15 Chilling Images Of People Before They Went Missing

The hardest thing any of us will ever have to experience throughout our lifetime is losing someone that we love. People who are close to us are taken from our lives, sometimes without notice, and other times, in a long and painful process. No matter what happens, it’s never an easy thing to accept that someone who was once such a huge part of your world is no longer around. It’s still hard to comprehend death even in our modern society. Some have their beliefs where we go after life, and others remain clueless and might never know. What some might say is even worse than losing someone they love is when a person in their lives suddenly goes missing.

Having someone you know go missing can be one of the most difficult things anyone can ever experience. Some people go missing after being abducted by sick and twisted people. Some go missing in an attempt to escape a past life they wanted to be free from. Some go missing after dying in a freak accident, their bodies never being found. No matter what the scenario is, anyone who goes missing seems to vanish, leaving nothing behind that might lead their loved ones or detectives and police to conclude where their whereabouts might be.

Luckily for some, we do have one last photograph taken close to the time they went missing that might give us a hint as to where they might be. It’s important to look at these tragic photographs and learn something about them and our world so as to prevent future similar tragedies. Here are 15 last photographs taken of people before they went missing:

15. An Unknown Potential Victim Of Michael Gargiulo

The woman in the photographs above is the first on our list of a victim who remains unknown. The man in the photograph is a serial killer known as “The Chiller Killer,” a man responsible for an unknown number of victims with only a few being confirmed at this point. It was only after a search of his home and car that this photograph was found and made authorities question if there were more victims out there that have yet to be found. By looking at the photo, it seems as though they’re a real couple enjoying each other’s company in the first picture. You can quickly see the progression throughout the set, however, and the girl appears more and more uncomfortable to be pictured with the man. Some speculate that she was a foreign tourist whose family has not come forward as they are not aware of her disappearance.

14. Lars Mittank

The disappearance of Lars Mittank certainly has to be one of the strangest on the list. Lars was last seen fleeing from a medical facility inside an airport as you can see in the photograph above. He has never been seen again. Lars was traveling in order to follow one of his favorite sports teams. While celebrating, he found himself in the middle of an altercation in which he might’ve received a head injury, leading to damaging trauma. Lars sought medical help but began worrying family members when he began texting strange things, including that he believed that he was being followed. He decided to return home early and wanted to see a doctor before leaving for his trip to ensure it was safe for him to fly with his injury. Something must’ve spooked him in the doctor’s office that led him to sprint from the place and never be seen again.

13. An Unknown Victim

The photograph above is another unknown victim on our list. It’s a polaroid of what looks like a distressed boy handcuffed in some sort of crawl space. The photograph was found among the belongings of the Candy Man’s accomplice, the same man responsible for stopping the brutal serial killer. The Polaroid was found after the accomplice’s belongings were sold at an auction. Authorities believe that the photograph is of an unknown victim whose body was never found. Since it’s such a poor quality photo, and it’s hard to see the face clearly, the victim has yet to be identified decades later. At this point, it’s likely he’ll always remain anonymous. The look on his face, however, is haunting. You can clearly see he’s incredibly distressed and terrified. No one has any idea where he might be, who he might be, or if he’s even alive at this point.

12. Two Unidentified Victims

The photograph above is yet another picture of two victims who have yet to be identified. The photograph was found by a woman in the late ’80s on the ground of a grocery store parking lot! The woman didn’t get the chance to see who might’ve left the Polaroid, and no one has any idea who the two victims in the photograph might be. Some speculate that they’re missing people who disappeared around the area, though they really could be anyone. There are no distinguishing marks or features that can easily identify anyone, and their faces being covered makes it difficult to say with certainty that they’re individuals identified as missing. Many speculate that this photograph is actually fake and that the entire thing is all one big hoax as an art piece or to get attention. The look in their eyes seems to be very real fear, however, so it’s really hard to say.

11. Andrew Gosden

The photograph above is of Andrew Gosden. It’s the last still of him taken from security footage the day he went missing. He’s seen buying a one-way ticket away from his town and his family, refusing to buy a round-trip ticket even though he was offered one at a discounted price. Andrew has not been seen since. It appears to be a runaway situation, as he’s seen alone, and he clearly bought a ticket out of town. He also withdrew $200 out of his account before purchasing the ticket. He was still young, however, so his disappearance is still rather worrisome. Young children traveling alone, no matter how intelligent and independent they may seem, can leave them vulnerable to predators looking for children to trade in underground sex industries as well as to kidnap for their own sadistic purposes. Wherever Andrew is, hopefully, he’s safe and living the independent life he sought out in the first place.

10. Hari Simran

Hari Simran took this photograph of himself and sent it to his wife only moments before he went missing. He and his wife were yoga instructors enjoying a leisurely vacation. Hari desired to have some alone time and decided to go for a scenic hike in order to enjoy the sights and get some fresh air. He took the photograph from a cliff overlooking their hotel and sent it to his wife, stating that he was looking down on her. It really was a sweet last message for her to receive from her husband, but it was tragic nonetheless. Hari’s body was eventually found several days after he went missing when several large search parties began looking for his body. It was discovered that he had died from multiple head wounds, the cause likely being a fall from a high cliff. It’s always tragic to discover someone had lost their life doing something they loved.

9. William Tyrell

The photograph above is of William Tyrell, a three-year-old boy who’s been missing since 2014. This photograph was the last known photo of William that was taken just moments before he went missing. He was at home with his mother, grandmother, and siblings, all enjoying an afternoon in the backyard playing and soaking up the sun. William was wearing his Spiderman suit, something he enjoyed dressing up as often. In the photograph, you can see that he’s elated, having a great time goofing around and enjoying the company of his closest family members. Only a few moments later, they went outside to play for a while. William’s mother ran inside for only a second, but when she returned, William was gone. She has not seen him since. There has been no information nor any clues that have led to the discovery of anything related to William’s disappearance.

