15 Celebrities And Their Kinks – They Are Into Some Weird Stuff


Most people have some quirks or are into some weird stuff. Think about it; everyone has members of their family that are into some things that you’ve scoffed, or even laughed, at. Many forget that celebrities are still people and share many of our same quirks. Celebrities are just like us, so it should come as no surprise when it’s disclosed that they are into some pretty weird stuff too. Let’s face it, all over the world, people have an affinity for something they don’t readily tell others. Why should Hollywood be any different?

Many of us have heard the rumors about some celebrities having a penchant for some “interesting” behavior. These include Richard Gere and R. Kelly, but I’m not going to get into rumored activities. One might have an affinity for purple clothing, or always wearing gloves, or they prefer their significant other to act or dress a certain way. What follows are fifteen celebrities that are into what some would consider some weird stuff; but let’s face it, we’d still swipe right. I don’t think any amount of strange behavior would make us turn our heads at these celebs!

15. Katy Perry – Teeth

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When you make your living in front of millions of people and have your face splashed across television screens, posters, and magazines, you naturally care about your appearance, including your teeth. So, like many celebrities, Katy Perry works hard to make sure her teeth look good. However, she might take things a bit too far. Katy Perry is obsessed with her teeth. She reportedly brushes them several times a day. While some may think such behavior is just very good hygiene, it is actually extreme behavior. Many dentists have reportedly warned Perry that excessive brushing might actually be harmful to her teeth and could cause irreparable damage. It’s called toothbrush abrasion and involves wearing down the enamel on your teeth and pushing back the gums. Basically reversing the whole reason for brushing in the first place, as it causes sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, and painful cavities! I mean, c’mon Katy! Your teeth are beautiful! What are you thinking?

14. Carmen Electra – Dominance And Submission

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Carmen Electra is admittedly into a little b*ndage. That is a term for basically any number of er*tic practices involving domination, submission, and masochism. Most people who engage in these activities don’t really consider themselves as practitioners, and there is actually a whole community of self-identifiers; however, Electra is clear on her fondness for it. The former Baywatch babe once told the New York Times, “I’m a b*ndage girl myself. I like to be in control sometimes as the dom*natrix. But then it’s fun to be submissive as well. I can play both parts.” She can be described as both a “domme,” a dominant woman, and a “sub,” or submissive. The fact that she likes to switch between these very different roles additionally makes her a “switch.” Wow! They have their own lingo! She’s also a confessed fan of sexy lingerie. I don’t think this surprises anyone.

13. Matthew McConaughey – Food

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Matthew McConaughey takes being a foodie to the extreme. According to him, a great meal satisfies more than just one type of hunger! In an InStyle Magazine interview, McConaughey once said, “I think food is really sexy. Sometimes, if I taste something I really love, I get such tingles down my spine that I have to stop and take a break.” This type of attitude closely aligns to a f*tish known as sitophilia, a form of s*xual f*tishism involved being aroused by food. This doesn’t have to involve any s*xual activity, and could just gain an arousal from fun and decorative displays of food, preparing an incredible meal, or, as in McConaughey’s case, simply enjoying some good food. You’d be surprised at how many people actually report that certain foods and herbs cause some type of arousal. Hang in there, Matt! Your wife must make one helluva meal.

12. Rihanna – Submission

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Rihanna is definitely a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. When hacked photos of her were leaked online, she said she felt bad for any man who didn’t have those kinds of photos of their girlfriends. So it should come as no surprise that Rihanna would be open about her proclivities, as well. She’s a self-proclaimed masochist who loves to be tied up and sp*nked. However, she has stated that she prefers it to be spontaneous and not planned out, which ruins the excitement for her. She finds being sp*nked with bare hands to be the best. In a Rolling Stone interview, she added, “I love to be submissive. Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho.”

