15 Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like They Used To

15 Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like They Used To


Some of the people on this list may have had way too much plastic surgery, some may have gained or lost a lot of weight, some may have just aged badly or really well; whatever the reason, these 15 celebrities look nothing like they used to.

We know appearances change as you get older, but these people look remarkably different than they did years before. Some of these celebrities’ looks have changed and transformed over the years, like Joan Rivers, who had plastic surgery all throughout her life, so fans have grown used to their ever-changing appearances.

Others, like Renee Zellweger, completely shocked the public when she showed up to a red carpet event with practically an entirely new face. Some, like Donatella Versace, tried to enhance their natural beauty with cosmetic procedures and instead, ended up looking much worse off.

Mickey Rourke had to get surgery to fix his face after years of professional wrestling and ended up with a totally botched procedure. He spent years trying to fix his face with continued surgeries and now he hardly resembles the smouldering actor he was back in the day.

Some of these celebrities look better off. Sharon Osbourne has had a number of plastic surgeries and her face looks entirely different than it did when she was young, but she still looks great for her age.

Kylie Jenner has gone from an innocent-looking teenager on her family’s reality show to a full-blown sex symbol who is dating a rapper and has her own cosmetic line. Kylie swears to have only had lip injections, and perhaps the rest is all thanks to puberty, but she surely looks nothing like she did a few years ago.

Check out the list below to see all those mentioned and even more, as we look at 15 celebrities who look absolutely nothing like they used to.

15. Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers looked like she had a completely different face when she began her comedy career in 1959. There was nothing wrong with Rivers’ appearance back in the day, but after a series of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, Joan River’s was unrecognizable at the time of her death in 2014.

Joan had numerous surgeries during her lifetime, and at one point was quoted saying, “I wish I had a twin sister so that I may actually know what I look like without plastic surgery.”

Although she makes no apologies, many say that Rivers’ work on her face has been overdone. She allegedly had her upper eyelids done every six months.

Rivers had definitely been open to talking about her many plastic surgeries. The comedian admitted to having undergone several nose jobs, liposuction, an eye surgery, a number of Botox injections, a neck lift, and a few facelifts.

14. John Travolta


Once a teenage heartthrob, John Travolta has been sporting a much different look these days. As one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, Travolta did his best to keep up with the youth of Hollywood.

Travolta looks almost completely different nowadays. The Grease and Saturday Night Fever actor is thought to have dermal fillers and Botox in excess. He is also rumored to have had a facelift. His new appearance definitely had fans wondering if he had fallen victim to plastic surgery gone wrong.

He is most famous for the procedures he underwent to maintain his luscious locks of hair. John wore a wig and toupee. There were also speculations that the actor had a hair transplant.

At this point, his face just looks artificial and waxy from so much Botox and fillers. There are hardly any wrinkles on his face and his smile looks tight and constricted.

13. Renee Zellweger


Renee Zellweger created quite a buzz when she appeared on the red carpet of an Elle Women in Hollywood Gala in 2014 with a completely unrecognizable face.

Zellweger had apparently gotten some serious plastic surgery during her time out of the spotlight. Renee chalked it up to leading a “different, happier life.” Renee criticized the way that women were pressured by society to look and age a certain way.

Renee finally admitted to going under the knife during her hiatus from acting, saying “Not that it’s anyone’s business but I did not make a decision to alter my face and have surgery on my eyes.”

She also claims that a woman’s worth is so much more than her appearance. She also shamed the media for giving women such a double standard to uphold to. The actress was accused of having an eye-lift in October 2014.

12. Donatella Versace


Donatella Versace has literally transformed her body into a wax figure over the years. From the days where she once was a youthful-looking blonde, Donatella now walks around looking alarmingly different.

The fear of aging plus the pressures of the limelight led her to go overboard with the cosmetic procedures. Her desire for beauty led her to a lifetime of alterations.

Versace’s staggering transformation included Botox, implants, and laser resurfacing. Donatella’s face has continued to change over the years. After her brother Gianni Versace was shot dead in 1997, her obsession with plastic surgery began to get a bit out of control.

With a bigger nose and bigger lips than she started her life with, Donatella Versace is unfortunately known as one of the biggest fails in the cosmetic world.

Today, her skin appears fake, lips inflated, and forehead wrinkle-free. Makes you wonder, what would she have looked like if she had left her face alone?

11. Mickey Rourke


His once smouldering good looks have changed drastically throughout the years due to some botched cosmetic surgery. Rourke claims the surgeries were after several boxing bouts “made a mess” of his face. He also admitted to going to the “wrong guy” to get his face fixed up.

While he was a professional boxer back in the day, Mickey had broken his nose twice, and his face was looking seriously messed up. He had five operations on his nose and one surgery on a smashed cheekbone. Rourke’s face has changed significantly since the start of his career.

Not only does his skin look gray and taunt, his nose seems to have gotten wider and his lips appear to be fuller. Mickey Rourke’s face continues to change throughout the years. At this point, the actor is just using his boxing days as an excuse to continue getting plastic surgeries.

10. Janice Dickinson


Janice Dickinson was one of the world’s first supermodels, but her love for plastic surgery quickly transformed Dickinson’s face, and not in a good way.

Dickinson’s attempt to stay youthful failed after she underwent a number of facelifts that made her face look more and more plastic. The model has even said herself that she has had practically every plastic surgery procedure there is.

Janice was a former drug addict. She underwent a brow lift, breast enhancement, tummy tuck, neck lift, face lift, liposuction, fillers, and Botox. At one point, her son even urged her to stop getting plastic surgery. As far as we know, she is still going under the knife regularly.

The self-proclaimed supermodel also appeared on the E! Reality show Botched last year to discuss some of her plastic surgeries, as well as having her breast implants replaced.

