15 Celebrity Scandals That Will Break In 2018

15 Celebrity Scandals That Will Break In 2018



When it comes to celebrity scandals, 2017 will probably go down in the history books for how many crazy, vile, and borderline unbelievable scandals that were blown wide open. But we have begun 2018 and the scandal train shows no signs of slowing down. It honestly seems like with a lot of these scandals we’re only just scratching the surface, and considering the fact that it seems like everyone under the sun feels like it’s the right time to air all of their celebrity dirty laundry I think we can expect this next year to be pretty much as crazy as the last one.

But of course, when these volcanoes usually blow there are rumblings that tell you it’s coming beforehand, and there are quite a few rumblings that make it feel like some of these partially or mostly hidden scandals are ready to come out. So out of all of the celebrity secrets hiding around Hollywood and around the world which ones seem the most likely to be revealed in 2018? Some of them are new scandals that are kind of coming out of nowhere, but some are rumors that have been floating around for years or even decades, and it seems like now is just the right time for them to come out. So as we celebrate the end of the generally terrible year that 2017 has been and the new year ahead of us, let’s take a look at what insane and sometimes awful scandals and secrets might help us start off 2018.

15. Former Smallville Star Is Now A Cult Leader


Allison Mack is probably best known for her 10 year stint on the long running superhero show Smallville, where she played Clark Kent’s BFF Chloe Sullivan. And the cute as a button blonde came off as a genuinely sweet and loveable girl, so it’s a bit of a shock to learn that she seems to have ditched her acting career in favor of playing second in command in a disturbing and possibly violent cult (and if rumors are to be believed, it was actually Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk who introduced her to said cult). The group, called NXVIM (pronounced Nexium… yes, like the medicine) advertises itself as a kind of self-help and empowerment group, but some descriptions of it make it sound more like some deranged 50 Shades Of Greyimitation. There are rumors that group members are being kept against their will and even branded with the initials of the group’s leader, and actress Catherine Oxenberg actually claims that her daughter is one of the women being held captive.

14. Bryan Singer’s Abuse Against A Minor


Rumors of Bryan Singer‘s child abuse problems have been going around for literal decades, but no one has ever been able to really nail him down on anything before. He seems to have a knack for keeping the rumors quiet. Quite a few celebrities have posted something about it on social media only to delete the posts later (presumably due to the threat of a lawsuit), and Singer was actually sued by a young boy for abuse before but the suit was mysteriously withdrawn. But it looks like things might finally be hitting the fan where Singer is concerned, as he just abruptly quit working on the Freddy Mercury biopic he’s been doing for the past few months, and while he claims it’s due to a parent’s illness, many are speculating that he might be the next domino to fall in this massive Hollywood scandal. If there were ever a time to blow the lid off of this continuous problem, now would be the time, and I think even Singer knows it and is trying to get out of dodge beforehand.

13. Did NBC Already Know About Their Matt Lauer Problem?


Matt Lauer’s super abrupt firing from his longtime gig at The Today Show was an enormous shock to a lot of people. As far as rumored Hollywood sleazebags go, Matt Lauer isn’t the first person you’d think of, and you’d also think that getting rid of their morning show anchor who had been around for decades wouldn’t have happened quite that quickly. But it did, and you have to wonder why. I mean, it would be great if NBC investigated the claims so seriously and so quickly, but again, he was one of NBC’s most recognizable faces. And there is also the fact that almost every woman he harassed was an employee of NBC, and some of the women coming forward have claims going back years. Is it really believable that NBC heard absolutely nothing about his serial predatory behavior that have been going on for decades? I mean, hell, he had a button to lock his door in his office. They fired Ann Curry specifically because of him. Their explanation doesn’t make much sense, and they could have ditched Lauer so quickly to avoid blowback on the network for covering for him for so long.

12. Nickelodeon Covering For Abusers


I think that most of us would like to believe that the sections of the entertainment industry that deal with children take abuse allegations more seriously and are more protective of their talent than a normal company, especially since they’re pretty much legally required to be more vigilant on behalf of their child employees. However that doesn’t seem to be the case with kid’s TV network Nickelodeon. Nick recently fired the creator of their hit show The Loud House, Chris Savino, after he was accused of harassment by multiple female coworkers. However they still haven’t dealt with or even addressed the incredibly serious rumors that have been swirling around one of their longtime employees, Dan Schneider, who is the creator of some of the network’s most successful shows like All ThatZoey 101, and Drake & Josh. The rumors of his child abuse go back decades, and there was even an exceptionally horrifying rumor that he is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ first child.

