15 Celebs Who Racked Up Thousands In Hotel Damages

You would think that celebrities would be on their best behavior when they’re staying at a hotel. After all, it’s a very public arena, and considering that they have tons of money, you would think that they would act with some class and dignity. But shockingly enough, the act of trashing a hotel by the rich has been going on for decades. Do you remember when the drummer from The Who drove his car into a swimming pool? That was his way of celebrating his 21thbirthday! Makes sense, right? You would think that no one would ever behave that way, but you would be shocked to find out what celebrities have done to hotels.

Although the trashing barometer has gone down in regards to what celebrities will do to hotels these days, there is a still a lack of respect when it comes to how celebrities treat the rooms they’re staying in. There is less of a chance of someone driving a car into a pool, but we can’t help but remember Kiefer Sutherland launching himself into a Christmas tree in a hotel lobby. We have that story for you too, don’t you worry. Regardless of what they’re doing, it’s disruptive to the hotel and it’s quite costly. When it comes to these celebrities, there is no doubt that they received big bills from the hotel they were staying in. Check out these 15 celebrities who should be banned from hotels.

15. Scott Disick And The Hotel Jerome In Aspen

Scott Disick is mainly famous for his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, though that ended when he was caught cheating. His bad behavior didn’t end there, however. In 2015, he found himself in the limelight again for trashing a hotel room while he was on vacation in Aspen, Colorado. At the time, he was staying at Hotel Jerome. There were complaints from other guests that there was marijuana coming from their room even though it was a non-smoking room. It was a bad scene, especially when one of his friends jumped over the bar and grabbed bottles of alcohol. When the hotel manager checked the room the next day, they found it littered with cigarette butts and empty alcohol bottles. They may have spent $1,440 on drinks while they were partying, the hotel made sure to charge them another $500 for the mess they left in the room.

14. John Travolta And The Peninsula In New York

In the early 2000s, John Travolta was actually banned from New York City’s Peninsula Hotel due to “inappropriate behavior.” So, what do you think he did? There have been rumors all through Travolta’s career that he might be gay. Although he has always denied those rumors, many male employees at the hotel complained that Travolta was inappropriate and that his behavior toward them during massages was “creepy.” It got so bad, he was “banished to the no-thigh zone.” Now, that’s pretty bad. Of course, Travolta stood by that it was all lies, but we can’t help but wonder if they’re rumors are true. Hotels don’t usually ban celebrities for no reason. The ban was lifted a few years ago, so his behavior must have improved. Hopefully, these days, he’s on his best behavior. Nobody likes a creepy man being inappropriate no matter who you are.

13. Kiefer Sutherland In London

This is just a glimpse of the epic moment before Kiefer Sutherland launched himself on a hotel Christmas tree. If you haven’t seen the video yet, then you should look it up on YouTube. It’s easily something you will want to watch at least ten times. In 2006, Sutherland was a tour manager for the band Rocco DeLuca and the Burden. While they were staying at a London hotel, Sutherland had a bit too much to drink and launched himself into a Christmas tree in the lobby. He’s most known for his roles in 24 and Designated Survivor. At the end of the video, you see Sutherland laying on the floor with the Christmas tree laying on top of it. We have to assume that the hotel was not impressed with the incident, and there was probably a bill sent to Sutherland. That’s not to say it isn’t a hilarious video.

12. Keith Moon And The Holiday Inn In Flint

We had to include the epic story about The Who drummer, Keith Moon, who drove his car into the hotel swimming pool. Keith Moon is legendary for trashing the hotel on his 21th birthday. He checked into a Holiday Inn, right in Flint, Michigan, with his band. Things reached a whole new level when a cake was delivered to the hotel with a girl in it, starting a food fight. Moon and his crew then started emptying out the fire extinguishers in the hallways. They started tossing furniture around and that’s when the police were called. Moon thought that would be the best time to strip naked and run away. He ran through the lobby naked, got into a car, and drove it into the outside swimming pool. He ended up in jail had to pay $24,000 in damages. That’s a lot of money now, so imagine back in the ’60s.

11. Charlie Sheen And The Plaza In New York

Charlie Sheen is notorious for his crazy parties, and hotels are usually where these parties take place. They’ve involved cocaine, strippers, and tons of alcohol. In 2010, he made the news when trashed The Plaza in New York. He apparently went into a rage in his own room while wearing just his underwear. It was so bad, that the prostitute he was with, locked herself in the bathroom because she was so scared. He threw around furniture and smashed all the TV’s and mirrors in his room. He says he was having an adverse reaction to medication he was on, which probably means cocaine. The hotel didn’t care what medication he was on, they charged him $20,000 in damages and banned him for life. He’s also been banned from the Waldorf Astoria and the Trump SoHo.

10. Amanda Bynes And The Ritz-Carlton In New York

Amanda Bynes was staying at the Ritz-Carlton for nine days when the hotel asked her to leave. She apparently left rubbish, ash, and pools of grime in her room. She was also rude to the staff of the hotel and would often engage in smoking and drug use. She left the hotel as requested, but not before she left behind beauty products, food, linen, and cigarette ash, leaving the room in a poor state. Bynes even took down the smoke detector and left it in the middle of the floor. She was sent a $9,000 hotel bill for damages. There was clearly something wrong with her behavior and soon after that, she was forcibly hospitalized because of her mental state. It’s sad that these celebrities don’t have any respect when they stay at hotels.

