15 Most Chilling Final Tweets By Celebs Before They Died

15 Most Chilling Final Tweets By Celebs Before They Died

When a celebrity dies something pretty incredible happens, people around the world who have never directly interacted with them but had their lives touched by their work actually mourn their passing. It makes perfect sense, as we allow representations of these folks into our homes on a regular basis, including during moments of grave importance to us in some instances. Additionally, a lot of us have movies, shows, songs, or sports highlights that we will never forget and have come to see as watershed moments in our lives.

In the digital age, most of us leave a social media footstep behind in our wakes. Previously only those that were truly closest to us would have any idea what thoughts went through our minds near the end, but in the world of Twitter, that is not necessarily the case. In the vast majority of cases once people pass their final Tweet will likely be of little importance, either due to the fact that they had no idea the end was coming or because their thoughts were on something else in their final days. That isn’t always the case though, and some of the time our final statement on Twitter prior to departing this world can be affecting and emotional in the best ways possible. Also, unfortunately, there are cases in which the last thing we write in one-hundred and forty letters or less can cause a chill to run up the spine of those that read it, including in the case of celebrities. Coming to that realization inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen most chilling final Tweets by celebrities before they died.

In order for a Tweet to be considered it first and foremost has to be the last one ever sent out by a person. Next, it needs to be possible that their readers could find what they wrote off-putting for any number of reasons. The only other necessary factor is that the person that Tweeted it needs to have been famous. It doesn’t matter what caused them to be known, as we were open to all manners of entertainers, politicians, and athletes, as long as a large group of people are aware of them. It was even ok if they became renowned due to the manner of their death, as long as their life made an impact.

15. Amy Winehouse

One of the most talented singers of her generation, let alone all-time, Amy Winehouse’s soulful voice made her music take on an importance far greater than the majority of her peer’s tunes. Someone with a documented history of drug and alcohol use, Amy’s death was announced to the public on July 23rd, 2011 and while the exact timing of her demise is unclear one thing seems less questionable. Two separate coroners’ inquests came to the conclusion that her life came to an end due to a blood-alcohol level that was more than five times the legal limit for drivers. Tweeting for the final time two days before her demise was realized, she wrote oinka oinka oinka why you awake. The exact meaning of those words are unclear but there are two possible ways to look at it we find quite troubling. They could have been in relation to herself as her brother said she suffered from severe bulimia or it could have been nonsensical due to her alcohol abuse.

14. Ervin McKinness (a.k.a. Inkyy)

You could easily be forgiven if you’d never heard of Inkyy prior to his death, as only the staunchest of rap fans who follow the underground scene are likely to have been aware of him. Having recently signed a record deal according to Vibe, it really is a shame that his life ended when it did as he seemed on the cusp of something really big. Still, he qualifies for this list due to the fact that he had developed a sizable fan following and more so because of the manner of his death, especially in relation to his final Tweet, earning a lot of coverage. Tweeting that he was “drunk af going 120 drifting corners” and adding the acronym YOLO, his words were ominously prophetic as mere minutes after he died in a fiery one-car crash.

13. Reid Flair

The son of arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all-time, Ric Flair, Reid had a lot to live up to but he seemed to be ready, willing and able to do just that. A former standout amateur wrestler who competed in serious tournaments like the AAU National Wrestling Tournament that he won, he seemed to have his eyes on following in his dad’s footsteps at the time of his death. Getting some seasoning under his belt in All Japan Pro Wrestling as well as for several independent companies in America, it seemed like a given he would find his way to the WWE before long. Unfortunately, that was never to be as he died on March 29th, 2013 from an accidental prescription drug overdose. Tweeting for the last time on March 28th, 2013, his words were “good wrestling and even better times ahead”, which sadly was not the case.