11. Jennifer Lawrence – Sponges

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Jennifer Lawrence is quite the actress. She has a great number of successful films under her belt and even garnered a few Academy Award nominations, winning in 2013 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Through it all she has never lost her endearing sense of humor and her down-to-earth personality. Despite being a mighty fine looking woman, she’s someone you can really see yourself just hanging out with and sharing a beer! Of course, like anyone else, she has her own quirks and weird stuff she’s into. In a Vogue magazine interview she admitted she has a severe sponge obsession! Lawrence says, “I wake up earlier in the morning when I have new sponges.” She also admitted her love of sponges came between her and actor Nicholas Hoult’s relationship. “He would never wring them out. We were in the kitchen once, and I picked up the sponge, and it was soapy and wet, and I was like, ‘See? These are the kinds of things that make me think we are never going to work.”

10. Johnny Depp – Women’s Clothing

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Johnny Depp is known for his over-the-top characters, and their accompanying flamboyant costumes. From Captain Jack’s pirate shirts, the Mad Hatter’s bright ensemble, or Willy Wonka’s classic look, it is easy to see Depp has a taste for interesting clothing. What many may not know is that Depp has a serious interest in women’s clothing. Naturally, he’s a little embarrassed about it, but he has admitted that he is absolutely infatuated with women’s clothing. According to him, “I find myself sneaking a look at women’s shoes and stockings. I’ve developed this subconscious habit.” Although he’s never said anything about wanting to actually dress up in women’s clothing, I doubt anyone would be bothered. Truth be told, based on some of the eccentric outfits his film characters wear, he’d have little to worry about with being seen in women’s clothing. It would not shock his fans and I’m sure they would love him in anything!

9. Scarlett Johansson – Exhibitionist

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In 2008, the beautiful Scarlett Johansson admitted her belief that getting it on in a car is sexy. Scarlett maintains she still has desires for this. Most would mistake Johansson’s obsession as a car f*tish, known as mechaphilia; however, doing the deed in a car would probably be more of a case of classic exhibitionistic behavior. As she describes it, “I think having s*x in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and k*nky and sexy, the back seas would be it.” As she explains it, the thrills she gets from this type of behavior highlight why Johansson is a classic exhibitionist. I think it’s safe to say that she should have no problem finding an ample supply of men eager to indulge her!

8. Christina Aguilera – Role Play

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Judging from the “Xtina” phase of her career, Christina Aguilera has never found difficulty in expressing her s*xuality. So finding out that Christina Aguilera had a personal fetish for some “interesting” behavior should come as no surprise. In an interview with Q magazine, Aguilera eagerly explained her love of f*tish wear, “I’m really into f*tish gear, and latex is really making a strong statement for me.” She further admitted to being a fan of incorporating role play into her s*x life. On her and her ex-husband’s after-hours activities, she stated, “I got Jordan a doctor’s outfit with a doctor’s bag full of toys– and I wore the naughty nurse’s costume, of course.” Aguilera seems enthusiastic to express her love for her f*tish, with only her pregnancy slowing her down. “Have I ever toned it down? Never! Well, maybe when I was pregnant. There was no latex then.”

7. Kristen Stewart – Armpits

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If you ever saw the tween Twilight films, you might think star Kristen Stewart’s love life is a bit tame and comes with a Christina Perri soundtrack. From her bisexuality to her shameless adoration of maschalagnia, Stewart has never been one to withhold the details of her s*xual exploration. What is maschalagnia, you might ask? Maschalagnia is another term for an armpit f*tish. Talking about her former flame, Robert Pattinson, with Vogue UK, Stewart stated, “My God, I’m so in love with my boyfriend… I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don’t you think it’s the whole point?” So, I guess this means Pattinson shares Stewart’s passion for armpits, unless she was talking about Rupert Sanders? That interview was just a few weeks before those incriminating photos of a cheating Stewart were made public. Yikes!

6. Kate Beckinsale – Anatomical Drawings

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Kate Beckinsale is a strikingly beautiful, cultured, and talented actress… with a secret. She has an obsession with sketching the male member in her spare time. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a full-fledged obsession, but it is definitely a quirky habit. Many people report uncontrollable doodling and most don’t consider it a problem. Many consider it a way to occupy yourself while your mind focuses on other things, like giving your hands and eyes something to do while your brain power is focusing on something else. Like any obsessive behavior, her penchant for sketching this private area is quite out of control. Reportedly, Beckinsale even once accidentally doodled one on her unsuspecting sixth grade daughter’s homework. In what I’m sure made for an uncomfortable encounter, Beckinsale’s daughter had to explain to the teacher about her mother’s weird habit. I’m sure the next parent-teacher conference was a bit uncomfortable.