9. Lindsay Lohan And The Standard In New York

Lindsay Lohan certainly went through a stage in her life where she was out of control, and no one knew how to handle her outrageous behavior. Between partying, getting arrested, and going to rehab, Lohan’s been a handful over the years. When she was a guest at The Standard Hotel in New York in 2012, she attended their nightclub Smoke & Mirrors where she got into a fight with a patron. Funny enough, hours before arriving at the hotel, Lohan was actually arrested for a DUI, but then released. It clearly wasn’t a great night for Lohan. Before the hotel could ban her from ever coming back, Lohan announced that she was banning herself because the hotel was “a curse.”

8. Nirvana In Saint Paul

When the band Nirvana decided to trash a hotel, they had a reporter along for the ride. After an interview with MTV, the band retired at a hotel in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The reporter watched the destruction as it happened. The band members started destroying basically anything they could get their hands on while smashing pictures against the wall, and that was before they even got to their room. It all sounds like carnage. It wasn’t long before security was called. They all ran up to the room they rented and continued breaking things. They even used a coat stand to break the TV. The next day, they got a nice little bill of $19,000. The reporter, of course, said he tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t listen.

7. Paris Hilton And Wynn In Las Vegas

Wynn wasn’t taking any chances when they banned Paris Hilton in 2010. When Hilton and her boyfriend pulled up to the hotel to check in, they got into a bit of an incident when Hilton reached into her purse for lip balm and a bag of cocaine fell out. Completely normal, right? That was all it took for the hotel to realize they would be taking a risk by allowing her to stay at the hotel. Hilton’s boyfriend was also immediately fired; he was a manager at the hotel’s nightclub. Oops! She was banned from the hotel and she was also arrested for possession of cocaine. She ended up with a $2,000 fine, a year probation, as well as 200 hours of community service. Hilton was only banned for a year and has been seen partying in the nightclub since then.


6. Vince Neil And The Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas


Rock stars are notorious for trashing hotels, and Vince Neil sure didn’t disappoint. While he was staying at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas in 2012, he was very unhappy with the service that he received. Most people would talk to a manager or fill out a customer reply card, but not Neil. Instead, he went on Twitter and let all his feelings out. “OMG RUDEST STAFF EVER!! Don’t go!!” So, what could the hotel have done to upset him so much? After the tweet, the hotel released its own statement. They stated that they had asked Neil to leave the hotel because of inappropriate behavior and asked that he never come back. “We would prefer that Mr. Neil put his efforts toward apologizing for his conduct.” Of course, Neil did not apologize and called the staff liars.

5. Florence Welch And The Bowery Hotel In New York

Florence Welch was a bad girl and went on a rampage in 2012. The woman may have the voice of an angel, but her behavior was very becoming. She was staying at New York’s Bowery Hotel one night where she was partying with Kanye West. She got drunk, and during an alcohol-induced rampage, she decided it would be cool to set her room on fire. In an interview with GQ, she stated, “I think I must have had about 17 dirty martinis. I lost my phone and ripped my dress very badly. I accidentally set fire to The Bowery Hotel because I’d left a cinnamon tea light burning. I came back to the hotel, passed out in my ripped dress — no phone, chipped tooth — came around, and there was black stuff all over the wall. My book had melted on the bedside table and there was a bucket of water on the floor.” Welch really outdid herself this time around.

4. Britney Spears And The Chateau Marmont, The Four Seasons, And The Beverly Hills Hotel In Los Angeles

Britney Spears has certainly been through some tough times. During her troubling years, Spears got into a lot of trouble, including getting banned from hotels. In 2007, she was still going through her breakdown stage. One night,  while staying at Chateau Marmont in LA,  although they are known to handle some pretty wild celebrities over the years, the hotel got a little sick of Britney Spears’ behavior. She was banned due to bad table manners. So, what does that mean? She was supposedly smearing her dinner all over her face and the other guests found it very disturbing. It wasn’t the first hotel to ban her during her troubling years. Both the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Hotel have also banned her over the years due to her ridiculous behavior. We are so thankful that she has gotten her life back on track.

3. Amy Winehouse And The Sanderson Hotel In London

During Amy Winehouse’s stay at the Sanderson Hotel in London with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, people complained about loud noises coming from the room. It got so loud, security was called because guests were becoming uncomfortable. There were some wild screaming and the sound of furniture moving around. The couple must have been having quite the fight because they came out of the room looking like hell, bruised, and battered. The room was trashed and there was even a smashed table and scratches all over the floor. The hotel sent her a $9,000 bill to cover the damage. The Sunday Mirror reported that people had to be called in to have blood removed from the wall. Wow, it sounds like they had a very volatile relationship.

2. Michael Jackson And The Dorchester In London

You would think Michael Jackson would always be on his best behavior when he’s out, but apparently, it was quite the circus. In 2005, he stayed at The Dorchester in London and startled the housemaid when he came out of his room dressed as a big Mickey Mouse. She didn’t find it very funny, and even the hotel themselves found his behavior less funny over the years. In 2009, the hotel banned him permanently because they said he brought a circus with him every time and they were sick of it. They wouldn’t go into any more detail, but we can just imagine considering what went on at Neverland Ranch. They did say that he was very disruptive to guests when he stayed at the hotel. The guests weren’t charmed at all by the famous guest.

1. Johnny Depp And The Mark Hotel In New York

Johnny Depp has a reputation for trashing rooms. When he was staying at The Mark Hotel in New York in 1994, he actually got himself arrested. At the time, he was dating Kate Moss and the two of them got drunk and started fighting. During the fight, he trashed the room, and the hotel was so furious, they called the police to have him arrested for criminal mischief. The charges were later dropped after he agreed to pay $10,000 to cover all the damages to the hotel room. What do you have to do in order to rack up a $10,000 bill in damages? Believe it or not, Depp told the hotel that the room was in such a mess because there was an armadillo loose in his room and it was the animal that caused the mess. However, the armadillo was never found.


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