15 Celebrities Who Are Jerks To Their Staff

Most of us imagine that working for celebrities would be incredibly cool. Imagine being a Personal Assistant to Lady Gaga or Rihanna. Not only would you get to hang out with them and be in close proximity to them, you would also get to see their daily routines and find out their “secrets”. Maybe if you’re lucky you could even become friends. Alas, in most cases, that’s not the way it goes.

Working for celebrities is probably one of the worst jobs out there. That’s because most celebrities have allowed fame to get to their heads. They have become huge divas and expect people to cater to their every whim. In fact, some celebrities even believe that allowing people to be purely in their presence is some sort of huge favor and a gift of a lifetime.

Most celebrities feel like they are entitled to everything and don’t think that there is anything wrong with treating their staff like trash. Some celebrities don’t allow their staff to speak to them and others insist that they can’t call them by their first name. Still others pay their staff peanuts and expect them to be grateful nonetheless. And still other celebrities physically and verbally abuse their employees.

15. Lady Gaga Made Her Personal Assistant Sleep In The Same Bed As Her

Lady Gaga‘s former assistant Jennifer O’Neill says that Lady Gaga has a “big head” and that her demands became bigger “once she started getting bigger. Very over the top, she walked around like she was Queen. But when you have 100 people screaming outside of your hotel anywhere you go, it’s hard not to fall into the mindset that you are a queen to people.”

O’Neill actually sued Lady Gaga because she was seriously underpaid by Lady Gaga even though, according to O’Neill, she was “by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her, because she did not sleep alone.”

14. Lindsay Lohan Is Constantly Hungover

The actress Lindsay Lohan is known for her love for parties. And as you can imagine, it is not easy to be working for an employee who is constantly hung-over. Everyone knows that hung-over people are especially mean and crabby so dealing with them is not an easy task.

Recently some of Lohan’s staff members have confided that she often wakes up at noon at the earliest. And naturally, Lohan is always in a terrible mood due to the hangover she has and often takes out her crabbiness on her employees. Shouldn’t it be a law that staff that deals with drunk or hungover employees should earn bonuses?

13. Rihanna Doesn’t Talk To “Hired Help”

Probably the meanest thing one can do to another person is ignore him or her. That makes the person feel like he doesn’t even exist or is not on the same level and thus doesn’t have to be acknowledged. Most stars know better than to do that. But others seem to relish this kind of behavior.

In fact, it is said that the singer Rihanna doesn’t even bother speaking to her staff. An anonymous source revealed that Rihanna doesn’t talk to any of the “hired help”. Apparently, Rihanna also falls asleep when she is getting her makeup done. Who knew she was such a diva?

12. Zooey Deschanel Is Mean To Staff On Set Of TV Show New Girl

Zooey Deschanel is known in Hollywood as a sweet and slightly dorky actress. And we, her fans, consider Deschanel to be sweet and dorky too. No way could Deschanel be mean to her staff, right? Wrong!

Believe it or not but it turns out that Deschanel is actually incredibly demanding. Anonymous insiders have revealed that Deschanel is rather mean to her co-workers and staff on set of the TV show New Girl. Deschanel has allegedly started making up her own rules on set. One such rule is that each episode of the show has to end with her and another character.

11. Beyonce Doesn’t Want Staff To Look At Her Or Go Near Her When She’s On Tour

Beyonce is a huge star now, but even 10 years ago she considered herself to be a diva that was above everyone else. Apparently, while she was on a tour, “all the local staff were instructed by Beyonce’s people not to look at her, speak to her or approach her. The staff were actually told before the show that if Beyonce was coming down the hall, you were to find an unlocked room and immediately go into it, out of her presence.” Sounds pretty awful doesn’t it?

Furthermore, everything backstage had to be draped in linen which then had to be smoothed out after she walked on it. So if that was Beyonce’s behavior back then, how rude  and demanding is she to her staff now? Turns out, very demanding and rude, as proved by the tweet above!

10. Ellen DeGeneres Explodes At Her Staff For The Smallest Things

The American comedian and TV host Ellen DeGeneres appears quite down-to-earth. In fact, she seems like she would be a rather good employer to work for. But it turns out, she isn’t.

According to an anonymous source, DeGeneres only appears to be bubbly and down-to-earth on camera. But backstage, she is demanding and rude to her staff. In fact, the same anonymous source revealed that “after hours, staffers get together and talk about ‘Queen Ellen’. A few have even quit because of her behavior.” And what is DeGeneres behavior to her staff, you might ask? Well, apparently, she “explodes at staffers over the tiniest things”. It turn out you really can’t judge a book by its cover!

9. Jennifer Lopez Pays Her Staff Peanuts But Expects Them To Work Really Hard

One of the worst things celebrities can do to their staff is pay them extremely low wages. Most celebrities have tons of cash so paying their staff low wages is extremely insulting and rude and is a great way of telling employees how little they care for their services.

The actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is supposedly one such cheapskate. Recently Radar Online has posted that an anonymous source has revealed that Lopez pays minimum wage to her employees. As a result, her staff have started calling Lopez “Pay-Low” behind her back. Not only does Lopez pay her employees an extremely low wage but she also expects them to work really hard. Not cool, Lopez, not cool.

8. Kourtney Kardashian Makes Her Nannies Call Her “Madam”

Most Kardashians act like divas. They are not the nicest to their fans and they don’t feel like they should be nice to their staff either. After all, they pay them so they should be able to put up with anything, right? And god forbid some of the staff members feel close to one of the Kardashian’s and call them by their first name.

