15 Celebrity Marriages We Predict Will End In Divorce In 2018 (And Why)

15 Celebrity Marriages We Predict Will End In Divorce In 2018 (And Why)


We all want our fave celebs to have happy marriages, but just like the rest of us, “’till death do us part” is not always in the cards. Famous folks are not immune to infidelity, arguments, or just going their separate ways. Long-term Hollywood marriages are few and far between, meaning many star couples just do not last forever. Falling out of love seems to be the trend du jour.

Perhaps it’s the stress and pressure of being in the limelight or the fact that there is always someone better to go for, especially when you are a hot celeb who can get anyone they want. Just look at the recent break up of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Even this seemingly down-to-Earth and totally in love couple called it quits earlier this year. The shock was heard ’round the world — or at least by those who think Page Six is their bible. If they could not make it go the distance, then how can we expect any other celeb couple to grow old and gray together? With plenty of Botox and hair dye, naturally.

Of course, we’re no fortune tellers, but these 15 couples have given us good reason to think that they may find themselves single by 2018. We do not claim to know what goes on behind closed doors (save for the celebs who “leak” tapes), but from what we see in the papers and on TV, they may want to reactivate their Tinder accounts pronto.

15. Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres

Well don’t they look over the moon? If ever there were a couple that looked less thrilled to be together than these gals do, we’d need to call the medics. Sadly, it appears that former lovebirds, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, look like they have completely grown bored of one another. Gossip rags have been suggesting the couple was losing steam for years, and from what we can see in this pic of the two, the tabloids may have been on to something. Normally, DeGeneres is full of smiles and sunshine, but beside her wife, she looks like her talk show was just cancelled. If these two are so unhappy, divorce may give them a newfound hope that “the one” is still out there. Before they become guests on Dr. Phil, this couple may want to get some marital counselling.

14. Kim Kardashian West And Kanye West

This couple was questionable from the start. With Kim Kardashian West’s marriage track record, it is really a miracle that her marriage to Kanye West has lasted as long as it has. But will they make it through 2018? If Kanye keeps up with his wild rants and rages, Kim may throw in the Hermes towel. And it must be a struggle for Kanye to deal with the Kardashian-Jenner clan on a daily basis. All that filming and togetherness must make him lose his mind. Kanye considers himself to be a genius, after all, so how could he think a reality TV wife is up to his level of intellect? Sure, she is mega-successful, but what sort of conversations do they have when the cameras aren’t rolling? Plus, momager Kris would love to throw Kim another wedding, made for TV. If Khloe doesn’t get hitched soon, Kris may talk Kim into dumping Kanye and hooking up with another famous face. E!, are you listening?

13. Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott

For a couple with so many issues, they must be nuts that they are still married. Having more kids has not helped their long list of woes, and neither has Dean McDermott’s bitter ex who is seeking money for owed child support for his kid with her. Tori Spelling was once a TV fan favorite, thanks to her iconic role as “Donna” on Beverly Hills 90210. But these days, she is all about pimping out her ever-expanding family on reality TV, showing all their warts and blemishes for the world to cringe at. McDermott famously cheated on Spelling, and she chose to try to work things out. But from our perspective, things are still super-rocky. While it isn’t certain that either of these two will ever find another mate who will put up with them, it is clear that they are not the perfect match. Where’s “David Silver” when you need him?

12. Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes

It is a rare day when we see the hunky actor Ryan Gosling and his sexy actress wife, Eva Mendes together in public. Could the reason be that they are headed towards splitsville? Yes, they are both super successful and undeniably attractive, plus they have kids together, but this does not mean that their romance is going as well as it would if they were the stars of a sappy rom-com together. Fans have always pictured Gosling with someone else — perkier perhaps — and Mendes is more of a hermit. If these two are hiding something, it may very well be that their relationship is either a lie or on the rocks. Perhaps the next time we see either of them in public, they will each be on the arm of another lover.

11. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

Rumors have swirled for years in regard to the state of the relationship between actor/rapper Will Smith and his long-time wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. This couple seems to have it all, but the nasty gossip still follows them year after year. They have two kids and great careers, and at one point, they seemed to be head over heels for each other. But perhaps there is some truth behind the whispers and cheesy gossip mag fodder. Will 2018 be the year that the Smiths separate? Both could surely find love again if the passion between them has run dry. New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be positive, but sometimes splitting with your spouse is the only route to take come January. If they do cut ties, at least they gave it the old college try.

10. Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been married before, and now he is again hitched to yoga pro/TV personality, Hilaria Baldwin. She’s a heck of a lot younger than her actor hubby, but that is nothing new when it comes to Hollywood May-December romances. Plus, they keep on poppin’ out the babies, so at least we know things in the bedroom are hot and heavy. But Baldwin seems like a guy who is a lot to handle. He has quite the quick temper and he is a take-charge, his-way-or-the-highway kind of guy. His wife seems to adore him and have the capabilities to put up with his antics, but the question is how long will the “honeymoon phase” last? Maybe she just wants some Baldwin in her kids’ DNA and then she’ll head off to the Hamptons with her wad of alimony dough. Look out Alec, this yoga honey may be in it for the money!

9. Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady

Beauty, talent, fame, fortune, and all that is good in the world has fallen into the lovely laps of the annoyingly awesome-looking couple of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her athlete husband, Tom Brady. They are both on top of the world and excelling in their high-paying, high-status careers. Fans adore and envy them and their star power keeps getting brighter. She is a beauty beyond compare and he is a ball player with talent and good looks too. Their kids are adorable, and they seem to be in love. But maybe this is all part of the game. Perhaps their agents set them up to seem like they have it all when in reality, they can’t stand one another. If that is the case, there’s no better time than 2018 to sign those papers and break it off. She could get any man she wanted and he could snag any babe on Earth. Let the rest of the world in on your fabulousness!

8. Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

The world still wonders if Jennifer Aniston is still pining for her ex, the impeccable Brad Pitt. Of course, she denies wanting anything to do with him, even though things went down the tubes with Ange. Aniston is presumably happily married to Justin Theroux, but everyone seems to have their questions about this partnership. Is it the real deal or is he the best runner-up to her first hubby? Yes, Theroux is quite the catch, but once you’ve been with Brad Pitt, who could possibly compare? Although celeb mags claim that Aniston is pregnant every time she eats an extra slice of pie, we can’t help but wonder if the romance between her and her man is solid. They seem to get along just fine, but does she fantasize about Pitt when the lights go out? If she dumps Theroux in 2018 and Pitt’s still not back together with Jolie, there is a chance for a rekindling. Wouldn’t the world love that?!

7. Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss and her man, Todd Tucker live much of their lives on reality TV as stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. Heck, they even met while filming. It has got to be a challenge to have cameras in your face 24/7, even if you’ve signed up for the gig. The pay may be decent, but Burruss is rich enough as is. Does she really need all that NeNe-fueled drama in her life? It can’t be good for a marriage, let alone one that just brought a new baby boy into the world. Not to mention, a good portion of celeb marriages that we see on reality TV turn to crap after a short period of time. Will this one be any different? All the fighting and craziness that goes on in Georgia is enough to make anyone lose their cool, even someone as awesome as Burruss. Let’s hope she and Tucker take their final paycheck from Bravo this December or else we may see a newly single Burruss holding that peach in 2018.

6. Beyoncé And Jay Z

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and from the look of this one, just a single word is all that is needed — divorce.Beyoncé looks pissed about whatever her man is texting, let alone who he is texting with. We all heard about Jay Z’s cheating scandal thanks to “Lemonade,” and it does not seem like Beyoncé is quite over the drama. Sure, these two just had twins and seem to have it all career- and money-wise, but there is more to life than glitz and glam. This “power couple” is losing electricity, and if something doesn’t change soon, Beyoncé is going to being showing Jay Z “to the left.” For the sake of their kids, let’s hope they keep things amicable, but as far as romance goes, this couple is as over as Destiny’s Child.

5. Harvey Weinstein And Georgina Chapman

In further sexual allegations news, there is the alleged very bad behavior of Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. The list of women who claim Weinstein is a total creep and major perv gets longer by the day, and he has been dropped like a flaming hot potato by his high-level company. Famous faces have accused the man of all sorts of lewd and crude behavior, and the #metoo movement is much stronger than any excuses he can possibly muster up. His designer wife, Georgina Chapman, has left him, but they have yet to officially divorce. Next year will likely be the year that the papers are signed, sealed, and delivered. Let’s hope Weinstein doesn’t try to hit on the delivery person in the process as he opens the door in his bathrobe.

4. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

The wedding between Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle has been set for May of 2018. But that doesn’t mean it will last. Of course, we all wish them the best, but the odds are stacked against them. She’s American and has been married once before. Surely, no matter what they say to the press, the royal family isn’t too keen on her backstory. Not to mention those racy internet pics floating all over the web. Kate is super prim and proper, and Markle is a Hollywood actress who once made a living as a living prop on a TV game show. How could she compare to William’s woman? Markle may be pretty and kind, but the Queen was expecting a woman far more elite for her darling Prince Harry to wed. Unless she gets pregnant on her honeymoon, this could be the shortest-lived marriage the royals have ever seen.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

The marriage of former child actress-turned fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen and French banker Olivier Sarkozy is one of the strangest matches we’ve seen in some time. There’s the considerable age difference, the eye-catching height difference, and all the other differences in between. He has two kids and she looks like one of them. The two seem to be in love, but the oddness of their pairing makes us do a double-take every time we see their photo in the press. They have been married for two years already, but maybe they will come to realize that they are not the perfect match come next year. Olsen is a twin, so perhaps she was seeking a mate that couldn’t be any more different from her. Well, she succeeded, but that is not what makes for a solid marriage. The bright side? Fuller House will always have her back if things don’t work out with Sarkozy.

2. Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney

The reality show couple of Vanderpump Rules has had their share of ups and down — heavy on the downs. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney finally got hitched, but not after years of fighting and bickering to the point of exhaustion. Why these two stayed together as long as they have is a total mystery. They seem to be a terrible mismatch, yet they keep on trying to work it out. Is it simply for a reality television storyline, or are these two just completely insane or masochistic? If you thought their buddy Jax was a hot mess, let these two give him a run for his money. Now that Schwartz and Maloney are man and wife, we expect the “7-year itch” to be more like one. If they are still married in 2018, pigs will be flying to the tunes the fat lady sings.

1. Matt Lauer And Annette Roque

Rumors of a marriage gone wrong between former Today Show anchor Matt Lauer and his ex-model wife Annette Roque have been swirling for years throughout NYC and the Hamptons. They have stayed together all this time, but folks have claimed that Lauer has been dipping his toe (ahem) into the dating pool while his wedding band remained on the nightstand for years. Apparently, Roque put up with it, but as of late, much worse allegations have emerged about her husband. S*xual misconduct in the workplace is nothing to take lightly, and now may be the time that Roque finally says goodbye to her husband. He screwed up royally, and she likely feels like a fool for staying with him all this time. The Today Show dropped him in a spilt second, and Roque may very well follow suit. Nobody would blame her. Maybe Al Roker can set her up with one of his more decent friends.

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