15 Celebrities Who Are Jerks To Their Fans

We all have celebrities whom we admire. They might be musicians, they might be actors, they might be models or they might be… public figures. We follow their lives on the news and we dream of meeting them in person. We fantasize of how we’re going to become best friends with them and spend the rest of our lives inseparable. Or at least, how we’re going to get their autograph and a picture with them.

Some of us even make the effort of trying to meet the celebrity we admire. We might wait for them to finish filming, or we might stalk them outside an event. And then we will jump on them (not literally) and ask them for their autograph and their picture. Usually, celebrities are more than happy to chat with their fans and get their picture taken. Or if they’re in the rush, most celebrities are polite and apologetic.

But not all celebrities are nice. Some of them are incredibly mean to their fans. It’s as if they have forgotten that without their fans, they really would be nothing. They don’t understand that the fans who brought them to their fame could just as easily bring them to their demise.

15. Ariana Grande Said She Wanted Her Fans To Die

Apparently, Ariana Grande is not only a little bit of a diva. She is also mean to her fans. In the summer of 2014, Grande was visiting a New York radio station. There, she met her fans, signed autographs and took pictures with them. But when she was out of earshot, she was supposedly kind of nasty.

An industry insider said that “she did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator. And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f***ing die.’” You have to agree, that’s a terrible thing to say. We really did not expect that from Ariana!

14. Christina Aguilera Threw Chewing Gum At Her Fans

Some time ago Christina Aguilera demanded that a gag gift store be closed to everyone but her so that she could shop in peace. Naturally, her fans were waiting outside the store, eager to talk to her and get her autograph. But Christina completely ignored her fans and even refused to look at them. And then supposedly when Christina was passing them, she laughed at them.

In another instance, Christina was surrounded by her fans when she threw chewing gum at them. Her fans were shocked and the video documenting this behavior received comments such as “That was rude of her. She has a beautiful voice but a nasty attitude” and “She’s a bitch”.

13. Cameron Diaz Refuses To Pose For Pictures With Fans

Cameron Diaz is a famous actress and must know by now that fame comes at a price. That price being constant fan attention and their desire to get her autograph and picture. But Cameron won’t have any of that. She is known for refusing to sign autographs for her fans and is reluctant to pose for pictures.

In 2014, as Cameron was promoting the new film Sex Tape with her colleague Jason Segel in New York City, she refused to pose with her fans. After a few fans approached Cameron and asked her if it would be okay to have her picture taken, she allegedly said “If I did it for you I’d have to do it for everyone”. Then she disappeared.

12. Rihanna Makes Fun Of Her Fan Online

We often look up to celebrities and we are inspired by their fashion choices, their careers and their behavior. So it is not surprising that in 2014 a girl named Alexis Carter decided to wear an outfit that was similar to the one worn by Rihanna in the 2010.

Carter wore the outfit to her school’s Hollywood-themed prom in Baltimore. Naturally, she could not buy the original outfit so she asked a family friend to design the dark green suit with wing-like panels.

However, after the prom Carter got a lot of abuse on the internet. And some of this abuse came from Rihanna herself – she tweeted a picture of herself wearing the dress from 2010 which she captioned as “IG” and then placed it alongside the picture of Carter, which she captioned “Real Life”. Then she added a sad face.

11. Caitlyn Jenner Refused To Personalize A Message During Book Signing

Only a few months ago, in May, Caitlyn Jenner was at a book signing for her long-awaited memoir The Secrets of My Life. As you can imagine, countless of Caitlyn’s fans were there, eager to get a copy of the book signed with a personalized message.

However, during the book signing Caitlyn supposedly refused to write a personalized message to one of her fans, saying “I don’t write names, honey”. I mean, how hard is it to write a name?

Furthermore, it is said that Caitlyn was not very nice throughout the whole book signing session and afterwards was heard saying “I just want to get out of here”.

10. Britney Spears Doesn’t Want To Be Photographed Either

When Britney Spears first became a star she was extremely grateful to all her fans, loved to take pictures with them and didn’t mind signing autographs. Of course, a lot has changed since Britney’s first rise to fame. Her life was not easy and it must have gotten old to be stalked all the time. Plus, while she was loved and admired incredibly by some of her fans, she was also hated by those who didn’t think Britney deserved all that fame.

And then Britney had a public breakdown which kind of changed everything. For a long time she refused to sign autographs, did not want to take pictures with her fans and most of all, did not wish to be touched.

9. Scarlett Johansson Ignored Her Fans

It turns out that the actress Scarlett Johansson is also quite rude to her fans and often ignores them. In fact, one reddit user shared his experience as a fan, saying “I had just seen a play on Broadway starring Scarlett Johansson, and I was waiting by the stage exit after the play, along with at least fifteen other people, for autographs. It was February in NYC, snowing hard, we were all freezing. Each one of her co-stars came out and signed. Scarlett was the very last to exit and she completely ignored everybody. I was younger and it completely crushed me, she was my favorite celebrity and this was my only chance to ever see her. Pretty much everyone who waited 45+ minutes beside me had the same sentiments.”

