15 Celebrities Who Shacked Up With Their Director

One thing that is never acknowledged is that the life of a Hollywood movie director is often a lonely life to live. Guys like Stanley Kubrick often lived recluse lifestyles away from the public. There is a reason for that. The biggest being that movie directors never have the time to live their own lives when they are too busy dealing with the gruelling nature of their career. A director’s job often forces them to deal with nonstop work on the set, editing the film after hours, tweaking the script when necessary, making sure everything on set goes 100 per cent according to plan, and so on. When all that’s done, they have to spend countless hours promoting the film, which includes interviews and red carpet events. Then when that’s done, they have to go through the whole process all over again with the next film.

Most directors don’t have time to swipe right on Tinder or navigate through potential bedroom patrons at a local bar. More often than not, directors pursue the stars who they happen to be working with as their potential suitors. Sometimes, it works out for them and other times, not so much. Here are a few instances where movie directors dated their stars.

15. Sam Mendes And Kate Winslet

In 2001, director Sam Mendes met Kate Winslet when he approached her about appearing in one of his plays. One thing led to another and a romance ensued. On a whim, the two married while on holiday in May 2003 and in December later that year, their first child was born. In 2009, he directed her to her Golden Globe winning performance  in Revolutionary Road. The film chronicles a marriage that falls apart. Ironically enough, it was during filming that Mendes’s marriage with Winslet did the same. Mendes hinted what went wrong in an interview with The Daily Telegraph when he said that while he doesn’t like to bring work home, Winslet wanted to constantly talk about work 24/7. They separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011.

14. Rupert Sanders And Kristen Stewart

Snow White and the Huntsman did a lot for Kristen Stewart’s career, namely exposing her affair with the director Rupert Sanders. The affair started in secrecy during production and when the two were caught on camera in public snuggled up with each other, the cat was out of the bag for the entire world to see, including Robert Pattinson and Sander’s wife Liberty Ross. Ross and Sanders’s officially divorced in 2014 while Pattinson and Stewart broke up as soon as the pictures were released to the public. This whole fiasco also seemed to immediately fizzle out any spark that was between Stewart and Sanders.

13. Steven Spielberg And Kate Capshaw

Fresh out of a separation from Amy Irving, Steven Spielberg started production for the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Along the way, he got acquainted with the film’s female star, Kate Capshaw. The more time the two spent together on set, the easier it was for the two to naturally fall in love with each other. However, they put their relationship on pause when Spielberg got back together with Irving in 1985, although the two would finally divorce in 1989 in the third most expensive celebrity divorce ever. Shortly after, he and Capshaw’s romance picked up exactly where they left off and have been married since 1991. The two are still happily married with seven children.

12. Woody Allen And Mia Farrow

Woody Allen always had a knack for developing romances with his female co-stars. Just as he did with Diane Keaton and Louise Lasser, he hooked up with Mia Farrow, another regular muse for his films. They married in 1980 and their marriage lasted 12 years in between Farrow starring in 13 of Allen’s films. When they first got married, Farrow already had seven children from a previous marriage, one of which was an adopted Korean child named Soon-Yi Previn. In 1992, when Previn was 21, Farrow discovered that Allen had nude photographs of Previn and the two were sleeping together. Around the same time, it was alleged Allen had been assaulting her and Farrow’s 7-year old daughter Dylan. This all resulted in the two divorcing. Allen is now married to his adopted daughter, Previn.

11. Roger Vadim And Brigitte Bardot

Roger Vadim is notorious for directing steamy art films like Barbarella and And God Created Woman, the latter of which starred his wife Brigitte Bardot. The two met after Vadim found himself in a creative drought and needed inspiration. While skimming an issue of Elle magazine, he found a picture of 15-year old model Bardot. He pursued her in hopes of her becoming his muse and eventually his lover, despite the 10-year age gap and disapproval from her family. The two married in 1952 and she went on to star in several of his movies. By the time the two divorced in 1957, he became a critically-acclaimed director and she became a s*x symbol. They remained close friends until Vadim died in 2000.

10. Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor

In 1999, Ben Stiller directed a pilot episode for a sci-fi action show called Heat Vision and Jack, which would have starred Jack Black as Jack and Owen Wilson as Heat Vision, the talking motorcycle. While the pilot flopped and failed to get picked up by any network, one thing that came out of it is that it allowed Stiller to meet the show’s female star, Christine Taylor. Not only did the two continue to collaborate with each other for films like Dodgeball and Zoolander, the two got married in 2000 and have since had two kids together. However, the two separated in 2017.