11. Tom Sizemore Committed A Terrible Crime Against A Minor On Set

via: pbs

Eternally troubled actor Tom Sizemore has categorically denied these allegations, but a recent report surfaced that in 2003 the actor was accused of assaulting a child on the set of a movie. The incident had never been revealed publicly until this last November, but apparently an 11-year-old girl who was acting in a film with Sizemore told her mother that the actor had inappropriately touched her, and as a result Sizemore was asked to leave the production. The girl’s mother didn’t press charges against the actor, so he returned to the project for reshoots a few months later, but some of the cast and crew members who worked on the production decided to come forward about the incident during this new outing of badly behaving people in the entertainment industry. And while Sizemore did deny the claims when they were initially levelled, cast and crew members who were working during the alleged incident make some pretty convincing claims themselves, and Sizemore’s management and talent agencies both dropped him soon after the incident.

10. Harassment Claims Against Mariah Carey


This accusation has surprisingly gotten a bit lost in the whole overload of bad behavior accusations against famous people, but it seems like it should only be a matter of time before it gets more serious attention. Pop diva Mariah Carey has been accused of some wildly inappropriate behavior in a lawsuit filed by her former head of security, Michael Anello. According to his filing Anello says that Carey referred to him as a Nazi, white supremacist, and a KKK member, as well as indecently exposing herself to him on one occasion and failing to pay him more than $200,000 that he was owed for services. The lawsuit has now been paused, presumably because Mariah wants to settle, and if she does decide to settle it seems very likely that she’ll include a non-disclosure agreement in the settlement. However, given the hubbub about whether or not NDA’s should even be legal considering how much horrible stuff they’ve been used to cover for, it seems like trying to keep this quiet might wind up bringing even more attention to it.

9. Dustin Hoffman’s Serial Abuse Problem


Among the plethora of abuse allegations and “#metoo” experiences that have been pouring out of every corner of the world, there were initially a few allegations that legendary actor Dustin Hoffman had behaved inappropriately with women in the past. Things got super awkward when, during a panel with John Oliver, Oliver confronted Hoffman on his alleged behavior and Dustin reacted pretty badly. He also claimed that he was already being judged as guilty instead of presumed innocent until proven guilty. The incident itself made a decent amount of headlines, but sadly and unsurprisingly there are more accusations and accusers coming out of the woodwork. And the more women who come out and claim me too when it comes to Dustin Hoffman, the more likely it seems that the accusations have merit. And considering Dustin’s reaction when he was called out the first time, it seems likely that he might draw even more attention to these issues as more women come forward.

8. Johnny Depp’s Serious Addiction Issues

It seems like actor Johnny Depp has been going through a pretty long and public spiral for a while now, but it seems like those issues might really come to a head in 2018. While Depp’s appearance and demeanor changed in public he managed to keep the reason for the changes private for quite a long time, but slowly and surely these stories seem to be coming out or be harder and harder to cover up. After his breakup with Amber Heard his violent side was exposed, and after his falling out with his accountant the staggering amount of money he was spending on alcohol was exposed, and suddenly the picture seemed to be a lot clearer. The video of his violent drunken rampage only cemented what was becoming more obvious, because it looked like the textbook example of out of control alcoholic behavior. And if his behavior is already impacting his work like it did with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film it seems like it must only be a matter of time before it becomes even more public.

7. Gal Gadot’s Controversial History


It seems like Israeli actress Gal Gadot kind of came out of nowhere and hit it out of the park with Wonder Woman, so much so that she might wind up being the savior of the struggling DC film franchise. And it’s no secret that Gal is from Israel nor that she proudly served in the Israeli Defence Force, but given the global opinions about the situation in Israel it seems like it must only be a matter of time before this becomes a bigger story. Service in the Israeli military is compulsory for all Israeli citizens so Gal was legally obligated to serve, and she apparently served as a fitness instructor, which is a relatively innocuous position, but Gal is obviously a very pro-Israel woman and given the general state of Israel-Palestine relations as well as the sudden amplification of the attention paid to the situation it seems like Israel’s new superstar is bound to get caught in the political crossfire.


6. Robert Downey Jr.’s Big Secret


This little gossip tidbit actually goes back years, but it suddenly seems super relevant again now that so many Hollywood scandals are truly seeing the light of day for the first time. As most of us know by now, even though this is the first time these scandals have been brought to light and fully acknowledged as truth, they are rumors that have been floating around Hollywood gossip hubs for years and sometimes even decades. But a while back there was a user called “Himmmm” who was posting some pretty horrifying unconfirmed rumors on the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, and he seemed to have a lot of insider knowledge that now appears to be for the most part true. And based on what the user has said about himself and a lot of the good and bad people he’s worked with a lot of people have speculated that the whistleblower is actually RDJ. Of course, Robert Downey Jr. has never addressed the rumor, but if Robert was trying to expose Hollywood creeps for years, then hats off to him.