8. Kim Kardashian Is Extremely Selective When She Takes Photographs With Her Fans

Kim Kardashian is often followed by the paparazzi and naturally, she can get quite frustrated with them. But it turns out that Kim is also often frustrated with her fans. Instead of treating them with respect – after all, they watch her show and they read about her and in consequence, keep her famous – she is often quite rude to them.

According to her fans, Kim is very selective and will not just take a picture with any fan. And she won’t give an autograph to anyone either. And you can almost definitely forget about taking a selfie with the selfie queen. She has no time for that.

7. Tommy Lee Ranted About His Fans On Facebook, Saying He Doesnt F*cking Want To Take A Picture

In 2012 Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee ranted on the band’s official Facebook page, letting his fans know that he doesn’t want to take a picture with them. Tommy said, “I certainly don’t owe anybody anything! When I bought all my Led Zeppelin records and concert tickets I didn’t say “one day these fuckers are gonna owe me a picture” It’s the least they can do for me!…wtf people? You dont admire something so that it can give back… You just cherish it! […]I’m not here to take pictures with you, I’m here to entertain you! Nobody put me where I am but ME!”

Furthermore, he questioned the necessity of taking pictures in the first place. Tommy’s fans must have been heartbroken but at least now they know not to ask him for a picture. Ever. Unless they want to read more of Tommy’s rants.

6. Justin Bieber Storms Out Of His Own Concert

Justin Bieber is known for being incredibly rude to his fans. Spitting rumors aside, in 2015 he stormed out of his own concert in Oslo, Norway after he had sang just one song. Apparently, Justin got upset because his fans didn’t realize that he was attempting to clean up a water spillage on the stage and kept touching him. Then in 2016, a video recording shows fans handing Justin a gift while he is sitting in his car and him casually throwing the gift out of the window. Classy.

And then of course there is that time picture from 2013 which shows Justin kissing his fan on the cheek. But if you look close enough, you will also see that he has his hand on her breast. The girl in the picture, named Jocelyn, later said “Let me clear this up for people who can’t read, NO I did NOT ask Justin to touch my boobs.” Also, Justin supposedly called one of his fans a “beached whale”.

5. Kristin Cavallari Mocked Her Fan

The television personality, fashion designer and actress Kristin Cavallari is also guilty of being mean to her fans. You’d think that celebrities would realize that their fans are an integral part of their fame but it seems that the more popular they get the ruder they become.

During one event, Kristin’s fan supposedly told her that she loved her and then asked Kristin to sign something for her. Because you know, that’s what fans do. But Kristin must have been in a pretty bad mood that day, or maybe she didn’t like the look of her fan. Because allegedly Kristin rolled her eyes at her fan’s request, then made a mocking face and snickered.

4. Sanda Bullock Yelled At A Fan In A Wheelchair

The Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock seems like a sweetheart. However, in 2012 a woman named Denise Kodes told Star Magazine about the awful encounter her and her husband had with the star.

According to the Kodes, it was summer time and Sandra was busy filming the film The Heat in Boston. Sandra was out on her lunch break when Kodes and her husband, a wheelchair bound veteran, ran into her. Naturally, the couple was excited, especially Kodes’ husband. But Sandra was not happy with the encounter. According to Kodes, “Sandra was so rude. She covered her face and yelled. He just wanted an autograph, and she actually yelled at him!”

3. Jared Leto Showed His Fan The Middle Finger Because She Wasn’t Singing Along To His Songs

It is said that the rocker Jared Letto can be pretty awful to his loyal fans. Apparently, during one of his concerts Jared embarrassed one of his loyal fans. The Brazilian fan at the concert did not sing along because she did not know the words to Jared’s song as she did not speak any English. So Jared singled her out by pointing at her and giving her the middle finger.

In another instance, Jared embarrassed a few other fans because they were not jumping up and down like everyone else. The fans were being squashed by other fans and thus had no room. But Jared didn’t care and allegedly told them “You’re going to have fun whether you like it or not motherf*ckers.”

2. Madonna Refused To Shake James Morrison’s Hand And Then Ignored Him

The singer James Morrison considers Madonna to be one of the most impolite celebrities he has ever met. James was recording a song in a studio in LA when Madonna showed up to speak to a producer. Someone asked James if he’d like to meet Madonna and even though he’s not her biggest fan he thought he’d say hello anyways.

So according to James, he went over and said “Hello, I’m James, nice to meet you.” He also put his hand out to shake hands. However, Madonna just looked at his hand and without shaking it asked what James did for a living. After James told her he was a singer she supposedly just looked at him without saying a word and then ignored him. James also said, “It’s just a matter of common courtesy. It doesn’t matter what someone does for a living. She’s just rude. There’s no excuse for it.”

1. Robert Pattinson Dismissed His Twilight Fans

Robert Pattinson is not so nice to his fans either. He became famous after he played the role of the vampire Edward in the Twilight Saga and millions of teenagers fell in love with him. But the actor recently criticized his fans. He told the German edition of Interview magazine that he just didn’t understand why his fans are so fascinated by the Twilight saga. Rob then wondered “what these masses of people do the whole day”.

Rob then further insulted his fans by saying that “the real odd thing about this Twilight target group is that they aren’t really teenagers. Most of them are older”. Ouch. Apparently Rob had also previously said that Mayer’s book on vampires was not worthy of being published.


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