He now literally has 84 women and counting who have accused him of things that are inappropriate to things that are criminal. The guys’ career is totally gone, and all because he is a creep? Where is the love? Poor Harvey, he must be really confused. But you know that is the thing about being a creep, sooner or later people are going to catch on, and when they do things go South pretty quickly.

1. Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover is a different kind of creep than other people on this list. Most of them are creeps because of things that they actually did, while Glover is a creep because…well because he is a creep. Most of you probably know him for his role on Back to the Future or from acting really weird on David Letterman. The thing is he kind of gets a free ride because he is supposedly so interesting or that he is alternative, but what he really happens to be is a very creepy man that in real life you would want nothing to do with. Just because someone isn’t trying to do something creepy to you doesn’t mean that they are not a creep, and Crispin Glover is the perfect example of this.


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