15 Celebs Who Are Butterfaces… But No One Cares



We’ve all known those incredibly curvaceous women who are absolute rock stars in a bikini but might be lacking a certain pizzazz above the shoulders. It’s not that these women aren’t beautiful in their own way; it’s just this particular batch of hotties don’t happen to have the most aesthetically pleasing faces to lust over. This list of women we have compiled is a certain gathering of candidates that just happen to fit that same mold, remember, it’s not that we don’t think that they are hot, it’s just that they get the job done in certain areas.

If you try to look up in the dictionary the definition of “butter faces” you will be hard pressed to get a definitive answer, if you look in the urban dictionary however, it describes a ‘butter face’ as someone who is exceptionally curvy and hot in every area except her face; and these girls are right up that alley. When gazing at these stars, their ‘assets’ might be the first thing that catches your eye, and this is not an uncommon theme. Upon a closer viewing, all of these stars lack appeal in their faces, but they most definitely make up for that in other areas. At the end of the day, these are still some of America’s sexiest stars, they have just used their god given talent, as well as their god given curves to get the job done. As you peruse through this unique category of charming women, we encourage you to keep an open mind when thinking about giving these girls heat for having sub par faces; if you are even into that kind of thing. Without any further ado, let’s go!

15. Anna Paquin

Yikes, with all the money that Anna Paquin has made from the big screen, you’d think she’d get some work done; at the very least narrow the gap between her teeth. Anna Paquin is that actor that you’ve never heard about, but once you see her you recognize her right away. A lot can be said about actors and actresses that don’t ring a bell when you hear their names, and Anna Paquin personifies that perfectly. Her ‘man-like’ facial structure certainly isn’t anything to write home about, and her physique resembles an Olympic athlete before it screams actress. When you hear Anna Paquin the last thing you think of is how beautiful she is, you might not even recognize the name at first, and there’s a good reason for that; she’s nothing all that great to look at. Yikes.

14. Kendra Wilkinson

Known for her dominant role in the notorious Playboy magazine, it should be no surprise that Kendra’s curves landed her on our list; it certainly wasn’t her face that was going to gain any notoriety. It’s not that Kendra isn’t pretty, she just makes up for a ‘regular’ face with incredibly ‘irregular’ assets. The former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson has somewhat faded from the spotlight after the ending of her prominent role in the television series The Girls Next Door. After further consideration, we’re venturing to guess that although contrary to popular belief, it shouldn’t be all that crazy to find a former Playmate on a list of celebrity butter faces, it’s fairly obvious why they landed their Playboy roles anyway (and it wasn’t their faces).

13. Anna Faris

This shouldn’t surprise any of you, Anna Faris has long capitalized on her incredible physique and disproportionate features. The remarkably skinny Anna Faris has always landed the ‘hot girl’ roles in her movies, but it wasn’t her contoured cheek bones that landed her those prominent positions. Anna Farris is the stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’, or at least she portrays that role perfectly, which makes her emergence onto our list that much more credible; she’s curvy, ditzy, and average around the face, which makes us strangely more interested. Don’t get us wrong, Anna Faris is still smoking hot, it’s just for the particular list we’re compiling she couldn’t fit the bill more perfectly. Anna is an incredibly solid acting talent, she can play some diverse roles and always keeps us laughing, but when it comes to eye-candy, we know where we’re going to be looking.

12. Fergie

This former superstar singer from the Black Eyed Peas has always been able to catch the eyes of men from all over the world, and for a darn good reason to. She’s curvy, can belt out incredible notes, and received several awards and nominations from her singing career. Chances are you noticed her curvaceous physique before you noticed anything else, so don’t be too alarmed when we fill you in on a little secret; she’s got a butter face! Fergie may have peaked already in terms of popularity, but you can still catch this former star on the television screen from time to time. In what seems to have been a lifetime of trying to prove if she was “hot or not”, the jury verdict still seems to be out on this one. Her face is telling us no, but her body…her body is telling us yes!

11. Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra is one of the celebrities on our list with perhaps the best bodies, unfortunately, she is lacking the typical ‘bombshell’ face to compliment her unbelievably rocking frame. Vida Guerra doesn’t mind flaunting her twins, she has made a name for herself on social media platforms for showing off her assets on numerous occasions. Maybe she herself has an inkling that her face isn’t up to the same standards that her body holds, or maybe it’s just because she loves showing off what her ‘mama gave her’, we love looking at her either way. Vida Guerra is beautiful in her own way, even if that way is simply flashing a bit of her cleavage and bending over to grab something ‘she dropped’, but we love her all the same.

10. Kat Dennings

Most stars on this list attempt to show off their beauty in a multitude of fashions, Kat Dennings however, is not one of those celebrities. From pictures like this, it’s easy to see what assets Kat Dennings is comfortable showing off, and for good reason. We don’t think that this entry should come as any surprise to you, what might be more of a shocker is that she even has a face to begin with, we’ve been so mesmerized by her twins upstairs that we almost didn’t notice. Kat Dennings is a very talented actress and is beautiful in her own way, but what pops out on the screen (pun intended) isn’t her face, and for that reason, she’s landed on our list. It’s not that we dislike Kat (or any of these celebrities for that matter), they just stand out for other…more noticeable reasons.

9. J-WOW

Known for her dominating role on MTV’s hit show the Jersey Shore, Jennifer Farley, or more popularly known as ‘JWOW’, has caught all of our attention for her rocking hot body. Her personality on the show is a charismatic, ditzy, and she’s smoking hot diva that loves to party and have a good time. When you think of JWOW, we doubt the first thing you think of is her long black hair, her juicy lips, or her perfectly sculpted eyebrows; we’re assuming that your mind jumped straight to her chest, and we don’t blame you. JWOW is the perfect example of what a stunning body can do to boost the overall look of someone. Her body is so overpowering that we hardly even noticed that her face is sub par at best, but now that we focus in on it, it’s been right in front of us all along.