8. Tara Grinstead

The photograph above is one of the last known pictures taken of beauty queen Tara Grinstead, who has been missing for several years now. Tara is another victim on the list who left without a trace. The only evidence in her disappearance actually came to authority’s attention this year after a friend of someone who was seeing Tara came forward and confessed their involvement in her murder. They stated that their friend had strangled Tara and that he had come to his friend’s aid to help hide the body. Luckily, guilt ate away at him and led to his confession. The murderer is currently awaiting trial, but it’s a risky case since the only evidence they have in her murder is one man’s word. Endless search parties have been deployed in order to find Tara’s remains, but nothing has still been found. They only thing we, as well as her parents, can hope for at this moment is that someone will come forward and tell the truth.

7. Lisanne Froon

The photograph above is one of the last known pictures of Lisanne Froon, who went missing along with her friend, Kris Kremers. The two were backpacking in Panama when they never returned home to the host family’s house in which they were staying. Their disappearance is especially haunting, however. The first thing that was found after their disappearance was a backpack with their belongings. Inside was some money, basic traveling items, and both of their cell phones. One was a Samsung and one an iPhone. Once police were able to get into their phones, they discovered that the girls, or at least one of the girls, had attempted to call 911 over 50 times. It’s clear that they were seriously distressed and attempted anything and everything to contact help. Only a few remains have been found, mostly bones belonging to one of the girls’ feet. There’s no way of knowing the cause of death, and this photo, along with a few others, are the only clues we have.

6. Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman

Holly and Jessica, last photographed above, went missing after deciding to walk to a local store to buy some candy. The girls never returned home alive. The two had been enjoying a family BBQ when they became restless and decided to leave to get some sweets. They lived in a safe and quiet neighborhood, and their parents figured they could go alone without worrying about the girls’ safety. Unfortunately, they were wrong. The girls were missing for days before anyone found their remains. Soon after, one of their teachers felt the guilt to be too painful and confessed to murdering both girls. He claimed that one had a nosebleed and the other, seeing the blood, began to scream. In an attempt to cover up the frightened yells, he accidentally suffocated her and murdered the other since she was a witness. Unfortunately, the truth is probably that he was just a sick and twisted man who took out his dark fantasies on the innocent girls above.

5. Hannah Graham

The photograph above is of Hannah Graham, a college student who was last seen walking down this hallway before going missing. Hannah went out partying one night; no one knew where she was until she texted some friends that she was lost and on her way to a party. Witnesses also claimed to have seen her around at a diner and possibly being forced into an older man’s car. Some say she appeared to be heavily intoxicated, though she was under the legal drinking age at the time. Search parties searched for her, but nothing turned up until five weeks after her initial disappearance. Unfortunately, her remains were found after an apparent murder. The suspect was the older man that she had been seen with that night, someone who had no connection to Hannah before the night she went missing. He’s currently in prison awaiting trial for her murder.

4. Kyron Horman

The photograph above is of Kyron Horman, a young boy who went missing almost immediately after this photograph was taken. The young Kyron had attended a science fair early in that day with his stepmother before normal classes started for the day. Once regular school hours began, Kyron was reported absent. He has never been seen again, and no clear information has been brought forward about his mysterious disappearance. The gardener of the home of Kyron’s family stated that his stepmother had offered him a lot of money to kill Kyron and his father! Authorities attempted to investigate but found no evidence proving this claim. It’s still enough to lead most to believe that his stepmother certainly had some involvement in his disappearance. With no other suspects or motives and a story as wild as the gardener’s, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that she was indeed responsible.

3. Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam is yet another victim on the list who left some mysterious footage before going missing. Instead of just a photograph, we’ve provided you with the video of the last moments she was seen alive. The footage is rather chilling. Elisa appears to be acting strangely in the elevator, and it almost looks as though she’s talking to or gesturing to someone outside of the elevator. Elisa was a model student and wasn’t known to be involved in any nefarious or illegal activity that might have led to her disappearance. She was missing for a while before being found in the hotel’s water tower on top of the building. How she got there and how she managed to get in is still completely unknown. Some believe that it might have been related to her bipolar disorder, while others believe she may have been trying drugs, though she wasn’t a known drug user. What do you think might have happened?

2. Geraldine Largay

The photograph above is the last known photograph of Geraldine Largay, a woman who decided to go on a hiking expedition alone, never to be seen again. The photograph was taken right before she left for her journey. Her body was only discovered two years after she initially disappeared by a camera crew filming an unrelated documentary in the area! When her body was found, it was discovered that she had survived some 20+ days after she initially went missing and that she had likely died of starvation and exposure to the elements. She had attempted to contact her husband with a text, asking him to call authorities. She also left a note, begging that a bag of items be given to her family and that they contact her husband and daughter no matter what. She knew she was going to die, and that makes her mysterious disappearance all the more tragic.

1. The Last Footage Of Timothy Pitzen

The video above is of a young boy, Timothy Pitzen, who went missing with his mother several years ago. The young boy was checked out of his school early in the day and was then seen being taken to several different resorts, their check-ins and -outs being seen in the video above. The young boy’s mother was discovered several days after he had initially gone missing; she committed suicide. The horrifying part is the notes that she left behind. She stated that Timothy was safe and that he went with people who would love and care for him. Timothy has still not been found to this day. Wherever he is, we can only hope he truly is with people who love him, though his father and his family miss him deeply.


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