5. Who Really Knew What Regarding The Massive Current Hollywood Scandal?

via: ABC News

Obviously, the massive abuse scandals that have been erupting out of every corner of Hollywood are collectively the biggest news story to hit the entertainment industry in a very long time. And it is long past time that people who use their work and positions of power to abuse people were exposed and cast out of their jobs. However, given what a massive and widespread problem this appears to be, the only logical question that would follow next is how exactly did something this awful and on such a large scale happen for so long without interruption? If hundreds and thousands of people in the industry were being damaged by these serial abusers, why did it take so long for it to come out into the open like this? And sadly the only explanation is that in many ways the industry must have been set up to cover for its abusers and criminals, and quite a few people working in the industry must have known what was going on and either helped hide it or just ignored it. There have already been some accusations levelled against people for knowing and not doing anything, and as the abuse accusations stack up I can only imagine the accusations of hiding it will stack up as well.

4. Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy


The world has pretty much come to accept the fact that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. However, the 20-year-old cosmetics mogul and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hasn’t actually come out and said that she’s expecting yet. She has certainly been teasing and alluding to it, but she has yet to come out and say that she’s pregnant and she has even managed to avoid being photographed looking very clearly pregnant. One can assume that she’s holding off on the announcement because both she and momager Kris know how much money they can make off of a new baby, but at this point it’s feeling a little ridiculous. I mean, Kylie has to be nearing full term by now if the speculations about when she got pregnant are correct, and she can’t be planning on completely hiding the existence of a baby, right? I know this makes for an amazing KUWTK story line, but come on, at least fess up to what everyone pretty much already knows at this point.

3. Exposing “Yacht Girls”


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “yacht girls,” they’re essentially women who are paid dates for outrageously rich men. A lot of them are familiar Instagram models, and some of them are actually legitimate celebrities, and a lot of them travel all over the globe to accompany men on vacations. So basically, if you see a young and hot woman who seems to constantly travel and live outside of her means who is also often in the company of older men, chances are she’s a yacht girl. The term yacht girl developed because these young women were getting photographed with much older men on yachts so often that people’s BS radar started pinging, because it seemed absurd that these girls could travel so much and afford such lavish lifestyles without actually appearing to do much work. But then gossip hounds started putting two and two together, and it made some sense that these girls were actually working girls during these trips and events. And while some of the names you might not know, there are quite a few women who may possibly be “yachting” as their main source of income. For instance, Lindsay Lohan, who seems to travel quite a lot and can afford quite a bit despite the fact that she hasn’t done any work in the actual entertainment industry for a while.

2. Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes’ Relationship

via: The Daily Mail

It has long been rumored that when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced that Tom put a caveat in the divorce agreement that Katie couldn’t date another man publicly for a specific amount of time. And seeing as Katie has supposedly been dating Jamie Foxx for years and now they’re finally being spotted in public together occasionally it seems like that rumor might have been pretty legit. But the fact that their relationship seems to be finally quasi-confirmed after years of mystery also seems to indicate that the statute of limitations on Katie’s secret boyfriends might finally be expiring. I’m sure after the insanity of TomKat Katie is more than fine with having a low key relationship, but I also imagine it must be a relief to not have to sneak around with a man who has been your boyfriend for literal years. And Tom Cruise might have been a pretty powerful name in Hollywood around the time of their divorce, but I doubt he could prevent Katie from ever publicly dating anyone again.

1. A Whole Lot Of Celebs Blowing Up Their Own Spots To Try To Cover Their Bad Behavior


It wasn’t a massive news story because he’s not a huge name, but a pretty interesting story came out in the last few days about documentarian and producer Morgan Spurlock. What made it particularly interesting was not the incident itself, but that Spurlock himself was the one to release the story in his own words. In his explanation Spurlock essentially admits to criminal abusive behavior that he says he didn’t realize was abusive at the time, and says that he is a part of Hollywood’s abuse problem. While on the surface the admission seems commendable, it also seems like the kind of thing someone might do in order to get ahead of a story that they know might come out about them soon enough anyway. And if the trickle of stories that have followed Spurlock’s admission are true, it really does seem like that might be the case. Some of his employees have reported a long history of bad behavior at his company and some pretty outrageously sexist behavior. Given Spurlock’s reputation it makes sense that he’d want to get ahead of it, and I don’t think anyone should be surprised if a lot of other people admit their own wrongdoings in an attempt to make themselves look like people who didn’t understand what they were doing instead of regular abusers.


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