9. Robert Rodriguez And Rose McGowan

In 2005 at the Cannes Film Festival, director Robert Rodriguez met Rose McGowan at an after party for Rodriguez’s recent smash hit film, Sin City. The two talked, hit it off nicely, and in passing, McGowan mentioned that she wished she could’ve been a part of the film. When he asked why she didn’t audition, she alleged that Harvey Weinstein blackballed her from all films he produced after Weinstein assaulted her. Rodriguez promised that she was not blacklisted from his own movies and told Weinstein to his face while McGowan was present that he was casting her in Planet Terror no matter what. This manifested into a romance between McGowan and Rodriguez, although they broke up years later.

8. Ingmar Bergman And Liv Ullmann

Ingmar Bergman is often hailed as one of the greatest movie directors of all time. A frequent collaborator of his was actress Liv Ullmann. At the time, she was 25 while he was 46. She starred in nine of his feature films and one television movie. Along the way, the two were so close, hey became a romantically involved. Ullman and Bergman dated for five years between 1965 and 1970. Their relationship spawned one child together, journalist Linn Ullmann. Their relationship wasn’t without its lows, as he was the angrily jealous type, as well as being emotionally/physically abusive. Despite this, when they broke up, they continued making movies together and remained friends.

7. Peter Bogdanovich And Cybill Shepherd

In 1971, The Last Picture Showturned out to be a breakout hit for every young up and comer involved, including youngsters like Jeff Bridges and Randy Quaid. This was especially a turning point for director Peter Bogdanovich and Cybill Shepherd, who fell in love on the set. Bogdanovich happened to find Shepherd modelling for the cover of Glamour and immediately contacted her to be the star of his new movie. She made her film debut for him and eventually, a romance ensued. The only problem was that they became an item while Bogdanovich was already married to Polly Platt, ending his marriage. After a few more collaborations with each other, he and Shepherd split in 1979.

6. Darren Aronofsky And Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence starred in Darren Aronofsky’s recent horror thriller, Mother!. They wrapped up filming in September 2016 and shortly afterward, a romance bloomed between the 27-year old actress and the 48-year old director after the pair realized how much they had in common with one another. The two kept their relationship a secret until they started promoting their movie together on the red carpet. However, it was in November 2017, just over a year after the two got together, that they called it quits. According to Lawrence, it was the negative reviews to Mother! that caused a rift in their relationship.

5. Sam Taylor Johnson And Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson first gained global acclaim after earning the title role in Kick-Ass, but his first breakout performance in the movie industry came when he snagged the starring role of John Lennon in the film Nowhere Boy. It was through filming this biopic that he got acquainted with the director of the project, Sam Taylor. Despite the huge age gap where Aaron was 18 and Sam was 42, the two fell in love and married in 2012. They are still together and raising four children, two of which are from Sam’s previous marriage.

4. Paul W.S. Anderson And Milla Jovovich

Paul W.S. Anderson has always been a staple of the Resident Evil film franchise. Not only has he written and produced every single film in the franchise, but he has also directed quite a few of them. He directed the very first Resident Evil movie. That is quite the benchmark in itself, but perhaps a more glorifying achievement than that is the fact that he met the star on the set of the film. That star, of course, being his future wife Milla Jovovich. The two have had somewhat of an on-again-off-again relationship ever since. He proposed in 2003, but they briefly broke up afterward. They quickly got back together, had two children, and have been married since 2009.

3. Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter

For the longest time, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter were everyone’s favorite pair of weirdos. The two met in 2001 while filming Planet of the Apes together and suddenly, it seemed like a match made in heaven. While the two never married in the 14 years that they were together, they did have two children and made five movies together. For unknown reasons, the two split up in 2014. However, the two remain good friends to this day and have regular outings together for the sake of their children. It appears that they have avoided the usual mess that occurs during breakups and are able to maintain a strong friendship.

2. Danny Boyle And Rosario Dawson

Danny Boyle is the Oscar -inning director of Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, and the upcoming FX mini-series Trust. In 2013, the director released a film called Trance about an art auctioneer (James McAvoy) who gets wrapped in line with a few criminals and must team up with a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to help him recover a lost painting. Despite the over-20-year age gap between the two, sparks started to fly between Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson during production. Shortly after filming was over, the two became an item, although it did not last very long. The two broke up after dating for just under a year.

1. Paul Thomas Anderson And Maya Rudolph

Director Paul Thomas Anderson and comedian Maya Rudolph have been together ever since 2001 and managed to have four children together. While Rudolph has only appeared in one of his films before, Inherent Vice, she did provide some massive inspiration for his latest film, The Phantom Thread. In a recent film conference, Anderson recalled that he was sick in bed one day when suddenly his wife “looked at [him] with a love and affection that [he] hadn’t seen in a long time.” Almost instantaneously, the idea for The Phantom Thread sprang to him and he called Daniel Day-Lewis the next day to see if he’d want to star in it.


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