5. Tom Hanks – Typewriters

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You have to ask yourself, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? I mean the man has remained at the top of his game for years, nary a scandal to speak of! He’s been married to the same woman, Rita Wilson, for nearly 30 years. That’s almost unheard of in Hollywood! It’s pretty safe to say that most would consider Hanks one of the nicest guys, hands down, in the movie biz. However, Hanks is human, and as such is going to have his own little secrets he’d be reluctant to disclose. Tom Hanks, a.k.a. Sheriff Woody, Forrest Gump, Professor Robert Langdon, and that guy that saved Private Ryan, has a thing for, wait for it, … typewriters. Yes, very unusual indeed. That’s an obsession you’d never expect. It’s true. In 2013, Hanks admitted that he has an obsession for typewriters and actually disclosed that he has a rather substantial collection of antique models. It just shows that Tom Hanks is as human as the rest of us.

4. Angelina Jolie – Hematolagnia

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Did you cringe when Angelina Jolie was with Billy Bob Thornton? Their union seemed strange enough, but how they expressed it was the cherry on top. They famously wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks. Did she draw the blood herself? Maybe! Jolie is admittedly a fan of hematolagnia, or “blood play.” Arguably one of the most famous women in the world, Jolie has always been known for her wild activities. Though, supposedly she tamed it down after she became a mother. Most people are aware that she was formerly in a relationship with actress/model Jenny Shimizu, and she was even into some light b*ndage. But “blood play” is shocking. As Jolie tells it, she would occasionally bring a knife into the bedroom to spice things up a bit. In the midst of doing the deed, Thornton and her would cut and taste each other’s blood! After their divorce, Jolie tried hard to get the blood vials back as she was worried Thornton would put a curse on them!

3. Quentin Tarantino – Feet

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He’s never admitted it, but the signs that famed director Quentin Tarantino is a podophile are all there for anyone who pays attention. What is a podophile? It is someone who has a foot f*tish. Sound familiar now? Did you see Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn, or Uma Thurman in Kill Bill? On set, Tarantino is said to stare at the feet of his leading ladies. Gawker even once published an email from a woman who reportedly had a one-night stand with Tarantino. According to her, the experience was far from normal in that Tarantino was constantly licking her feet. Believing there was truth in the rumor of Tarantino’s foot fetish, Uma Thurman, during a toast in his honor, invited him to drink champagne direct from one of her high-heeled shoes. Tarantino eagerly accepted. Tarantino is not alone. Numerous celebrities have professed to have this predilection, including actor/musician Jack Black!

2.  James Franco – Rabbits

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I would never have thought anyone would be obsessed with rabbits. But then James Franco has always been one to push the envelope with his lifestyle. Why would his brand of weird stuff be any different? So, yes, it is true. James Franco has a thing for rabbits. He admitted this on an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio. Host James Lipton replied to the shocking confession, “That’s fine.” Franco simply grinned. This type of f*tish is called zoophilia and involves a fixation on animals. I would think (hope) that Franco’s obsession is just an exaggerated version of when you see a cute, furry, hopping bunny and want to pick it up and hug it until its eyes bulge!

1. Elvis Presley – Feet

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Throughout his lifetime, Elvis Presley had been linked to many beautiful women. Some claimed he was an incredible partner, but most said an evening with Presley was an odd experience and that he had a foot f*tish. Actress June Wilkinson, and former Playboy Playmate, dated Presley a few times and spoke about one particular night out. She said that, after going up to his hotel room on one occasion, Elvis sat on her bed and serenaded her for hours. No s*x, just singing. Cassandra Peterson, popularly known as TV’s Elvira, also went out with Presley once and claimed that when he invited her to his room, all they did was talk. It has been speculated that Presley’s behavior was possibly due to some level of religious guilt and his deep devotion for his mother. Podophilia is actually one of the most common f*tishes for non-s*xual objects, or body parts. And, hey, he was the King, so if he wanted to see some feet, he was shown some feet!

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