15 Most Chilling Images Captured By Google Earth


What did we do before Google Maps and other navigation apps for our smartphones? Most of us wouldn’t be able to survive without a digital view of where we need to go and how we need to get there. Entering your destination in an app gives you the opportunity to know how long exactly it will take to get you from place to place with most also offering multiple routes to determine what way fits your needs the best. We have the ability to see where, when, and how we’re going to a place days before we even think about leaving. We can check out other places around our destination and plan an amazing vacation all before we even leave the couch. However, with the ability to see every detail of the world around us near and far, we’re bound to run into some pretty eerie sites every once in a while.

Google Earth is an amazing way to see pretty much every place on the planet using radar technology. While this gives us the opportunity to see some incredible things, there are plenty of creepy locations that leave even the experts baffled. Of course, most people would say that half the things we see are glitches in the technology, but with programs so advanced, it’s hard to believe everything is just a mistake! Sometimes, it’s simply the people around the area that leave us scared to ever go outside again.

What do you think the creepiest location on the list is? Here are the 15 Most Terrifying Images Taken From Google Earth:

15. Crop Circle?

It seems like it’s been a while since we heard of any crop circles popping up around. Perhaps that’s because major news networks realized there was too much of a chance that they were hoaxes for them to be newsworthy stories, or maybe the aliens got sick of us not listening to their messages in the crops and moved on to other planets to reach out to. Google Maps offered us a nice look at something similar to a crop circle since they began documenting the world around us. Although not on a field, this strange pattern appeared in a Chinese desert and has baffled many who’ve found the symbols. When things like this happen, most people would state that it’s likely just a hoax to get some attention. If not a hoax, most interesting things end up being art pieces by sneaky artists. However, no one has come forward to claim this is their work just yet, so for now, we’ll assume it’s another way for extraterrestrials to get a signal back.

14. What’s Wrong With That Cow?

This is one of the most disturbing and difficult-to-look-at photographs on the list. Google Earth managed to capture what looks like an injured cow crawling to the side of the road after being seriously injured. It’s hard to say what happened to him and if it’s even his legs that are the problem. Perhaps he’s tired and dehydrated after getting lost from the herd, or maybe a hunter mistook him for a different beast. The freaky part is that it looks like he’s actually crawling towards a pool of blood when you would think he’d be crawling away from it. Many believe that the truck who takes Google’s images is what hit the cow, leaving it to suffer so as to not disturb their project. Hopefully, the cow found someone to save it, or, at the very least, put it out of its misery.

13. Creepy Twins Or Just A Glitch?

This image doesn’t show anything too disturbing but rather, a chilling set of potential weapon-wielding twins. The way they’re dressed similarly and staring eerily at the camera is what sends shivers down our spine. Of course, there’s a chance that since they look exactly the same and are standing in almost the exact same manner, that Google just glitched and produced a double copy of just one boy. Because Google takes images from a moving vehicle, if the boy was moving as well, it’s likely that they just snapped two photographs of him. The thing that makes that case hard to believe, though, is that he’s standing in the exact same position, glaring at the camera in the exact same way. If it were two different photographs of him, you’d think that his arms and legs might be swaying in different directions. What do you think is going on here?

12. Body Bag In The Street

Since Google maps take their photographs from only documented roads, it’s no surprise that they’ve captured plenty of horrific car accidents and other tragedies that occur on the road. The strange thing about this image is that we actually see the victim of the road accident! The other thing that’s a little baffling about this case is that there don’t appear to be any cars around that indicate that this was an automobile accident. Everyone standing around the scene doesn’t really seem that concerned either. You’d think seeing a dead body lying in the middle of the street would make some people cry, scream, or hold their faces and each other in anguish. There’s always the chance that this is some sort of movie or show production set; however, they would’ve probably had the street closed if that was the case.

11. A Jellyfish In The Sky?

As we’ve already discussed, since Google does rely on Wi-Fi and cameras to document their technology, there’s always a chance that some of the strange images are the results of glitches or other malfunctions in the technologies used for documentation. When it comes to this photograph, that’s what most people will say about the strange pink floating object in the sky. The thing that makes that hard to believe that it’s just a mistake or malfunction, though, is identifying what exactly the mistake/malfunction is. There aren’t any other objects around in the picture that look like this, and even the lighting is mostly natural sunlight. It really looks like a strange glass-like orb floating in the sky. Perhaps, there’s an unidentified flying object somewhere a bit higher that’s producing this image. What do you think the strange shape could possibly be?

10. What Did Google Earth Witness?

It makes sense that Google Earth has captured some crime scenes and other tragedies in their documentation process. The thing about this one that’s so disturbing, however, is wondering if they’re actually catching a crime in the middle of it happening! It looks as though there’s a man holding what’s possibly a tiny gun and with his arm wrapped around a woman. It’s also easy to imagine that he’s about to put her in the trunk of another man’s vehicle! If this is actually what happened, we hope that whoever was driving around was able to see the crime and stop it in the process! However, there’s a chance that the driver never saw this while it happened and that it was only discovered by a bored browser much too late. Nevertheless, there’s always the chance that it’s just a couple hugging and leaving a place together and just happened to run into a man with his trunk open. At least we hope that’s the case.

9. Nothing To See Here

This is another picture we hope Google stopped when it occurred; however, it’s likely that if the driver saw this, he chose to just ignore it. The woman standing up dragging the other woman across the pavement doesn’t look like someone we’d want to mess with! She’s not afraid to drag a girl through the streets by her hair in the middle of the day out in the open for everyone to see! Was this a fight in progress, or is there the possibility she’s dragging a dead body through the road? Either way, whatever’s happening here doesn’t look good. They certainly don’t look like best friends hanging out and having a good time. Even if it was a play fight, who resorts to pulling hair if it’s all fun and games? This is definitely a baffling photo on the list, and we hope that the girl with her hair being pulled is OK!


