15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly – But Were Still Caught

15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly – But Were Still Caught


We’ve all been there, going out on the weekend, having a few drinks with friends. Things get late, things get sloppy and before you know it you’re heading to the social media frontier to.. Well what are you going to do? Surely it’s a not good idea to confess your love, or do misguided acts of friendship or kindness. Maybe you weren’t drunk and you just had a passing lapse in judgement and said something regrettable. Some of us are lucky enough to have just missed the era of eternal posts where seemingly nothing can be deleted. Most of us are lucky enough that, even if we do it now, we don’t have millions of people able to screenshot and report on it in an instant like politicians and celebrities. For celebrities, it’s carved in stone the moment they click that little “post” button. Some have been brazen and in the face of controversial tweets just kept them up, others caved to the PR back lash; some offering apologies, others double down.

This pairs nicely with the Streisand Effect, where someone wants something like a picture deleted or erased from the internet, and the ironic result of that very act gaining a larger audience for the picture or post at hand. Today we’re going to be looking at the racist, racy and regrettable posts that celebrities and politicians (is there a distinction?) have goofed and tried to erase.

15. CeeLo Green’s First Lapse In Judgement

Pciture ( Tweet (

Okay so this isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone but CeeLo will be on this list a couple of times. Let us just say he seems to have a lapse in judgement a little more frequently than other celebrities. It just so happens we are in the midst of a powerful #MeToo movement where women and men like Terry Cruise are speaking out against people using their power to abuse others. Well in 2012 CeeLo was accused of spiking a woman’s drink where he pleaded no contest.

He then took to twitter and said some pretty insensitive things like, “Women who have really been [assaulted] REMEMBER!!!” Wow, CeeLo. But that wasn’t all he said on the matter, in what seemed like he was aiming to double down he followed that up by saying, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” before deleting his account and apologizing. We think you said it best in your uncensored “Forget You” single.

14. Rita Ora’s Failed Re-Tweet Campaign

Picture ( First Tweet ( Second Tweet (

Well that was unexpectedly heavy. Let’s lighten it up by talking about Rita Ora and her blatant desperation. No one’s a stranger to being a slave to your notifications when you post a status or a new picture of yourself. We can only imagine this is magnified when you’re a singer and have thousands if not millions of fans worldwide. It can be easy to forget just how much there is to scroll past on a twitter feed. It can be even easier to have a poor gauge of your followers. Are they there for news, are they highly interactive or are they paid click-farms your manager bought to give you a boost?

We don’t have a definitive answer in Rita’s Case. On Halloween of 2014 Rita tweeted “dropping my new song Monday if this get 100,000 retweets.” Which was deleted after the campaign was a massive failure. In one of the largest cases of “oops, didn’t mean to” the 23 year old singer tweeted claiming she was hacked. Aw, girl.

13. Hulk Hogan Tweets His Daughter’s Legs

A picture is worth a thousand words but the description does a pretty great job explaining itself. Sure President Donald Trump said at one point that he would date his daughter if he could, and on more than one occasion commented on her “tremendous figure”, although he still hasn’t gone so far as to actually tweet out a picture of her legs, and that’s where Hulk Hogan decided to say “Hold my beer, brother.”

In 2008 Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his daughter’s legs with the simple caption “Brooke’s legs” and caused a pretty understandably large uproar. He took to interviews and twitter again calling people perverts and saying “..Go back to your farm animals.” This is an interesting way to react considering he accompanied Brooke to the unveiling of her PITA portrait which was of her in the buff, in a cage. In the future we suggest you try and keep those posts wrestling related, brother.

12. Reggie Bush On “Hitting” What?

picture ( tweet (

Like it was said in the intro, we all have lapses in judgement. Have you ever been in a group of people and you’re all joking and having a good time, laughing. You get into that round-robin style of conversation where everyone is throwing in quips and banter and when you decide to say something it just falls utterly flat? Perhaps it’s one of those thoughts that keep us all awake. Well the next time you’re brought on with one of these terrible cringe-afflictions simply remember that at least you didn’t do it to 3.14 million followers like Reggie Bush did.

After watching the UEFA’s Champions League finals where Didier Drogba fired a winning penalty kick like a missile, Reggie Bush Tweeted “Shoot Drogba might even hit a Nazi chick tonight in Germany! LOL!” You can practically feel the room go silent, can’t you? You could employ Gordon Ramsey for a year with the amount of poor taste that went into that tweet. Reggie Bush would call the offended cry-babies before back pedalling and apologizing.