9. Caitlyn Jenner


Aside from the fact that Bruce Jenner is no longer a man, Bruce, err, Caitlyn Jenner has had many experiences with bad plastic surgery long before her days of becoming a woman.

Bruce had started off with some botched facial plastic surgery and it seems like each surgery since then was an attempt to fix what had been done. In the mid-80s Bruce had had electrolysis treatment to the face to prevent a beard from growing.

Once he announced that he would be transitioning into a woman, Caitlyn had a handful of plastic surgeries to help the transition along.

The new woman also had her Adam’s apple shaved down. She also had a 10-hour facial feminization procedure. She had a breast augmentation as well. She later admitted to having panic attacks when dealing with the aftermath of all of the surgeries and her changing identity.

8. Sharon Osbourne


Sharon Osbourne looks nothing like she did back in the days when she met her rock star husband Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne underwent her first plastic surgery in 1978 when she had her breasts reduced in size and lifted back. She also admitted to having her legs and arms lifted and had a tummy tuck where she was fitted with a gastric band that helped her lose 100 pounds.

Once Sharon was aboard the plastic surgery train, she continued with a neck lift, lip augmentation, and Botox. She openly admitted to spending over a hundred thousand dollars on plastic surgeries.

As Sharon gets older, her face continues to look younger with each procedure she has. Osbourne said that there was not much of her body left that she hasn’t tweaked, enhanced, or removed all together. However, the talk show host claims that she is through with having plastic surgery and won’t be having any more cosmetic procedures.

7. Melanie Griffith


Melanie Griffith‘s face looks completely different than it used to. The star has gotten her lips done, breast implants, and liposuction, but she has never admitted to any of her plastic surgery procedures.

There are also rumors that she has now undergone a facelift. Her face began appearing stiff and frozen in photographs and Griffith’s once natural beauty slowly dissolved.

Her lip augmentation has transformed her lips into overfilled fish lips that make her face look very unnatural. Her facial features were altered after one too many fillers and Botox injections. Griffith also made changes to her body, going under the knife to have liposuction to eradicate fat from her body.

Combined with the alcohol and drug problem that Griffith has struggled with throughout her life, her constant cosmetic procedures are not helping to maintain the actress’s youth. Instead of adding beauty, the plastic surgery has taken away Griffith’s natural beauty.

6. Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner began to transform before our eyes as she grew from a young teenager into a woman on reality television. At first, Jenner claimed to be “over-lining” her lips with lip liner but later fessed up to having her lips injected with fillers. Kylie even started her own lip kit line, making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of her infamous lips.

Although she may have gone a bit overboard on the fillers at one point, Kylie’s face seems to have settled into place. The reality star and makeup connoisseur looks completely different than she had just a few years ago.

Rumors that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had had a boob job or a butt augmentation, however, Kylie claims that her voluptuous curves are from working out and strategical shapewear. The teenager has been eager to grow up, posting provocative photos of herself on social media even before she turned 18.

5. Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes has changed a lot over the year. The troubled child star had somewhat of a mental breakdown a few years ago and has had a growing obsession with plastic surgery.

Once a Nickelodeon television star, Amanda Bynes was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago. She has made some bizarre decisions, including lashing out at celebrities, wearing wigs, and being obsessed with her appearance.

Amanda was born with a birth defect, a bulge on her nose that caused webbing between her eyes. In 2013, she had a nose job to correct the bulge. This was just the beginning of Bynes’ plastic surgery obsession.

Amanda Bynes claims to have gotten a few nose jobs and a boob job. The former star of The Amanda Show has struggled with her mental well-being for some time now. She certainly does not look anything like she used to on her children’s network television show.

3. Lil’ Kim


Lil’ Kim has had more facial transformations than we can keep track of. A young girl who started out rapping next to Biggie Smalls, has had a ton of plastic surgery throughout her music career.

The singer and rapper is almost completely unrecognizable with dramatically different facial features, different hair, and even a lighter skin tone. Lil’ Kim has had so many different looks that she is hardly ever photographed looking the same.

Last year, Kim went a little overboard on the lip-filler trend and had extremely puffy lips, while that seemed to calm down, fans can’t even focus on that because there have been so many other changes to her face.

Kim’s ever-changing face transformed over the years, as well as her body after she became pregnant. Lil’ Kim’s definitely had a nose job, or two. She shocked fans last spring when she posted a photograph on Instagram looking nothing like herself. The rapper appeared to be a blonde Caucasian woman.

2. Cher


Superstar Cher has been suspected of undergoing facelifts, brow lifts, skin tightening, and a breast augmentation. It also appears that she had some kind of eye surgery targeting the eyelids and eye bags.

Although the singer doesn’t look like she is closing in on 70 years old, Cher doesn’t exactly have a lot of natural beauty left. She has also had doctors work on bringing her brow line back to where it was when she was younger.

With a completely wrinkle-free face, it is likely that Cher has had some Botox injections as well. She is also rumored to have had a face-lift. There is also a chance that Cher has had a nose job. If you look at her before and after photos, her nose in the later dates looks much sharper.

1. Jaleel White


Jaleel White played one of the most famous nerds on television as ‘Steve Urkel’ on Family Matters. Today, White is hardly recognizable and age seems to have done him some good. Talk about aging well.

After the show ended, White became quite tired of being compared to his former geek television character. He was quick to distance himself and began to work on his new image.

Jaleel said that in order to play Urkel he did things like stayed out of the gym and other things to retard his growth. Now, White hits the gym regularly and lives a happy, healthy life. We would have never guessed that this was what the former Steve Urkel would have grown up to look like.

Jaleel’s most recent claim to fame was being cast as a competitor on Dancing With The Stars.


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