8. Shipwreck On North Sentinel Island

The photograph above was taken on Sentinel Island. If you aren’t familiar with what that is, it’s one of the last known civilizations touched by modern society. The people who live on this island have absolutely no desire to contact the outside world and choose to live their lives much like people did hundreds of years ago, with no technology or outside electricity or plumbing. They also are said to kill anyone who comes to the island or who tries to contact them. The scary part about this photograph, then, is the shipwreck pictured on their shores! Surely, they probably didn’t welcome the shipwrecked crew with open arms! Or perhaps, they did, and now, the passengers of the boat are forced to live in the underdeveloped society. For many of us, that might not be so bad, but it’s also very possible that the visitors might not be living the relaxing island life most of us picture.

7. Crime Scene In Action

If you had to guess what was going on in the photograph above, you’d probably assume it’s some sort of crime scene, right? If that’s what you thought, you’re exactly right. The man lying next to the train tracks is, in fact, a murder victim, and it seems Google captured this image the moment police discovered the dumped dead body! It’s a rather tragic sight, and Google has since blurred the images out of respect for the victim. Most of the time, when people think they stumbled upon a dead body on Google maps, it turns out to be just someone lying down in the grass next to a street or something similar. Unfortunately, this one’s the real deal. The murder has since been solved; however, it’s still a tragedy that it occurred in the first place.

6. A Giant Squid In The Ocean

The ocean is a disturbing place full of mysteries and horrors that we have yet to discover. Knowing that we’ve discovered less than a tenth of the entire massive body of water known as all of the oceans, this picture chills us to our core. Those who stumbled upon the strange image believe that it’s evidence of a giant squid-like creature swimming about undisturbed. It appears to be massive, with tentacles that go deep beneath the ocean. Although you can’t see any other distinctive features of the massive beast, you can still tell that it doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before. Of course, when it comes to disturbing photographs on the internet, this one has its fair share of critics. Many believe that it’s likely just a boat and that the “tentacles” are just the rippled water behind the boat. Maybe, but we’d like to think the photograph captured something horrifying.

5. Someone Pointing A Weapon At The Camera

You might not think that there’s anything that disturbing about the picture above — just a couple of people hanging out on their porch staring at a strange car. Wouldn’t you be a little thrown off if you saw a strange car with a camera attached driving around your city? The thing that makes this picture scary, however, is the man pointing a gun right at the camera! This photograph was taken in Detroit in one of the most gang-controlled and dangerous territories. Whenever they see a car they don’t recognize, it’s not uncommon for them to hold a gun to it like one man is doing in this picture. It’s crazy to think that places like this exist in our world. The saddest part about this particular house is the fact that police discovered the dead body of a 17-month-old in the closet of one of the bedrooms in this home.

4. Excessive Force Or Not Enough Protection?

When many people see this photograph, they might not think anything of it and be quick to defend the cop pointing his massive gun at the back of a man with his hands handcuffed. We can assume he did something wrong, but there’s always the chance that this cop was using excessive force. It doesn’t seem like protocol to put someone on the bed of a truck rather than in a standard cop car. Perhaps, he’s holding the suspect there while another cop car is making its way. The truth is, we really have no idea what’s going on here. Maybe, the guy got stopped for a random traffic stop, and it turned violent quickly. Or maybe, this guy is a serial rapist, and the cop actually isn’t doing enough to punish the man. No matter what the case is, it never feels good to see an officer using what might be excessive force on a potential suspect.

3. More Crop Circles Or A Satanic Ritual?

If you saw this photograph, you might think it’s just another strange art piece or prank by someone random. However, this might be a more disturbing sight than you’d first think. It appears as though there’s a strange formation in the sand that might be a creepy symbol of some kind. If you look closely at the black dots forming a circle, it almost looks as though they’re people wearing black cloaks! Could they be performing some sort of spooky witchcraft or other strange rituals? Do you think it’s just another art piece trying to get attention? It seems like a lot of work and effort to put into something that might not even show up on Google! If they’re doing something ritualistic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s evil. Maybe they were performing self-sacrifice to end world hunger or all wars. At least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves for now.

2. Ariel Castro’s House

Although you can’t really see it in this picture, the photograph above is of Ariel Castro’s house. If you don’t know who Ariel Castro is, he was an evil man who held several women captive in his home. It wasn’t until one of the women escaped with her six-year-old child fathered by Castro that the women were found. It’s a horrible nightmare that only seems real in movies, but unfortunately, these women did suffer through the nightmarish reality. If you look up the home that these women were held prisoners in for all those years on Google Maps, you’ll end up finding that the house is now blurred. This is likely out of respect for the victims, as well as the fact that it’s a crime scene. The most horrifying part of the photograph? It was taken in 2009, four years before the girls were found.

1. Atomic Bomb Testing Site

The photograph above looks like a normal desert filled with strange craters. The thing about this particular desert is that it’s actually the site of atomic bomb tests. All of the craters were left behind by the bombs being tested. Thinking of all the terrible wars that have occurred in the world, we find it chilling to realize all the effort put into testing weapons like bombs. If we spent all that time and money trying to accomplish peace or other mending methods, where might we be now? In a world without bomb-created craters — that’s for sure. An image like this is also terrifying in that it makes us remember that these were tests performed. The point of a test is to discover what the results might be. Who knows if they could’ve set off a bomb that destroyed half the world! It’s terrifying knowing stuff like this is still happening all around us and could destroy lives at any second.

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