11. Russell Brand Tweets Out Of Misguided Love

Picture of Couple ( Picture of Katy (

Remember when Russell Brand was a comedian and not a philosopher? Remember when he dated Katy Perry and it was an unexpected relationship? We remember, we also remember when he posted a makeup-less Katy Perry to Twitter as a sort of misguided pledge towards her beauty. A sort of “I think the real Katy Perry is beautiful the way she is” sort of memento. But here’s the thing, Katy Perry’s brand relies heavily on her appearance. She markets herself first by her music, second by her look, and that’s not something you can be laissez-faire about when you’re an international pop star.

We know he meant well, this is definitely in the misguided acts of kindness/lapse of judgement category, but I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t exactly a shocker when things started to go downhill for them. Apparently, these days they rarely speak to each other outside of texts requesting divorce.

10. Denise Richards Posts Private Phone Number

Picture of Denise Richards ( Tweet (

Ever given out a fake number to someone being a little too persistent at a bar? Even worse, have you ever received an unwanted phone call whether it’s a persistent telemarketer, crazy ex or new stalker you met downtown last weekend? Now imagine having 2.4 million followers, all of varying levels of sanity and attachment to you, and you just gave them all your number. Sort of an open invitation to have phone calls which exclusively consists of heavy breathing or weird/threatening remarks. A who’s who of telemarketers, news agents, bloggers, vloggers, and weirdos, all incapable or unwilling to go through proper channels.

Denise Richards did just that. In 2009 Denise Richards thought she was sending a private message to a friend and ended up tweeting out her number. It is tough enough being as flawless looking as Richards (and famous to boot) without a litany of weird phone calls. She quickly realized her mistake tweeting out “Number changed!! Won’t make that mistake again.”

9. Hayley Williams (Accidentally?) Showed Too Much

Hayley Williams is a tiny chick with large pipes. A lot of us know her from her first major hit with Paramore, Misery Business or any of the other incessantly catchy songs she came out with since then like the mega-hit Airplanes, featuring B.o.B and Eminem. But does anyone remember the time she posted a photo of herself in the buff?

Well, let us be clear, aside from the racy pictures being deleted there was never any explanation as to what had happened. Was it a malicious attack from someone who hacked the account, a very poor slip up? Needless to say, the pictures were deleted within 10 minutes of being posted and never spoken of again. Despite massive celebrity photo leaks, Hayley hasn’t been involved with any since.

8. Sean Spicer Tweets Password. Twice.

Sean Spicer ( First Tweet ( Second Tweet (

Okay so accidental or not, posting any part of your privates for the world to see when you don’t mean to can be uncomfortable to say the least. How about the digital version of exposing yourself? In a popular subreddit known as Old People Facebook, you can see frequent examples of the geriatric community using Facebook in atrocious ways. Posting statuses as personal messages or posting inappropriate replies to things like funeral or relationship statuses. But not very often do they straight up post the password given to them for their twitter page. And they especially don’t usually do it twice.

That’s right, Sean Spicer tweeted out his password, not once but twice over the course of his time as Press Secretary. The first time he did it was January 25th of this year, but the next time he did it was the next day.

7. CeeLo Makes Another Poor Judgement Call

Cee Lo Green (getty images/ John Shearer) Tweet (

We really couldn’t help but throw CeeLo on the list twice because his twitter record is ridiculous. In this case he decided to take to the mean streets of twitter and defend himself against music editor Andrea Swensson, who had criticisms about a recent performance of his. CeeLo must have been sitting to have enough blood flow through his head not to make half his characters exclamation marks, but that’s about it.

In a response to Andrea, CeeLo posted “People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well f*** you!” And this is the part where we slow clap. This is a salad of distasteful statements tossed haphazardly together. Do we start with him assuming his masculinity is what’s offensive? Well good thing he apologized later by saying the celebrity 2011 version of “it’s just a prank, bruh.” CeeLo tweeted, “I always expect people to assume that everything I do is part of my character and sense of humor.” 5 years later CeeLo has refined his taste by releasing “Jay-Z’s Girl” after attending the Grammy Awards in all gold.


6. Drake Bell Induces Facepalming

Photo (by Vivien Killilea/WireImage) Tweet (

It’s not news to anyone that Caitlyn Jenner went under her sensational transformation a couple of years ago, starring in the Vanity Fair cover with the headline “Call me Caitlyn.” What might be surprising is how Drake Bell, former Nickelodeon star responded to this news. While a lot of us remember the charming and slick Drake Bell, further contrasted by the goofy, slapstick Josh in Drake and Josh, he’s anything but slick or charming when he sent out this tweet, “Sorry….still calling you Bruce.”