According to a former nanny who used to work for Kourtney Kardashian, Kourtney doesn’t allow her nannies to call her by her first name. In fact, when one of the nannies called Kourtney by her first name, Kourtney freaked out, threw a tantrum and insisted that she be called “madam”.

7. Kate Gosselin Makes Her Babysitters’ Lives Hell

The American TV personality Kate Gosselin is not that nice either. In fact, in 2014 a former nanny who worked for Gosselin revealed that Gosselin made her babysitters’ life hell. Gosselin is allegedly incredibly condescending to her nannies and does not let anything slide.

Apparently, Gosselin, who is a mother of eight, even wrote a rule book that her nannies are supposed to follow. These rules are so ridiculous and over the top that according to the anonymous source most of Gosselin’s nannies quit almost immediately.

Some of the demands Gosselin has included in the rule book include washing her expensive knives only by hand, not placing any bags on the kitchen table, and walking lightly. Oh, and teaching her kids how to walk lightly too. Whatever “walking lightly” means.

6. George Clooney Marks His Liquor Decanters Just To Be Sure His Employees Are Not Drinking From Them

The famous actor George Clooney appears extremely charming on films and during events where he gets to meet his fans. But apparently, Clooney is not exactly the easiest employer to work for. It turns out that Clooney is rather stingy and is extremely paranoid that people will take advantage of him. So he is very untrusting of his staff.

According to anonymous sources, Clooney’s employees are not allowed to go near his liquor cabinet. That’s because Clooney is scared that they will have a sip of his expensive alcohol collection. So to combat his employees from sipping on his expensive liquor, Clooney allegedly marks his decanters every time he takes a sip from them. You know, just to be sure.

5. Miley Cyrus Screams At Her Staff For Not Cleaning Up Dog Poop

Over the past few years the actress and singer Miley Cyrus has gone from sweet to kind of awful. She is not great with fans and apparently, she’s not great with her staff either. Radar Online reported recently that an anonymous source has revealed that Miley Cyrus had two dogs that were not house trained. Miley Cyrus was not bothered to train them herself so every time one of the dogs pooped inside, Miley apparently screamed at her staff for not cleaning up the mess that her dogs made.

But Cyrus is not mean to her employees only. She’s mean to employees everywhere. For example, when she was staying in a hotel in New York City she invited her friends over and caused mayhem. Naturally, other hotel guests complained and when hotel staff went over to her and asked her to be a bit more quiet she screamed at them saying that they should be grateful to have her. The staff said that Miley “basically threw a tantrum and acted like a spoiled brat.”

4. Victoria Beckham Expects All Her Nannies To Answer To The Name “Jo”, Even If That’s Not Their Name

The multi-talented Victoria Beckham is quite a serious person so it comes as no surprise that she expects her staff to work hard. That’s absolutely understandable. However, it turns out that the Beckhams’ are also quite mean to their staff.

A former nanny of Beckham’s has revealed that Victoria Beckham expects all the nannies to answer to the name “Jo”. Even if their name is not Jo. Sounds a bit nuts, doesn’t it? Apparently, that’s because the very first nanny of Beckham’s daughter Harper was named Jo. Perhaps Beckhams’ don’t want to confuse their kids or something. But you have to admit – forcing your nannies to answer to the name “Jo” when their name is something else is just plain weird.

3. Naomi Campbell Has A Long History Of Physically Abusing Her Personal Assistants

The English supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell is well known for her fiery tantrums. She has a short temper and even anger management issues. So as you can imagine, working for her is not easy.

In fact, Campbell has a long history of mistreating her staff. In 2000, Campbell was sued by her assistant Georgina Galanis. Apparently, Campbell assaulted Galanis with a telephone in a hotel room and then threatened to push her out of a moving car.

In 2004, Campbell supposedly head-butted her personal assistant, Amie Castaldo, bit her lip and yanked her to the floor screaming “you f***ing worthless b*tch.”

In 2006, Campbell allegedly hit her housekeeper, Ana Scolavino, with a mobile phone. That same year, Campbell is said to have slapped her personal assistant, Amanda Brack, and hit her on the head with a mobile phone. Campbell slapped and abused her personal assistants and housemaids in recent years too.

2. Madonna Pays Her Employees Peanuts And Thinks That They Should Be Grateful To Be In Her Presence

By now Madonna is known as one of the meanest celebrities out there. Not only is Madonna rude to her fans, she is also incredibly mean and thoughtless to her staff. A couple of years ago, an anonymous source revealed that when one of Madonna’s dancers broke her arm during practise, instead of being concerned Madonna had a meltdown. Madonna has also allegedly said that there are “no fat c*nts allowed in her presence.”

Another anonymous source said that Madonna “does not pay very well, but she knows that people that she hires will work countless hours at less than premium wage because she is Madonna.” Furthermore, the anonymous source added that Madonna’s “ego is so over-inflated and she thinks that her staff are lucky to be in her presence.”

1. Courtney Love Doesn’t Pay Employees Their Wages

The singer and actress Courtney Love apparently promises big things to her staff but fails to deliver on her promises. In 2010 when Love hired Jessica Labrie as her assistant, she allegedly promised her lots of cool things, including bonuses, promotions, a scholarship to Yale, a job on the set of Nirvana biopic, and even a job at Love’s music management company. Now who wouldn’t want a job that entailed all that? Of course, Labrie agreed to work for Love but then Love failed to deliver on all of her promises.

Labrie then sued Love. And while Labrie did complain about not getting any of the stuff she was promised, she was most upset about $2,000 of unpaid wages that Love owed her. Oh, and also the fact that Love tried to get Labrie to hire a computer hacker to fake legal correspondence.


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