12. Ryan Knight

When thinking of series that have aired on MTV there is one that is likely to come to mind quickly, especially if you’re solely considering “reality” shows, The Real World. Often pointed to as a watershed moment in wrestling history, it featured a group of people of varying backgrounds brought together in a house who have their every minute for days on end recorded until they get “real”. Ryan Knight was a member of The Real World: New Orlean’s cast, which was a show that averaged almost two million viewers and routinely won its Wednesday night time-slot. Someone who took his own life in late 2014, his final Tweets were grim, including one in which he wrote about what he’d want people to say about him after he died. However, his very last tweet was a simpler affair, simply stating “used to mean a lot” which can easily be read into.

11. Capital Steez

Another artist that operated inside the hip-hop world, Capital Steez was not a name that you weren’t likely to hear everyday teenagers talking about, but his influence was felt by many. The founder of the “beast coast movement” and a rap collective called Pro Era, he brought people together and his legacy was important enough that new music of his was released almost four years after his death. Tweeting for the final time on Christmas Eve 2012, at 11:59 pm, he wrote exactly two words, “the end”. He then jumped from a building in Manhattan to his death at only nineteen years of age.

10. DJ AM

One of a select few DJs that end up gaining notoriety outside of the club scene, DJ AM did his thing on a long list of albums with too many artists to list here. Extremely accomplished, his most notable ongoing collaboration was with Travis Barker, a man who was famous for being Blink 182’s drummer. The pair was also inexorably linked due to the fact that they were on a plane together that burst into flames and resulted in DJ AM suffering burns to his body. Found dead of acute intoxication due to a mix of drugs that was simply staggering, including cocaine, hydrocodone and six others, several of the chemicals inside him were seen as pain relievers. Tweeting for the final time three days prior to being found in his New York apartment, he wrote “New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems”. Seems rather foreboding considering what was about to happen to him.

9. Boris Nemtsov

A man with an important legacy in his homeland but is virtually unknown in North America, Boris Nemtsov deserves to be praised due to his courage in light of clear danger. An outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, he had a major hand in a series of events called the Dissenters’ March, where he and his countryfolk protested their land’s leaders. Unfortunately, once you stand against Putin your life expectancy drops dramatically and on February 27th, 2015 Boris was assassinated when he was shot several times from behind near the Kremlin. On top of that, his papers, writings, and hard drives were all confiscated by the government which led many to come to the obvious conclusion that they were involved in his death. Boris’ final Tweet was in Russian but when translated into English it read “If you support stopping Russia’s war with Ukraine, if you support stopping Putin’s aggression, come to the Spring March in Maryino on 1 March”. Had he survived long past the Tweet it would have been seen as just another attempt to galvanize his people but considering the world believes that he was killed by Putin’s thugs it takes on a much greater meaning.

8. Dave Mirra

The world’s most famous BMX rider, Dave Mirra was the equivalent of Tony Hawk for the sport, an incredible athlete whose name was highly in demand. Winning medals at the X Games every year, in between 1995 and 2009, it is very safe to say that his skills were beyond reproach and he deserves his place in the BMX Hall of Fame. Tweeting for the final time on December 4th, 2015, he wrote: “So sad to hear the passing of legend Scott Weiland. Rip Scott”. His words ended up taking on a greater meaning as he ended up taking his own life. Killing himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, it is sad that he wasn’t able to find help and stay alive as he clearly realized there was value in living based on his final Tweet. Diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy after his death, something that has been linked to a lot of athletes taking their own lives, his many concussions over the years had a hand in his choice.

7. Roger Ebert

The world’s most famous film critic, Roger Ebert, and some of his peers rose the discourse on the art of film dramatically over his lengthy career. A co-writer of the script for a film called Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, he had more experience in the industry than the vast majority of critics which gave him a rare perspective. Clearly a lover of film, despite a fight with cancer that took his jaw and voice, he continued to be a part of the discussion right up until his death. That may not have been the case based on his last Tweet, though, which read in part: “my leave of presence” before linking to an article on his website. In that article, he explained that he didn’t mean that he was going to go away completely, only that he wasn’t going to review films as regularly due to his health. Despite what he intended the Tweet to mean, however, it is impossible to not see it as incredible since he died the day after it was posted.