That’s almost insensitive enough to be sold as a numbing cream. What turned this from insensitive to a moment that (hopefully) makes Drake cringe in bed at night is his response where he tweeted, “I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill Out!” 2 years later and we have come a long way in terms of vernacular and pronouns, let’s hope Drake’s (or is PR’s) Hindsight is at least

5. Ashton Kutcher Stands Up For JoePa

Picture ( Tweet (

Put your hands up if you remember the Penn State scandal of 2011. If you don’t it’s certainly worth the Wikipedia read, but a quick recap is this: Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky was charged and convicted in 2012 of for engaging in the abuse of children as early as the 1990’s. If you’re not familiar you’re probably wondering how JoePa or Ashton Kutcher tie into that. Well Joe Paterno was found to have obstructed the case and actively covered up the actions of Sandusky in an E-mail chain the FBI found. This lead to the taking down of Paterno’s statue and a redacting of his NCAA wins.

And here’s where our boy Kutcher punks himself, in maybe the most ironic tweet in 2011 after JoePa was fired he says, “How do you fire JoePa #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” We agree with the hashtags, we don’t agree with their context.

4. Oprah Begs For Views

What awful times are these we live in when a respectable and classy lady like Oprah is begging for views on Twitter. You’re not Rita Ora, you’re better than this. Remember when you were giving free cars to your audience? Desperate times indeed. In 2012 Oprah tweeted, “Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Neilson box.”

Now, for those of you who don’t know, a Neilson box is what helps television networks like OWN track viewership. Oprah later removed the tweet, apparently at the request of Nielson and apologized to the company. Things haven’t been much better since, her talk show of 25 years ended and she’s had trouble finding her feet. The spiritual leader and philanthropist is currently producing a few of her own shows while hosting Oprah: Where Are They Now, with rumours of a run for presidency in 2020.

3. Anthony Weiner Tweets His… You Know


Tony “The Mongoose” Dubs is not a politician who has the indestructible super-cape of criticism that Trump dawns. His political career is similarly plagued by inappropriate texting, pictures and other material sent to minors and college students, with claims and slip ups starting as early as 2011.

Anthony Weiner started a pivot in his political career when he was quoted saying “I’m just one of the jobs created by Obama.” But now he’s famously quoted saying, “I’m strong, like a mongoose.” In one of the largest cases of “oops-didn’t-mean-to” to have occurred on the internet, Anthony Weiner posted a picture of his underwear clad junk that was later found to be meant for a college student he happened to be flirting with while his wife was pregnant. At the time it occurred, Weiner claimed to have been hacked, saying, “Stranger things have happened.” Like, for instance, his political career.


2. The Deleted Tweet

Donald Trump Speaking ( Tweet (

Regardless of your political leanings, it is safe to say a few things about Donald Trump. This is a person who has had scandal; drama and controversy follow him around since the 1990’s. He wears these traits like a superhero might wear a cape. It seems to protect him, where other politicians have made an odd sound or single passing remark to end their career, Donald Trump’s career only seemed bolstered and certainly not slowed by any of the remarks that sparked headlines. Even if he does post or say something shocking, he rarely redacts or corrects himself.

However, in a rare move of deleting a tweet, in 2015 while he was still just a candidate, Donald Trump re-tweeted, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband what makes you think she can satisfy America?”

1. Ambitious Politician Posts To Reddit Confession Thread

Picture ( Post (

If you’re familiar with the popular link aggregating website, you’re probably familiar with some of the so-called historical moments that have occurred on the website. Since politicians and celebrities alike often pop over to the website it can often feel like you have the potential to mingle with high society. Val Kilmer, for instance, posts in movie trivia comment sections and sometimes even posts. Snoop Dogg has a cult community following where he’s known as /u/Here_Comes_The_King.

One of these historical moments is a thread that took place in 2012 labelled “Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?” And in it a user who’s name will be left out, commented, “I posted several dozen obscene pictures of myself on the internet as a minor, because I’m a dumba**, and now I’m on my way to a career in foreign diplomacy. If you ever hear about a scandal involving a Foreign Service officer and her own child –, you’ll know.” With one of the top replies being an eerie “This just made me realize that future presidents are probably on Facebook and Twitter right now.” The post was deleted within 8 months as the thread became more legendary with time.


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