8. Iggy Azalea

The “So Fancy” singer has made quite a name for herself in an incredibly short time frame, she has dated NBA stars, rap stars, and has developed her own brand in the music industry as a female rapper. Iggy Azalea hails from Australia, quite possibly the best continent in pumping out fashion supermodels in the world, but Iggy Azalea bucks the trend just slightly. When one takes a microscope to Iggy’s features, the last place they’re going to inspect is her face. The more than likely option that folks will land on (figuratively and literally) is going to be her rear-end, which is unrivalled in the pop culture world today. Iggy Azalea is incredibly talented and also extremely young, so we’re going to be seeing a lot of her in the future, and subsequently a lot of her assets as well.

7. Brooke Hogan

Perhaps the MVP of the butter face, Brooke Hogan is the household name when one thinks of the infamous actors with less than appealing smiles. She has a pair of twins upstairs that are eye-popping, to say the least, and Hulk Hogan’s daughter has been in the mainstream media for a variety of not so awesome moments. For an array of reasons, none of which include her ‘pretty face’, Brooke Hogan has made the headlines in part because of her father, but as well as her own spin on popularity. Brooke Hogan has always been interesting to look at, but her face is the least interesting of all. In her own reality show, Brooke Knows Best, Hogan depicts a celebrity that might actually be 10 times more successful than she herself truly is, but nevertheless, she’s still something nice to look at.

6. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is certainly a ‘head-turner’, but not for her facial structure. Turner is gaining an intense following since her rock star role in the hit HBO show Game Of Thrones. She might not be the first star you’d think would fit the bill, but upon further review, we’re guessing you can see why she landed on our list. Sophie Turner is somewhat plagued by red headed genetics, and the ‘average’ face that’s easily overlooked; however, she has a pretty rocking body and she really is a phenomenal acting talent. When you think of Sophie Turner we highly doubt that the first thing you think of is her face, more than likely you picture Sansa Stark commanding people and kicking some serious butt. Sophie Turner definitely isn’t ugly, but the more we look at her we can’t help but fit her into the category of butter-faces.

5. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has been in and out of headlines for a multitude of reasons, most of them not so good, but she has always remained a staple in the conversation of Nickelodeon/Disney stars who are all grown up. Amanda Bynes used to be hot, like…really hot, but ever since a controversial conversation about her drug use, her typically stunning face has fallen to the wayside. This hasn’t inhibited her from maintaining a still stunning body, although we as an audience haven’t seen all that much from her lately. Unfortunately, it looks like Amanda Bynes is playing right into the all too familiar “child star gone bad” role, having undergone several drug treatments and mental health stints, it appears that Bynes best days are behind her.

4. Haylie Duff

Falling inside the shadow of Haylie’s bombshell sister Hilary, many followers of the sisters more than likely have forgotten about the understudy of former Disney star Lizzy McGuire. It appears that Haylie has found some of her own inadequacies in her face as well, clearly having fallen under the knife a time or two. Haylie Duff has a rocking body, we’re not trying to take anything away from her, but when we think of Hilary’s second best sister, the first thing we think of is certainly not her face. She’s made her appearances in some blockbuster films like Napoleon Dynamite and Material Girls, but the underwhelming actor seems to be thriving on a career that always falls short of the giant role that will gain her the popularity that she craves.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is beautiful, in a grandma-like fashion, who also has incredibly large watermelons. Playing in a remarkable amount of roles that are diverse and challenging, Jaimie Lee Curtis has always had a special way of getting our attention and keeping it. Jamie Lee Curtis has a ‘pretty’ face, but it’s what she got going on in all her other areas that have us captivated and hypnotized like no other. Jamie is as funny as she is talented, and her unique set of acting skills has always allowed her to star in some pretty big blockbuster roles, but when it all boils down to keeping us entertained, Jamie Lee Curtis has a pair of twins that are second to none. Whether you agree with us or not, there’s no denying that Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her astonishing chest, and not so much her face.

2. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has a rear-end that is second to none when it comes to curvaceous features, and her twins upstairs also give most celebs on this list a run for their money. When you finally get your head out of the gutter and take a look at Nicki Minaj’s face, we’re guessing that you become less and less impressed. Nicki is an incredibly talented singer that has taken over a rap scene that typically is dominated by men, her curves and vocals have captivated fans for years; it’s just her face that isn’t lining up fans around the corner, it’s her assets. The Young Money superstar has developed a following on Instagram of 82 million, an absolutely staggering number that speaks to the talent and skill of Nicki Minaj. It’s not that Nicki Minaj isn’t pretty, she is, but even she knows that her assets speak for themselves. When we think of Nicki Minaj the first thing we think of is her rear-end, not her face.

1. Hillary Swank

This entry shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least bit, Hilary Swank has played some pretty important roles, most notably her brilliant character in Million Dollar Baby. In this film she dominated the women’s boxing genre, showing off her impressive physique and stamina; unfortunately for her, it looks like she’s been punched one too many times in the face, even before this boxing movie. Hilary has a unique set of teeth, they dominate her otherwise underwhelming face, and for that reason, she’s landed on our list. Swank is an impressive actor on set, but she has never been known for her beauty, not that she isn’t beautiful, it’s just not the first thing we think of when we hear Hilary Swank. We haven’t seen a lot from Hilary as of late, and maybe that’s a good thing.

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