6. Billy Mays

A pitchman and salesman who made a name for himself through regular appearances in commercials and infomercials, Billy Mays seemed like he would always be there to sell us things like OxiClean. A mainstay of the Home Shopping Network, he could always be depended upon to have a happy and passionate vibe to him which we enjoyed whenever insomnia hit. Dying from hypertensive heart disease in 2009, he was found unresponsive by his wife, having passed some time in the night. However, it seemed like he could have died another way as his final Tweet on June 28th was about having a close call as a plane he was on had a tire blow on landing. Having survived that ordeal on that day, only to go to bed that night and never wake up again, it almost seems like the plot of a Final Destination film.

5. Mitch Lucker

The lead singer of a deathcore band called Suicide Squad, Mitch’s career was only on the rise as each of the band’s albums outsells its previous effort. Reportedly dying on Halloween night just prior to nine pm after an argument with his wife, who begged him not to leave, Mitch was involved in a motorcycle accident which sadly took his life. Only twenty-eight at the time of his demise, his many fans were sad that he was no longer with them but at least they have his music to cherish. Posting on Twitter earlier in the evening, Mitch shared a photo of himself in his Halloween costume which made him look like a skeleton, accompanied by the words “the dead are living”. Need we say more?

4. Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof was famous for a number of things, her parents and distinct name as well as being a columnist, television personality, and model. Only twenty-five when she died, she had already been married and divorced as well as being the mother to a pair of boys which only makes her passing all the sadder. Found dead on April 7th, 2014 due to a heroin overdose, the fact that she died due to the drug was noteworthy due to the fact that her mother, Paula Yates, was killed by the same drug many years earlier. Tweeting for the final time on the day she died, Peaches gave her passing even more meaning due to the fact that the last thing she shared was a photo of her as a child with her mum.

3. Robin Williams

One of the most celebrated funnymen in the history of Hollywood, Robin Williams was able to do it all. Hilarious often but also incredibly adept at embodying a character with great depth, he played major roles in some of the most beloved films in recent decades. Always seeming to have endless energy and be a fun person to be around, that and the mark he made on the lives of millions of fans made his death via suicide all the more shocking. Tweeting for the final time days earlier, he wrote a message to his daughter Zelda, who he said would always be his baby girl. Really bringing into focus that he had family that was far more heartbroken than any of us fans, his final Tweet managed to make his absence even sadder.

2. Mindy McCready

An immensely successful country singer during her life, Mindy McCready released five studio albums over her career, including her debut that was certified two times platinum. Active in music up until her death, she is remembered for hit songs like “Guys Do It All the Time”, “Ten Thousand Angels” and “A Girl’s Gotta Do (What a Girl’s Gotta Do)”. Sadly, Mindy’s personal life was marred by legal issues, affairs, dependency and depression. Someone who had attempted suicide multiple times in the past, nobody was shocked as a result when she killed herself in February 2013, via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her manner of death, however, made her final Tweet, which was sent out almost a month earlier which read: “things have been hectic. But I’m still here”; much more chilling in retrospect.

1. Reeva Steenkamp

A South African model who appeared in magazines like FHM, including on the cover, and was the first face of Avon in the country, Reeva wasn’t a huge star in North America but was a much bigger deal there. Ranked number forty in FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World in a poll taken in South Africa in 2011 and forty-five in 2012, it is a testament to the fact that she had several fans during her life. However, in North America, she is much better known for the circumstances of her death, as she was shot to death by her boyfriend, former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. Shot through a door by Oscar who claimed that he mistook her for an intruder, his story was one many people found hard to swallow and as a result, her demise and his trial were heavily covered. Dying on Valentine’s Day 2013, her final Tweet came the day before and read in part: “What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow?” which earned her a place here for obvious reasons.


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